The EU is Moving in the Wrong Direction According to George Soros

The EU is Moving in the Wrong Direction According to George Soros

No one person can predict with absolute certainty how most things will turn out. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with nations and people. However, some people can look at past performances or certain indicators to clearly figure out when something or someone is moving in the wrong direction. This is exactly what George Soros is doing when he speaks out against the ills affecting the EU.

The European Union is a 19 member state in Europe that uses the same currency. These states have come together for economic, political and social reasons. Each member state is still free to govern its own boarders but they are also responsible for doing their share to keep the union strong. The EU was started in the 1990s but according to Soros it is about to come to an end.

George Soros sites many reasons for the coming demise of the EU. The most important factor that could lead to the union’s downfall has to do with the migrant problems that are taking place in Europe. Syria’s turmoil is causing such an uproar within its borders that it is literally forcing millions of refugees from the nation into other parts of the world. Most of Syria’s migrants are moving directly into Europe. Their presence is not only disrupting the economy of countries it is also threatening the social, cultural and political landscape of nations. The EU as a whole must secure its borders otherwise key nations within the union will not stand says Soros.

Another problem that the EU faces has to do with Ukraine and its failing economy. According to Soros, Ukraine is in the same situation as Greece. If the EU does not deal with this problem early there will be two member nation states that they will have to support. The EU can handle this burden but it will put a lot of pressure on the stronger EU nations to pick up the slack. Over a period of time this will cause the EU to fracture.

Soros points out that the Paris terrorist attacks in 2015 had cast a shadow over European governments. They are no longer secure and with the influx of migrant people the threat of terror is at a dangerous level. Russia is also making things uneasy for the EU. Putin is using Russian military force and influence to display its power in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Soros warns that if the EU does not take his power plays seriously they are going to be placed into a situation that they do not want to deal with.

Ultimately, Soros is a lobbyist and billionaire who has a lot of influence with many European nations. His predictions are well respected and many people adhere to his words. More of Soros’s views on this matter is available in the article The EU is on the Verge of Collapse – An Interview.