The Philanthropy Work of the Herbalife Nutrition Brand

The Philanthropy Work of the Herbalife Nutrition Brand–b/

When it comes to Herbalife Nutrition, this is a brand that has done a lot of charity and philanthropy work to help others in need. Not only has the brand worked with the Red Cross to help people during disaster relief efforts, but the Impact Basketball Center was recently renamed the Herbalife Nutrition Impact Center. This is giving more people the chance to utilize this particular company and all of the high-quality products that are out there. You are going to find that this brand is one of the best when it comes to high-end nutrition and quality products.

Along with doing a lot of charity work and working on a wide range of philanthropy projects, the brand is well-known for the high-quality nutrition products that are sold to people around the world. Not only are you going with a company that works well for all types of nutrition needs, but it helps you to feel and look your best without the worry that you are using a brand that isn’t going to help you feel better. This is why millions of people have already made use of the Herbalife brand and are loving the benefits from utilizing it regularly.

There are a lot of people right now who are distributing the Herbalife brand as well, so you can contact someone local to you who is able to help you try out the products before you make the decision to purchase anything. You will enjoy what this is able to do for you and the fact that you can feel and look your best thanks to the high-quality products out there. There are so many reasons for you to make use of this particular brand, so be sure to consider Herbalife for yourself if you want and need to feel amazing throughout the day.

From protein bars to shakes and powders, Herbalife has what you want and need to live life to the fullest. You can either make use of these products if you would like to lose weight and get fit or if you just want to add vitamins and minerals to your diet in a healthy and nutritive way. You are going to find that this particular brand is one of the best out there and is able to provide you with the quality that you’re looking for at a price that you are going to find to be affordable.,9_IL.10,21_IC1146821.htm

Anthony Petrello And His Friendship With Tommy Tune

Anthony Petrello And His Friendship With Tommy Tune

Tony Petrello opened his door this last year to an old friend who had returned to Houston to put on a musical show at a theater. That friend is Tommy Tune, a famous Broadway actor who attended one of Houston’s top dance academies as a young man, and then went on to win several Tony awards and star in several prominent productions. The Petrellos hosted a reception for Tune at their home and also invited several other business colleagues and city leaders, and during this reception they discussed both important issues and leisurely subjects. Petrello not only has been generous to celebrities like Tune, but he’s given his time to help the community and to further scientific research.

Tony Petrello’s current job is both chairman and CEO of one of the nation’s largest oil drilling companies, Nabors Industries. He was formerly chief operating officer of the company from 1991 to 2011, assumed the role of CEO in 2011 and then was given a contract raise in 2013 that made him the highest-paid boss in the US that year. Prior to joining Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello was an associate and later partner of Baker & McKenzie while practicing as an attorney in administrative and corporate law. He completed his JD at Harvard law school and previously finished his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Yale University.

Anthony Petrello has a lot of causes that are close to his heart, but none more so than his daughter Carena. Carena had an illness when she was born that affected her cognitive abilities, and she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He had met with many doctors to find out if she could be treated, but when he found out that she couldn’t he decided to fund research in brain treatments through the Texas Children’s Hospital Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Petrello has given $7 million in gifts to the research center both for training and high-tech equipment. He also gave over $170,000 to emergency response and public service providers during the hurricane Harvey rescues and cleanup.

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George Soros – From Rags To Riches

George Soros – From Rags To Riches

George Soros figures in the list of the 50 richest men alive. He was born into the family of Trividar and Erzebat Schwartz in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. George Soros’ father was an attorney by occupation, but his passion was laid with Esperanto which is an artificial language meant for universal use. George Soros lived his teenage years under prosecution from Nazi German occupation force due to his Jewish descent. Soros learned an early life lesson about human rights that have fueled his philanthropic activities on Escaping to England in 1947 he attended London school of Economics where he earned both a bachelor and masters of science in philosophy and eventually got a job at the Singer & Friedlander merchant bank of London where he embarked on his highly successful financial career.

Today, George Soros is based in New York City and is among the most powerful personalities in politics. Since the mid-1980s, Soros has been using his massive influence as a means to helping in the reconfiguration of the political landscapes of many a country around the world. Being at the age of 86, his fortune amasses to $13 billion as personal money. Through his form, Soros fund management; he also controls as much as $25 billion in investor assets according to Forbes. When asked questions related to his whooping amount of fortune his answer is usually that he has been led to realize that money makes the world go round these days and so he decided to make money.

His amazing investing skills and fortune, however, are not the only reason why George Soros is as powerful as he is today. He has an extremely long history of philanthropy and has given way to his passion for helping people by also teaching others how to reach the same heights as he has over the years. In 1987 George Soros published a book by the title of The Alchemy of Finance where he reveals invaluable strategies and numerous pieces of advice. George Soros also wrote a book called Underwriting Democracy in the year 1991 where he allows his passion and knowledge of politics to shine through. Both of those books on reveal not only tips but also his personal thoughts as well as some key events in his life that have made him the person he is today. George Soros has revealed many times that he views himself as a man with the mission of transforming the world along with its institutions into something healthier and more vibrant, into something much better.

George Soros has changed a lot during his life and has reached heights in many fields. He is un-inspiration and a role model to many who want to follow in his footsteps.

Qnet Continues Its Humanitarian Work

Qnet Continues Its Humanitarian Work

Qnet has recently launched a campaign. It’s focused on making the world a better place one comment at a time. The goal is to receive at least 500 positive comments on a post on their Facebook page. If five hundred comments with positive thoughts will be left on their post, they will donate a HomePure RED to Taarana. Taarana is their school for children with special needs. If an additional five hundred comments that offer positive thoughts will be left on that post, they will donate another homePure RED, this time to Rashid Centre. Rashid Centre is a foundation for the disabled in the United Arab Emirates. This project is a part of their RYTHM Foundation. 

Qnet itself was founded in Hong Kong in 1998 by two people, Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. They started off by selling luxury jewelry and watches. They even made the coins for the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and contributed to other Olympics in 2004. In 2004, they were the distributors of the commemorative coins for FIFA. They then acquired QI Comm in 2005. QI Comm was a British communications company. 

However, they have not just concentrated on business. Qnet has often partnered with many organizations for humanitarian causes. For example, they partnered with Lions Clubs International to help people who had kidney failures and diseases and needed a new kidney. They helped cover the cost of dialysis for these unfortunate people. Other examples of their work abound. They have helped the destitute and have provided assistance to people who were struck by natural disasters. For example, they provided relief kits to two hundred families of Meenambakkam, Chennai. These families suffered through flooding and other disasters and their homes were entirely washed away. Thanks to Qnet, they were provided with what they needed to continue on with life. 

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Autism Rocks Adds Two New Trustees

Autism Rocks Adds Two New Trustees

In a recent article in The Sunday Times the charity Autism Rocks announced adding two new members to its Board of Trustees. Autism Rock’s founder, Sanjay Shah, has known the two brothers Will Best and Pete Best since his university days.
Autism Rocks is a charity based in London which raises money for autism research by holding invitation-only benefit concerts. Shah, the CEO of Solo Capital Markets, started the charity after doctors diagnosed his own son Nikhil with autism in 2011. The idea of using benefits came from the famous rapper Snoop Dog who visited Shah once in Dubai. That rekindled Shah’s love of music. Since then, Autism Rock has held shows featuring such stars as Prince and Lenny Kravitz, Drake, Snoop Dog, many well-known DJs and Michael Buble.

Pete Best has worked for financial institutions in London for over 2 years. He just ended a stint as Chief Operating Officer at Icap, a prominent brokerage. Shah says Pete will dedicate his financial skills to raising money for Autism Rocks.

Will Best will bring his extensive experience with the music industry to the table. He got his start putting on underground musical events in England in Manchester. He has hosted music shows as the TV presenter for various channels, in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Autism is a disability marked by having problems with relationships and communicating. It now affects one in 68 children. Will and Pete Best will carry out many duties managing Autism Rocks. That will include organizing concerts, and raising and distributing funds. One of Autism Rocks’s goals is to identify as early as possible which children are most at risk for autism, so they can get they support they need.

Shah set out to become a doctor, but changed his mind and became an accountant instead. He worked for Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, but in the wake of the 2007 subprime mortgage bank, in 2009 his employer let him go as redundant. In that period, the job market was full of former investment bank employees looking for job. Therefore, Shah decided to start his own brokerage instead, and go started on Solo Capital Markets.

Incorporated in September 2011, his Solo Capital firm according to is a financial services firm headquartered in London. Its activities include trading according to proprietary techniques, consulting with financial clients and investing in professional sports teams. As of March 31, 2015 it held £15.45 million in net worth. Solo Capital uses its proprietary trading systems to make money with foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives.

Shah has also given toward raising awareness of autism and supporting research into it through the Autism Research Fund.

With a personal fortune of $250 million, Shah considers himself retired to his property in Dubai. However, he recently took over Old Park Lane Capital, a natural resources trading company.