Organo Gold Coffee Is Enhanced With The Remarkable ‘King Of Herbs’

Organo Gold Coffee Is Enhanced With The Remarkable ‘King Of Herbs’

Imagine enjoying a delicious, rich cup of coffee — and that this brew contains a substance that for 5,000 years has been considered “one of the most powerful tonics on Earth.

Furthermore, tradition has it that this substance is often called a “protector herb,” a “longevity tonic,” and even something that aids in “spiritual development.”

What is this amazing substance? It’s the Ganoderma mushroom, commonly called the Ling Zhi in China. In other parts of the world it is known as the Red Reishi. The mushroom grows naturally on wood, such as logs and tree stumps. In China, traditional healers and doctors of natural medicine have long considered Ganoderma to be among the most important – if not thee most important – healing substance in their medicinal war chest. Watch this video on Youtube.

Chinese herbalists note that Ganoderma can be taken every day without side effects. That’s what makes it an even more perfect enhancement for a daily jolt of caffeine in the form of a cup of coffee.

Only one coffee company offers a premium blend that contains the remarkable Gandoderma. That company is Organo (formerly known as Organo Gold). Organo also offers a variety of coffee blends enhanced with Ganoderma, as well as a selection of teas and other healthy beverages.

Organo Gold is a British Columbia based coffee seller that has loyal customers in more than 50 countries. The company was the first to introduce western markets to coffee fortified with the Ganoderma. Hot beverages laced with the mushroom have been used throughout Asia for centuries. But now American, Canadian and European coffee lovers can get their daily dose of the “King of Herbs” in their coffee routine. Visit to know more.

Organo Gold distributes its line of coffees through a network marketing model. It’s a terrific opportunity for self-starting entrepreneurs to establish their own profitable business. Selling Organo Gold products is a perfect part-time income supplement or a sideline activity that can provide an extra income stream.

Organo Gold has a solid reputation as a company that cares. It has established its own charitable operation called The OG Cares Foundation. This nonprofit organization provides aid and support to children who live under conditions of distress and limited resources.

Organo Gold is helmed by CEO Bernardo Chua, an award winning businessman recognized around the world.

It’s nice to know that drinking a cup of Organo Gold delivers health benefits — and that the people selling it help make the world a better place through charitable work.