George Soros may win war despite losing presidential battle

George Soros may win war despite losing presidential battle

With the election ushering Donald Trump into the White House, many who had invested so much into Clinton’s presidential bid are asking themselves what went wrong. George Soros is certainly among them. After having donated over $25 million to the Clinton Campaign, no one was more heavily and personally invested in Mrs. Clinton’s victory than Soros himself. However despite this large, public loss, George Soros may still have much more to smile about that the American public knows, or that his opponents would care to admit.

A Pyrrhic victory…for Trump
Since at least 2014, George Soros, through his various philanthropic organizations has been quietly waging a local war of attrition against incumbent right wing politicians. Nowhere has this been more forcefully evident than in the few district attorney races in which Soros has chosen sides.

This is not idle meddling either. After all, Soros is no slouch. In seeking to replace the district attorneys of large, but not too large, cities across the country, he is tapping into one of the most effectively powerful positions in America. On paper, district attorneys merely decide when or when not to charge someone with a crime and then how to best prosecute the state’s case. But in practice, district attorneys wield enormous power, effectively deciding who will go to jail and who will skate. George Soros is seeking to implement his ideas on criminal justice reform by turning off the prison-to-school pipeline at its very spigot. The conservatives may have won the big election. But if Soros succeeds with his strategy of locally replacing all powerful conservative functionaries the national Republican gains may well prove for naught.

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Electoral magic in Orlando
In one recent episode, the Soros machine snatched victory from the crocodilian jaws of the sure winner, Republican incumbent Jeff Ashton. Ashton had served many terms as the district attorney of the Orlando metro area, covering over 1.6 million people. Unfortunately, during his tenure he had also amassed a record of stunningly disproportionate minority arrests and convictions.

Enter Soros. The rival candidate, Aramis Ayala, an almost unknown public defender with no war chest to speak of, was bestowed with $1.2 million worth of George Soros funded advertising and consultancy. The result was an incredible upset. The incumbent Ashton was defeated by a wide margin, propelling the inexperienced but social-justice-minded Ms. Ayala into what’s arguably Orlando’s most powerful executive post.

Similar stories have played out across the USA from Maricopa County, Arizona to Louisiana to Colorado. It’s well worth noting that in every single election in which George Soros has backed someone, his favored candidates have won. This is partly explained by the donated money alone but also has much to do with Soros’ own strategic acumen and knack for surrounding himself with and hiring the absolute best people.

Through these tactics, Soros is making a play for the heart of the U.S. criminal justice system. If he can succeed at replacing enough judges and prosecutors his cause of criminal justice reform will be in a position to affect real change and fundamentally alter the way justice is dealt out in the United States. Under the shadow of the real, tangible power of a thousand local prosecutors and judges, the presidency starts to look like a mere ceremonial title.

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