Whitney Wolfe Is Taking The World By Storm

Whitney Wolfe Is Taking The World By Storm

Bumble’s, CEO Whitney Wolfe, is now a high-profile CEO of a technology company. Her business is called Bumble and it is one of the best dating platforms on the web. Wolfe released Bumble back in 2014. When she first debuted the site, people quickly discovered how original it was. Bumble is all about endorsing and empowering women and it is also about feminism. Whitney Wolfe has impacted the world through her dating site.

Whitney Wolfe was never going to start Bumble on her own. As a matter of fact, she wanted to create a female only social network called Merci. This social network would have been the first of its kind. Merci was an idea that promoted the modern feminist agenda. However, Wolfe’s business partner and backer told her that she would have better success with dating site that put women first. Wolfe was reluctant, but she agreed to the idea. Andrey Andreev is her business partner and he helped to promote the idea of Bumble. However, the whole Bumble format is all Whitney’s idea.

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Feminism is a huge cultural trend in modern day America. Bumble was released in 2014. The modern feminist movement started in 2015 and picked up steam in 2016 when a lot of women started speaking out against sexual abuse and scandals. Also, millions of American women are now more empowered than ever. They no longer want to be sexually harassed, treated as inferior or viewed as insignificant by men.

Bumble is a company that puts women first. Only women can make the first move on the Bumble website. This is a unique approach that clearly reveals how women feel about their role in modern times. Whitney Wolfe has even integrated some of the ideas that she was going to use from her Merci concept into Bumble. Believe it or not, Bumble allows women to form their own cliques and groups that are exclusively just for them. The BFF feature is how they can communicate with their peers, friends and associates.

Bumble speaks out on controversial social topics such as gun violence, the organization partners with professional franchises about women’s empowerment and it also endorses the feminist agenda. Since Bumble’s creation, Whitney Wolfe is now recognized as a leading figure in the world of technology and business. She mingles with high profile celebrities, she is known in the inner circles of high powered tech companies and she is considered a leading figure in the modern feminist movement. She is doing a lot to take the world by storm.

Doe Deere is a Breath of Fresh Air

Doe Deere is a Breath of Fresh Air

Creative, spirited, and innovative owner of Lime Crime cosmetics, Doe Deere has worked hard and created a line of beauty products that are recognized. This inventor born in Russia came to the states when she was 17; she lived in New York for some time and now has a residency in Los Angeles.

Doe Deere had visions of producing a cosmetic line that was magical, bursts of color in every shade, and products that promote free self-expression. In 2004, she decided to go after her dream by selling her DIY cosmetic brand on Ebay. On her account, she showed a creative way of promoting her beauty products by modeling each item herself. She showed initiative considering most sellers only showed mere photos of items on their sites. This act of self-determination of started a business journey on her own propelled her toward her next steps of producing a valuable cosmetic line. Quality, conscious thoughts of each product, and diligent work showed a promising tomorrow for this young entrepreneur.

Doe Deere revealed in the start of her journey that she possessed a natural leadership quality. Not only did she demonstrate strong will by taking a leap into the unknown, she is also a full-blown supporter of other woman entrepreneurs that on progressing in their journey of success. Humility being one of many attributes Deere possesses is essential for on-going growth, being humble in a professional business world is rare and a quality that will inspire others to be reflective on their own business attitude.

This CEO demonstrates forward thinking by being mindful when describing her daily work routine. She is well aware that her business life is evolving at all times. The ability to embrace change is an attribute many people have not mastered; luckily, for Deere this is a natural thought process. Embracing change at every opportunity unlocks numerous doors of influential products that reflect well on the Lime Crime business, and it shows no indication of decline.

Doe Deere is a goddess in her all around approach to being a leader and member of her team. Her team believes in her and the products they produce. Not only do they stand behind her on everything idea they embrace challenging ideas and push them forward with dedication. This strong team also wears and tests each product to test quality of each item.

In 2008, marketing experts stated Lime Crime would not flourish as in online business because consumers like to test products before a final decision to purchase. Deere took this criticism gracefully without blinking an eye, she moved forward with hesitation because she knew that her online marketing skills would produce phenomenal results. Learn more:  http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/05/finding-your-business-niche-like-doe-deere/

All in all Lime Crime cosmetics is a unique brand that appreciated by many. Furthermore, every action and choice Doe Deere made earned her an inspiring story that will motivate others and influence creative thoughts to follow their own entrepreneurial dreams.


Doe Deere’s Unique Success Story

Doe Deere’s Unique Success Story

Doe Deere has one of the more unique success stories for a business owner in the United States. She is the business owner and founder of the makeup company Lime Crime. The company sells more hues than you can imagine in their collections. The many faceted colors of the Lime Crime brand of cosmetics and hair color are just as unique as Doe Deere’s success story.



Origin of the Makeup Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia. She grew up there and cultivated her entrepreneur skills with her temporary tattoo business that she had when she was 13 years old. Her marketing for her business was to make the tattoos popular by wearing them in front of her classmates and demonstrating how to put them on. This made her classmates fascinated by the novelty item, which drove them to purchase the tattoos. Additionally she expanded her music abilities. She decided to move to New York to pursue a music career.



Moving for Bigger Dreams

She immigrated to the United States when she was 17 years old and lived in New York. She worked in a few bands and solo acts while she was in New York. She lived in New York from 1998 until 2012. She lived in the neighborhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn during that time. Learn more: http://yourbeautycraze.com/how-beauty-expert-doe-deere-gets-ready



Lime Crime’s Conception

It was in New York that Doe Deere started her makeup business. She birthed the company due to a lack of multi-colorful products on the market. During 2008 there were mainly natural eye makeup palettes or nude glossy hues for lip colors that were sold on the mainstream makeup market and promoted by Hollywood and musicians of that time period. Lime Crime stood apart from the rather bland look of other makeup of the time, and started to gain customers who wanted to have colorful makeup for themselves. From there the company has slowly become more prevalent in the cosmetics market, especially in recent years as highly colorful makeup products have started to take center stage.



Doe Deere’s Tips for Entrepreneurs


Doe Deere has a few pointers for future entrepreneurs. Always pursue your dreams. You must have dedicated and undivided passion for your business to make it as an entrepreneur. Doe Deere says her dedication to makeup is because it makes her feel confident and ready to take on the world.


The Ever-growing Real Estate Business of Ohio

The Ever-growing Real Estate Business of Ohio

America’s real estate business has grown considerably in the last few years. Ohio has also benefited from this trend. Property owners in the state are expected to get more profits from selling their homes. In the last one year, the prices of condominiums and homes in Central Ohio have risen by 8.1 percent.

According to blogwebpedia.com, the value of these residential units isn’t expected to go down any time soon. Recently, a national construction firm announced that it would build 240 houses in New Albany. According to real estate experts, the project will increase the value of homes in the area. What’s more, it will attract investors who will build more commercial spaces.

There are many reasons why people choose to settle in Ohio. The state has an improved public school system. So, parents don’t have to send their kids to private schools for better education. Ohio’s tech industry has grown over the years. It’s one of the most promising sectors in the state. It will offer employment to many residents. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Another advantage of living in Ohio is the low cost of living. Even though the value of houses is rising, things are cheap compared to the neighboring states. Ohio expects an influx of homebuyers. Therefore, it’s a great time to sell your home. With the current market trend, you can set a high price for your house and still get a buyer within a short time.

Tammy Mazzocco’s profile

Tammy Mazzocco is a realtor based in Ohio. She began working in the real estate industry in 1995. Over the years, she has established valuable relationships with property sellers and buyers.

Tammy Mazzocco runs RE/Max One, a real estate company situated in Pickerington, Ohio. Tammy has worked for other firms, including Edward Realty Company. The real estate agent is known for her leadership skills. Additionally, she’s a team player. Tammy Mazzocco has rendered her services in Franklin, Delaware and Fairfield counties for more than 2 decades.

Tammy Mazzocco Website: http://tammymazzocco.blogspot.com/





Julie Zuckerberg: The Ultimate Recruitment Lead.

Julie Zuckerberg: The Ultimate Recruitment Lead.

Supposing that working in the financial services interests you, you may opt to give your luck a shot by contacting the recruitment leads so as to land the job. Among the executive recruitment leads at Deutsche Bank is none other than Julie Zuckerberg. She is the executive talent recruitment point and also the vice chairperson for Deutsche Bank. She began this role in the year 2014. She gladly provides innovative talent acquisition to customers in private wealth & commercial customers and also GTO and asset management. She has collaborated with business leaders to lead regional talent possession and enhance their enlistment processes. Julie Zuckerberg is in the frontline at the creation and the negotiation of offers such as stakeholders at the managing director level.


Julie Zuckerberg has previously worked as an executive investment lead for different businesses. All her professional life, Julie Zuckerberg is used to working with the best organizations. Her recruitment career began in the year 2002 at Hudson staffing and recruitment. Here she was hired as the director of candidate placement for attorneys, case managers, paralegals and support staffing for law organizations. She worked here for a total of five years before moving to Citi.


At Citi, Julie Zuckerberg worked as both the vice president and chief recruiter. While here, she offered the whole cycle of the hiring process for the director as well as managing director in Citi’s consumer bank that include CitiCard, internet office, and the marketing. While still here, Julie Zuckerberg gave advice to senior business leaders about recruitment strategies. She also provided leadership in negotiation and development of complex job offer. She was able to get talent globally as well as manage procedures such as fee negotiation and vetting candidates.


In the year 2013, Julie moved to New York Life Insurance as the vice president as well as the senior recruitment lead. She was able to serve as the client relationship lead and as a manager of the hiring process of the outsourcing team. Her wide range of experience in the recruitment has seen her services becoming enlisted by different companies.


Among the work skills that Julie has include variety of talent acquisition abilities. Additionally, Julie Zuckerberg is talented with leadership, conflict resolution, human resource as well as strategy. Over the time she has worked, qualities such as employee training, succession planning, interviewing skills, and caching have been consistent.


Julie Zuckerberg schooled at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she studied philosophy. After her time studying philosophy, she joined New York Law School and studied law. In her spare time, Julie’s hobbies include running, technology knowledge, and photography. She also is a great fun of art and food. Among the personal issues that Julie Zuckerberg cares about include the human rights, animal welfare, economic issues, civil rights as well as science and technology. Julie, however, prefers to keep a low profile in social media. She, therefore, has few pages. Julie is on Twitter as @juliezuckerberg. She also has a Pinterest profile listed under her name. She is based in New York.



Deere Empowers Others in the Makeup and Business World

Deere Empowers Others in the Makeup and Business World

Lime Crime is a makeup line that’s been getting a lot of traction and attention recently. That’s because more and more people have been trying their products and spreading the word about how much they love it. Lime Crime is a company that literally has a product for everyone. They have glitter for those who are looking to really make a statement with their makeup. Lime Crime sells hair chalk for those who want to add a little bit of spice to their hair. Perhaps Lime Crime’s most famous product is their lip line. They have a line of Velvetines which literally come in every color imaginable. They glide on smoothly, are long lasting, and make lips look flawless. These Velvetines literally come in every color possible from pinks and purples to blues and greens. With such a following, many wonder about the founder and creator behind them.


That person is Doe Deere who truly epitomizes her brand. She rocks the products on a daily basis and always looks so put together and gorgeous. Deere didn’t just create Lime Crime overnight. It took a lot of hard work and dedication. Deere originally started Lime Crime on eBay as a DIY Line. It was very well-received and Deere knew she had to do more. She knew that there were still more people out there who would benefit from her product line and she wanted to make sure that she could reach them. Deere launched her actually brand Lime Crime in 2008 and almost 10 years later she’s seeing a great amount of success.


Deere started off as a small business owner and therefore she’s a true advocate of women starting up their own businesses. She wants to empower others and that’s why she’s always open and willing to give advice to those who need it. Deere isn’t just empowering the business world, she’s empowering the makeup world. Deere is teaching everyone out their that they don’t have to be ashamed of their look. They should embrace their uniqueness because that’s what makes them beautiful! Deere is a firm believer that anyone can wear any color that they want. They shouldn’t be confined to red and pink lipstick because that’s what’s in magazines. They shouldn’t have to wear black or brown liner because that’s what’s available in stores. Rather, Deere wants everyone to embrace themselves and wear what they feel comfortable in.

To learn more about Doe Deere and LimeCrime, visit www.doedeere.com.


The Driven Executive: Julie Zuckerberg

The Driven Executive: Julie Zuckerberg

As the Executive Recruitment Lead at Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg is a rising star with a very well-rounded background. Her education, industry experience, passions and interests speak to her impressive credentials. Driven to be a better person, both professionally, and personally, it’s no wonder she’s achieved such success in the competitive landscape of the financial service industry.


From Start to Finish


Before she was negotiating offers that involved corporate stakeholders and material risks takers, Julie Zuckerberg attended The City University Of New York-Brooklyn College and New York Law School. Her first position after law school was at Hudson Recruiting, between the years 2002 through 2007, where she was the Director of Candidate Placement. While at Hudson she hired multiple managers, support staff, and paralegals for numerous clients. After 2007, she was an Executive Recruiter for Citi Global Functions until 2011. Her specialized skills were a huge asset to the company. The auditing, compliance, and legal fields senior level staff were given full life-cycle executive recruitment support. Julie Zuckerberg also introduced some innovative recruitment methods and led negotiations and the development of complex job offers. By 2014 she had already been a huge asset to The New York Life Insurance Company and Citi Global Consumer Bank. As an Executive Recruiter,  she went above and beyond. She knew what was needed, and used her impressive knowledge to fill open roles with top talent. At Deutsche Bank, where she works currently, she gives strategic directions and training to a team of professional recruiters. She works diligently for her company and has always given amazing dedication to her field.


In Her Downtime


When she isn’t working, Julie Zuckerberg enjoys volunteering and supporting charitable causes. She has a passion for helping animals, civil rights, culture, and the arts. She enjoys photography and technology, and uses her platform to counsel and coach employees in the industry. Julie Zuckerberg is as an impressive, hard-working woman who dedicates her whole self to everything she does.




Doe Deere Is Breaking All Of The Rules

Doe Deere Is Breaking All Of The Rules

Doe Deere is a well know entrepreneur that puts no limits on herself; she also does not allow anyone to give her limits. Doe Deere was born in poor country, and when she was just a young girl she moved to New York. Deere always loved color and fashion, and her love of fashion moved her to want to work with patterns and colors in her adult life. Doe Deere decided to go to to school for fashion and she absolutely loved everything that she learned.

Doe Deere started off sewing her own clothes for her clothing line. The clothing line she named Lime Crime and she would showcase her clothing on different websites. A lot of her fans really loved her clothing, and they also would tell her how much they liked her make up. From those suggestions, she decided to begin her own cosmetic line. Now Lime Crime cosmetic line is a line that is sold all around the world and it grosses thousands of dollars each and every month.

Doe Deere did an interview with The Bustle about her favorite styles and the rules of fashion that she never obeys. There are many rules that are put into place that people feel like they have to follow. Some of these rules are the following: never wear bright lips with a bright eyecolor, Never wear unnatural colored hair with bright clothing, never wear open toed shoes with socks, always dress for the occasion, and never wear too many patterns.

Doe Deere believes that these are all rules that were meant to be broken. Some of her favorite trends go directly in opposition to some of those very well-known rules of fashion. Doe Deere is a collector of socks, and socks are her favorite piece of clothing. Since that is the case, Doe Deere wears multicolored socks with open toed shoes whenever she likes.

Doe Deere believes that a person should dress in a way that makes them feel good regardless of the occasion and regardless of if it has many colors or if it looks immature. Doe Deere does not allow things like age and occasion make her change the outfit that she chooses to wear. Doe Deere enjoys coloring her hair colors that are unnatural. Since Doe Deere is a person that loves colors, she usually pairs unnaturally colored hair with bright make up and colorful clothing.

Compliance Officers Are Feeling The Pressure Of Intensified Scrutiny by The SEC

Compliance Officers Are Feeling The Pressure Of Intensified Scrutiny by The SEC

Compliance officers or CCO’s as they are referred to in corporations are assigned the task of making sure all the rules and regulations set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission are being adhere to by employees and stock owners. Compliance officers walk a fine line between what is acceptable and what is not based on interpretation, according to the National Society of Compliance Professionals. There were only 8,000 enforcement actions taken in the last thirteen years; only five were against Chief Compliance Officers at money management firms.

The fact is very few CCO cross the line and condone or contribute to fraudulent activity that harms investors, according to Helane Morrison, the Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital Partners LLC. Morrison is also the managing director of the firm. Helane knows something about the internal operations of the SEC. She was the regional director of the Security and Exchange Commission in Northern California for several years. While she was in that position she was in charge of enforcing SEC policies in five Northwestern states. Helane is also a lawyer and a journalist, but she doesn’t actively use her degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Morrison believes that SEC enforcement actions should clear. There has to be transparency, cooperation and compliance resources available to CCO’s so they can function effectively. Helane was a partner in the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, so she is well aware of what is needed to enforce the regulations that are necessary to keep the CCO’s functioning at the optimum level.

Compliance officers have some concerns about the clarity in some of the compliance rules , according to Morrison and that has been an issue for some CCO’s. One rule that has most CCO’s concerned is Rule 206(4)-7 found in the Investment Advisers Act. That rule requires registered compliance officers to implement and adopt written procedures and policies that are designed to prevent violations. That rule is an example of the lack of clarity that exists in SEC rules.

Most compliance officers want the SEC to provide more direction instead of allowing the enforcement staff to interpret and then create policy changes that are filled with issues that are not what the SEC had in mind when the rules were created. There are too many flaws in the system, and they need to be addressed, or more CCO’s will be held accountable for violations when they shouldn’t be.

Read more about Helane’s prolific career here or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Compliance Officer Helane Morrison Making Big Strides in the Corporate World

Compliance Officer Helane Morrison Making Big Strides in the Corporate World

The Vital Role of a Compliance Officer
The role of a good compliance officer is quickly growing within the workforce. Ethics and compliance go together well in this vital role. A compliance officer job is one that is fairly new and not very well-known. It is becoming a role that is highly important. The following items are incorporated in the job and the role of a compliance officer. These include:
* the implementing of a compliance program
* the program includes prevention of problems
* the repair of ethical and regulatory problems
* the use of tools including risk assessments, education, and audits

The role of a compliance officer is to discover problems. The officer has the role of then ensuring that the problems are fixed. Prevention of the same problems are included in the vital role of a compliance officer.

Day-to-Day Compliance is Essential
Every company has rules that must be followed. There are necessary rules that cannot be broken within a company. This compliance officer will make sure that the rules of the company are being followed. The day-to-day compliance of the rules for any company is essential. These rules assist every employee from making mistakes that may result in punitive actions. These actions can be prevented with day-to-day compliance.

Helane Morrison and Compliance
Helane L. Morrison is a chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is a member of the Executive Committee too. She is a person with a remarkable background. Ms. Morrison does have an impressive background in the practice of law. She is more than qualified to take on the role of a chief compliance officer.

Enforcement Programs with Solid Direction
Morrison is a highly skilled leader who has the ability to provide solid direction. She has been the director of the enforcement program of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco District Office. She has offered solid direction for the SEC for three years. She is a gifted and talented compliance officer who has skills of high quantity.