The Best in Plumbing

The Best in Plumbing

The Sunny Plumber is a plumbing service that started out in Tucson, Arizona. Throughout their expanding service areas of Arizona, California, and Nevada. Operating 24/7 the company prides itself on customer service, going beyond the call of duty to provide fast, reliable, lasting service with a guarantee of quality and workmanship.

The service representative will do a free floor-to-ceiling inspection with every call, small or large. They have the expertise, know-how, and means to answer any call, large or small, day or night, and the training to alert you of the needs for future diligence by giving your home a free inspection.

Sunny Plumber will be there, when you call, no matter what the trouble is, whether it is a very serious leak or simply an annoying clog. Just call, we are waiting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit to book a service.

We render top quality service, and our plumbers are uniformed, respectful, and pass a drug test and a background check. There are no mistakes and no problems when you call The Sunny Plumber.

The Sunny Plumber is the perfectionist you are looking for, day or night, and our service is guaranteed, no matter what size job you have.

Our mission statement is quality, service, and availability.

The Sunny Plumber remains the more available and reliable plumbing team in our service area, the only one to do a free inspection with every visit. The free inspection allows us to notify you of possible problems in the future, so you can anticipate your plumbing needs ahead of time. Log on to for full service list.