History of the Kabbalah Centre

History of the Kabbalah Centre

Rav Yehuda Ashlag was the one who planted the roots of the Kabbalah center back in 1922. Rav Yehuda Ashlag was the first to revolutionize the wisdom that had been closely guarded for years. He strived greatly to make the knowledge accessible to more people in his lifetime. This knowledge which was so closely guarded by the Jewish culture that it was thought mystic was entrusted only to Master Kabbalists.

Upon his death, Rav Yehuda Ashlag left the mantle of the Kabbalah Center leadership to his student Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. Brandwein later on handed down the leadership mantle to Rav Yehuda Berg. Forming the lineage from which from which the Kabbalah Centre originates. Since the revelation of the Kabbalah millenniums ago, it has been primarily focused on the acquisition of concealed knowledge of God. This is inclusive of both the physical and emotional universes.

What makes the Kabbalah so closely guarded is the belief that it was passed down from Adam in Jewish culture. It was then passed down to individuals such as Abraham and Moses through oral tradition. Initially, it was meant for a particular group of learned and married men over the age of forty years.

Human limitations never limited the knowledge of the Kabbalah; it was by general preference that the Jews disapproved its dissemination. The Kabbalah Center, however, was made as a center where the wisdom can be accessed. The Kabbalah had been so intimately guarded by both Rabbis and Master Kabbalists because it dealt with attributes of God that had been only implicitly revealed in the Torah.

The Kabbalah contains knowledge and wisdom that made people focus more on the inner qualities of God rather than his Physical attributes. The main idea is that the spirit of God is enigmatic and surpasses human understanding. Its rich content explains why it had been so guarded by both Rabbis and Master Kabbalists.

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Kabbalic Wisdom to Transform Your Life

Kabbalic Wisdom to Transform Your Life

Every person wants to live the good life. But few people do. Many report stress and frustration, barely making ends meet with high mortgage payments. There is something fundamentally wrong with how individuals use their mental processes. Kabbalah is an ancient term for high Jewish wisdom. Wisdom can help you make better decisions and live the life you have always dreamed. An excellent modern example of Kabbalic wisdom is Warren Buffett’s observation that you should avoid what others love, and love what others avoid.


Kabbalah takes philosophical statements such as these and applies them practically to your life. One of the first Kabbalah practitioners of ancient times was King Solomon. King Solomon was purported to be the wisest man in the world. One of his top Proverbs is “He who loves pleasure will be poor.” The contrapositive is also true, loving suffering will make you rich. Going back to the full wisdom statement by Warren Buffett, a Kabbalah practitioner would seek to take the philosophical claim and see if it works in real life. What happens when you love what others avoid? First, you must identify what is it that others typically avoid. A quick list might be: suffering, criticism, pain, hard, loss, generosity, working overtime, working on weekends, foreign, strange, new, change, risk, unpopular, alone, etc. Once you have made a list of variables that people avoid, try practicing a few of them. You will find that the competition is light, and the benefits are large. An individual who eagerly suffers, accepts criticism, loss, and is generous soon becomes extremely intelligent and influential, while their peers labor in obscurity. The art of success consists in refusing to copy the failures around you.


The Kabbalah Centre works with people of all nationalities, religions, customs, and ethnicities to transform their life outcomes. If you are frustrated at the lack of progress in your life’s situation, then Kabbalah is for you. Kabbalah can help you find the success that you are hoping for.


The Kabbalah Centre has locations throughout the world. Our skilled teachers can identify areas and blind spots that will trigger explosive spiritual growth in your career potential. We look forward to serving you.


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