Sam Boraie Partners with Basketball Star

Sam Boraie Partners with Basketball Star

Sam Boraie is known to many as the vice president of a company known as Boraie Development. The company specializes in real estate ventures, and it has built several buildings in New Brunswick. The real estate company is considered to be a pillar of the New Brunswick community, and recently, it expanded to provide its services to Atlanta City and Newark region. For more details visit his Crunchbase profile.

Several years ago, the Boraie Development decided to team up with Shaquille O’Neal, a respected basketball start in the country. The main of the partnership was to bring the residents in the community a luxury residential building. Experts say that the complex cost around sixty million dollars, and it was only available to the individuals living in Newark for rent when it was completed. The basketball star only wanted to give back to the community, and this was a perfect way. Boraie Development, on the other hand, was also willing to take part in the great venture that would help the residents. Apart from the rental complex constructed by Boraie Development, the residents will have access to retail development, brand new movie theaters, and market rate housing. The residents were very excited when the theater was completed several months ago. The attendance of the theater is believed to have doubled after the competition.

After its competition, the classical theater in the area appointed Sam Boraie in its board of trustees. In the last summer, the company, under the leadership of Sam Boraie sponsored a series known as State Theatre Free Summer Movie. The series lasted for several months, and it focused on showing family-friendly programs such as Monster University, Despicable Me 2, Frozen and several others. The programs were free to the communities, and they gave the families and their friends an opportunity to gather and enjoy the movies while seating in the historic venue.

According to PR Newswire, Sam Boraie and his Boraie Development are considered to be the great pillars in the in the New Brunswick region. The company was established by his father several years ago, and it has done a lot for the community. Apart from constructing beautiful residential houses, the company offers affordable housing to needy families.

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