Clayton Hutson Rock Concert Organizer

Clayton Hutson Rock Concert Organizer

Clayton Hutson began his career in theater design, but for several years now he has worked hard to hone a place for himself in the music industry by organizing, designing and managing rock concerts. Along the way, he has been fortunate enough to work with some heavyweights in the Rock World. Gigs with Guns N Roses, Kid Rock, and Pink and OneRepublic are some of the many musical talents his talent organizing company has been hired.

Clayton was working for someone doing audio engineering, but a change in the economy had a huge effect on his future employment, so he decided to take a big risk and depend upon the skills he had developed over several years; Clayton ended up starting his own company where he helped organize his client’s concerts. Clayton Hutson has been happy in his decision to launch out on his own as an event planner and organizer. His habit of working long hours has allowed him to attract new clients and for people to recommend him thru word of mouth. He has developed several strong work ethic which has allowed him to keep ahead of his competition. Clayton likes to double checking everything he does and make sure his crew knows exactly what needs to be done at every turn. Hutson’s Pre-planning extends right up to the last minute before each concert begins. Learn more:

Some of the challenges Clayton Hutson has faced is the steep shift in technology, especially lighting and video production. More and bigger artists want these extras as an extra gift to concertgoers and an organizer has to constantly keep up with the changes and advances in these technologies.

Clayton Hutson likes to start his day early. For example, when recently working with Kid Rock he was up before sunrise and became familiar with the layout of the stage, then made a checklist for his crew of pre-show, show and post-show tasks to be done. Clayton Hutson doesn’t like unplanned surprises, especially when working with a big name client.

At the end of the day, its what you put into your gig that gives you the most joy and feeling of accomplishment and feeling of ent; plus you know that everything has been taken care of as has been expected by your client. Clayton Hutson says a sincere, honest evaluation of yourself and your work is a must-have for the kind of work he does for his clients.