TOWN Residential: Keeping Up With New York’s Upward Trend

TOWN Residential: Keeping Up With New York’s Upward Trend

In the past year, prices of New York real estate have continued to skyrocket. some record sales were made for condos, townhouses, and homes. Almost every previous record in New York home sales was exceeded. One notable example is a penthouse at 157 W 57th St that was sold for $100.4 million.

Another record is scheduled to be shattered in the coming years when a $200 million sale will be made in Central Park South. This upward trajectory of house sales is unlike anything the market has seen before. As signed contracts continue to close throughout the upcoming years, more of these record breaking sale prices will show up. With the huge amount of wealth and large inventory of million dollar homes in New York, there will continue to be huge sales in the luxury market of homes.

Many buyers of high dollar luxury homes are foreigners, especially from China. Due to the uncertainties of governments in other countries, foreigners choose to invest there money in the Unites States because of its security.

TOWN Residential, founded in 2010, has proved itself time and time again as New York’s front runner when it comes to apartments for sale services. Their professional and expert representatives are able to seamlessly execute sales of luxury homes in New York. TOWN Residential has a variety of expertise in the sales of luxury residence, including sales and leasing; marketing initiatives; commercial and retail real estate. With uncompromising principles, TOWN Residential has raised the bar in New York with the highest standard of excellence in the industry.

The team of professionals at TOWN Residential possess expert knowledge and experience in the industry. These industry leaders have won TOWN Residential several awards, including on of the top fifty employers in New York and one of the best real estate firms to work for. The unique culture of TOWN Residential provides an unprecedented level of service, as well as expertise to their clients.