Todd Levine and Kluger Kaplan Offered an Award

Todd Levine and Kluger Kaplan Offered an Award

Todd Levine takes a prominent role in the American legal department. The attorney has been practicing for long, and this explains why Kluger Kaplan is highly experienced. Not long ago, the prestigious Best Lawyer in America gave an award to an institution that was founded by Todd Levine. Kluger Kaplan has served the people of America for a long time, and it has shown its commitment when it comes to offering only the best services. The legal firm was awarded for its professionalism, expertise, and dedication when serving its customers. Todd Levine is not the only attorney serving in this powerful company. Abbey Kaplan and Alan Kluger have been giving Todd Levine the assistance he needs to put a smile on the faces of his customers. The firm specializes in real estate litigation, entertainment law, commercial litigation, and mergers. All of the attorneys serving in this company have specialized in different areas, and they can handle all these sections without issues.

Todd Levine career life

Todd Levine is the founding member of Kluger Kaplan. Since the moment he joined the prestigious organization, the lawyer has been handling almost all business disputes that are presented. His great expertise in real estate litigation has helped the company to win many customers in the market. In his career life, the lawyer has been representing thousands of real estate brokers, institutions, contractors, investors and property owners. Apart from being a great lawyer, Todd Levine has never shied away from admitting that he is a musician who loves science and art. Being a top lawyer who has a hectic career has never stopped Levine from taking part in musical concerts.

Todd Levine Speaks about Award

Getting the Best Lawyers recognition in the United States has never been an easy task for the law firms in the country. There are thousands of lawyers who are in the market, and they are all working hard to get the trust of customers. Todd Levine believes that Kluger Kaplan has won because of the dedication of its founding members. The team is looking forward to retaining this title even in the future.

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“Marc Beer establishes Renovia Inc to address pelvic floor disorders in women “

“Marc Beer establishes Renovia Inc to address pelvic floor disorders in women “

Renovia Inc is a Meditech company that was started two years ago in Boston. Within 24 months, the company has already made some significant progress in accomplishing its goals. It is tough for a startup in the biotechnology industry to pick up within a short time, but it is happening for Renovia since it enjoys great leadership from an experienced CEO, Mr. Marc Beer. Recently, he closed $42 million Series B funding round which will help in accomplishing its goal of coming up with advanced medical technology devices that can be used in treating pelvic floor disorders. The issue of pelvic floor disorders is something that Marc Beer is concerned about and wishes that he can create a solution that will help millions of women around the world affected by these conditions to get the right medication.

In 2016, Renovia was launched and immediately closed the Series A funding round. The funds acquired from this round went into the acquisition of the technology being applied today and the initial groundwork for the development of the company. Now that the company has found the foundation needed, it is time to move to the other level of growth. The Series B funding will go to the commercialization of products, clinical tests of new products and corporate development.

Investors are impressed by in the progress it has made in the first two years of its operation. Longwood Fund, a prominent healthcare investment company contributed to the Series B funding round. There were also other investors who contributed since they are encouraged by the promising technology that is being invented at Renovia Inc. The products of that have been lined up by the company to address the issue of pelvic floor health in women have impressed many investors who believe that it will be a successful initiative since we are heading into a baby boomer generation where such conditions are likely to become more prevalent.

Since Renovia was founded two years ago, it has managed to bring new products to the market. The most popular of these products is the Leva pelvic digital health system for women. It is a system that has been designed to help women with pelvic floor disorders to perform the correct pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Without correctly doing these exercises, women cannot achieve the intended solution. In fact, many pelvic floor disorders are attributed to poor methods used to improve the pelvic floor strength.

Marc Beer is the founder and CEO of Renovia. He is determined to accomplish every goal that the company has set out to achieve. The graduate of Miami University has spent 25 years in fields where he has dealt with pharmaceuticals, devices, biotechnologies, and others, and therefore has the requisite knowledge needed to succeed at Renovia Inc. Learn more:

Marc Beer Receives Another Round Of Funding For His Renovia Company

Marc Beer Receives Another Round Of Funding For His Renovia Company

Marc Beer is a happy man in 2018. This follows the announcement that his Renovia Inc will receive another round of the funding. The amount that Marc Beer is expected to receive in this Series B funding is $32 million. An additional $10 million is going to the venture debt. This is not the first time Marc Beer’s medical startup is receiving funding worth millions of dollars. As the co-founder of a medical startup, Beer leads takes the lead in spearheading a company that deals with the development and commercialization of various enterprises that deal with pharmaceutical and biotechnological devices and diagnostics.


Beer’s medical and biotechnological company directs its efforts in developing practical medical and diagnostic devices that work towards the treatment of various urinary ailments that trouble women. Such urinary tract problems Renovia Inc finds solutions to include pelvic floor disorder, urinary incontinence, and several other related complications. According to the latest findings, such complications affect more than 250 million women worldwide.


During the initial funding, dubbed Series A, Renovia Inc received funding from Longwood Fund. This is one of the leading healthcare investing groups in the world today. Thanks to this initial funding, Renovia Inc was able to release its debut product, Leva. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved this product in April 2018. Following the succession of Renovia’s first product, Beer is determined to press on to the production and testing of four more products. In a recent press statement, Marc Beer said that he is looking forward to producing a newer version of Leva.


The Series B funding comes from two other reputable companies. Missouri’s Ascension Ventures and The Perceptive Advisers, based in New York are contributing towards Renovia Inc’s Series B funding. Beer said that the money from the two companies will go a long way in marketing his remaining products. Learn more:


In showing his appreciation for their funding, Beer explained how thrilled he felt that he has partners that are interested in seeing his company meet its objective. Marc said, “We are thrilled to have the support of this group of leading healthcare investors who share our vision to better diagnose, treat and improve the lives of millions of women affected by pelvic floor disorders.” Mr. Beer went on to say that he values the collaboration he continues to receive from various healthcare stakeholders.


Marc Beer has more than 25 years of experience in the medical and biotechnology devices. He has worked for various healthcare service providers. One of the notable achievements under Marc’s belt is when he joined ViaCell. Marc joined this biotechnological firm in 2000. By the time he left, while presiding as the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the company had over 300 employees.

The Chain Smokers: Including Brief Background and Interview Recap on New Single

The Chain Smokers: Including Brief Background and Interview Recap on New Single

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert make up American DJ and production group, The Chainsmokers. The group’s been around since 2012 and is from New York, New York. The group got advanced with their 2014 song “Selfie”. The song had been a top twenty single in many countries. Alex Pall is The group originally was made up of Alex Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler. So far the group has released one studio album in 2017 called “Memories…Do Not Open”. They have an upcoming album as well. On top of that they have fifteen music videos, and three EPs. The group also has a total of twenty-five singles.

They have recently released another single, a pop anthem called “Side Effects”. This song was performed with recurrent associate Emily Warren. Three days before they performed a unique show at Hollywood Palladium, this was in a partnership with Pepsi. However, that song was not sung at the concert. However, it was scheduled on July 28th to be sung with Warren at a performance in Atlantic City.

Andrew Taggert from the group explained in an interview with “billboard” that they enjoy writing songs about relationships of millennials for both good ways and bad ways. They write about observations they make. On top of that they compose songs regularly on making poor decisions. This is also being passionate in getting into them. This is also on staying in the moment as beauty is looked on in those tiny moments.

Something Taggert also explained in the interview that when a song is written it all goes down to the connection they have with them. He believes Emily Warren has a certain ability in assisting a person in having their story told. Also to note that she is smart. The Chainsmokers and Warren will sit down and have a conversation for four or five hours. After that a song will come from there. Alex Pall, showed his excitement in the interview about Warren on the record. He hopes that the world will love it because he thinks that its the moment everyone should know more about Warren.

Clayton Hutson And Kid Rock Expect To Put On An Amazing Show For Kid Rock’s New Tour

Clayton Hutson And Kid Rock Expect To Put On An Amazing Show For Kid Rock’s New Tour

Clayton Hutson is a stage manager, production manager, and the owner of his own live entertainment production company where he serves many musical stars. He always works with the artist he is serving to ensure that their vision is turned into a reality once they hit the stage. He learned how to produce amazing musical shows the right way, by working in a spread of different positions in the industry so he gained an understanding of every moving part. This has made him a jack of all trades within the industry, and his services have been used by artists like Pink, Alice and Chains, Guns N’ Roses, and many others. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock just recently finished up a musical tour, and since it was such a huge success, Kid Rock decided to hire Hutson for his next tour. Hutson has a gift for fulfilling the artistic visions of the musicians he works with and is known to put in a lot of hours to make sure that everything is done right. He looks into the future when working on an event so that he knows anything that might come up during the event. This means that he is always as prepared as he can be for mishaps or other troubles that many other production managers have a hard time dealing with. To Hutson, this is just part of the job, and he also relies on the competence of his team to take care of the many details that need to be covered to run a successful musical event.


Clayton Hutson received his theatre design and technical production degree while attending Central Michigan University. He worked within the industry during his time in school by helping to set up equipment, working with lighting, and taking care of the audio aspects of a show. On top of working with Kid Rock, he is working with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their “Soul2Soul” tour, which will be visiting many locations in the United States, Canada, and some in the U.K. Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock are also set to put on an amazing show for Kid Rock’s new tour, and Hutson will be taking advantage of new developments in the world of music and stage show technology. Hutson is currently continuing to grow his own production company and is finding plenty of success with this endeavor. He works with a range of budgets and artists and expects to put on plenty of more exciting shows before he is finished in the industry.

Clayton Hutson Rock Concert Organizer

Clayton Hutson Rock Concert Organizer

Clayton Hutson began his career in theater design, but for several years now he has worked hard to hone a place for himself in the music industry by organizing, designing and managing rock concerts. Along the way, he has been fortunate enough to work with some heavyweights in the Rock World. Gigs with Guns N Roses, Kid Rock, and Pink and OneRepublic are some of the many musical talents his talent organizing company has been hired.

Clayton was working for someone doing audio engineering, but a change in the economy had a huge effect on his future employment, so he decided to take a big risk and depend upon the skills he had developed over several years; Clayton ended up starting his own company where he helped organize his client’s concerts. Clayton Hutson has been happy in his decision to launch out on his own as an event planner and organizer. His habit of working long hours has allowed him to attract new clients and for people to recommend him thru word of mouth. He has developed several strong work ethic which has allowed him to keep ahead of his competition. Clayton likes to double checking everything he does and make sure his crew knows exactly what needs to be done at every turn. Hutson’s Pre-planning extends right up to the last minute before each concert begins. Learn more:

Some of the challenges Clayton Hutson has faced is the steep shift in technology, especially lighting and video production. More and bigger artists want these extras as an extra gift to concertgoers and an organizer has to constantly keep up with the changes and advances in these technologies.

Clayton Hutson likes to start his day early. For example, when recently working with Kid Rock he was up before sunrise and became familiar with the layout of the stage, then made a checklist for his crew of pre-show, show and post-show tasks to be done. Clayton Hutson doesn’t like unplanned surprises, especially when working with a big name client.

At the end of the day, its what you put into your gig that gives you the most joy and feeling of accomplishment and feeling of ent; plus you know that everything has been taken care of as has been expected by your client. Clayton Hutson says a sincere, honest evaluation of yourself and your work is a must-have for the kind of work he does for his clients.