Sussex Healthcare Helping the Seniors

Sussex Healthcare Helping the Seniors

Sussex Healthcare is a renowned clinic in the United Kingdom which provides home care services to the elderly. Besides, the practice also offers treatment and management of neurological conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s syndrome as well as treating patients with learning disabilities. It also helps in managing and treating patients with physical disabilities.

Sussex Healthcare was founded in the year 1998 by a highly prolific dental surgeon in the UK known as Shafik Sachedina and his friend Shiraz Boghani, a famous hotel and restaurant manager. The health practice has its headquarters in Horsham, West Sussex but has branches distributed throughout the region. It has over 20 homes in the Sussex area equipped with highly professional and talented staff who offers quality services to the clients.

The facility offers non-invasive and drug-free treatment approaches which mainly engages physical and social activities. The activities help the patients boost their physiological and psychological health. Some of the activities include sports, movies, and interactive social games which help in enhancing the social and mental health of the patients.

Sussex healthcare is an accredited clinic approved by the health service and has received the ISO credit. It is the only home care provider which is authorized in England. The hospital has won many awards in the United Kingdom making it a highly reputable health practice in the region.

Sussex healthcare is now working under a new chief executive officer known as Ms. Morgan Taylor who assumed the position last year; 2018. She is a highly professional person with eloquent managerial skills which she employs them in running the health firm smoothly. MS Morgan has over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare and social care industry. She is very much conversant with how care providers and counsel work together as she has worked with independent care providers and local authorities.

Ms. Morgan believes in cooperation between the staff, and the logistics team can scale the facility to greater heights. She aims at maintaining the company’s reputation by ensuring the provision of quality healthcare services.

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MB2 Dental Is Active In Helping Dentists And Helping Those In Need

MB2 Dental Is Active In Helping Dentists And Helping Those In Need

MB2 Dental offers dentists a unique opportunity to support each other financially and professionally. It welcomed a new CFO in the spring of 2018, and his name is Jackson Hildebrand. And the company believes that he is everything that they could hope for, as he not only knows finances, but he also is knowledgeable about private practitioners and the challenges that arise for them. The company believes that, with the new CFO’s help, it will be able to surpass all of the goals that it has set. The company is partnered with many practice owners and affiliated dentists, and its foundation is based around the goal of those dentists helping each other to grow and become better for their patients and themselves.

MB2 Dental has gotten involved in a lot of charity work because the people who are with the company have a passion for helping those in need. One of the ways that the company has given back is by helping people who don’t regularly get to see a dentist. Dr. Dove, who is with the company, said that he went to Jamaica and noticed a need for dentists there. He was determined to go back, and with the help of MB2 Dental Solutions, and many dentists of all ethnic backgrounds, they were able to make an impact on the people of Jamaica.

And, another way that MB2 Dental has given back to those in need was after Hurricane Harvey hit. It saw to it that its employees and patients were well cared for after the storm. Leaders in the company said they know there will always be highs and lows for it, but that what matters most is that it has a positive impact on the communities around it. After the hurricane, it jumped in to serve its patients and any other people affected by the storm, giving them clothing and water and all of the supplies that they needed to keep going. The company cares about people and doing what it can to make a difference in the world even while connecting dentists together to help them have financial success.

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Neurocore Helping People Increase Brain Performance

Neurocore Helping People Increase Brain Performance

Neurocore is one of the most innovative brain training and assessment centers based in Florida and Michigan. So far, Neurocore has eight brain training and performance centers and plans to open many more in the years to come. The popularity of neuroscience in the mental health world has been increasing rapidly, and Neurocore is at the forefront of this industry. Neurocore provides treatment that is affordable as well as result-oriented, and most of the people who come to Neurocore are the ones who have not been able to find the solution to their mental health issues the conventional way. The conventional methods of treating mental disorders are not holistic, and thus, it does not completely cure the problem.

Neurocore provides non-invasive mental health treatment with a very data-driven approach. With years of research in the field of neuroscience backing them, you can be sure that the treatment they would provide you would help you get the results you want. The adults and children who have received the treatment from Neurocore with the neuroscience applications have witnessed and experienced more positivity in their life, and their focus and performance have also improved drastically. Getting rid of the negative thoughts and being able to sleep well and perform better at work can be life-changing. Neurocore believes that the consistency is the key to success and thus, the patients are asked to come back for neurofeedback sessions from time to time. It helps in checking if there are any issues that need to be addressed or if there are any underlying symptoms that have been left untreated.

Brain training provided at Neurocore helps many athletes and professionals that need to do heavy physical activities to train their brains to perform efficiently and sustain the stress that follows. It has been used by many athletes looking to become more focused and to get excellent results. Neurocore is known to provide excellent results for them, and it is the reason why people keep coming back to them for more such treatments. They have a long list of happy clients who have received excellent treatments and encourage other people to try them too.

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