Travelling Vineyard Offers An Opportunity for Enterprising Partygoers

Travelling Vineyard Offers An Opportunity for Enterprising Partygoers

Many people seek for business opportunities that let them earn a decent living while doing the things they love, but do not know where to start. However, there is one company that is making waves online with individuals that have an entrepreneurial spirit. The Travelling vineyard is a company that offers anyone interested in starting their own business a chance to build a successful career by offering extensive training, flexible work hours and several layers of agent support. Moreover, every sales consultant gets to spend quality time with their old friends and make new friends while they sample an excellent selection of delicious wines.

The Business Model Used by Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling vineyard has made it easy for anyone to become a wine guide. You just need to purchase the company’s Success Kit that has everything necessary for success. The kit has marketing materials, order forms, and brochures, as well as classy decanters and wine glasses. Additionally, you get ten bottles of wine to kick start the first wine tastings as well as beautiful carrying bags for wine. The company’s guides find events and help hosts to prepare for their parties and present guests with free wine with the option to order any that they like.

The Benefits of Traveling Vineyard Membership

Many people today enjoy the freedom that being a Traveling Vineyard guide provides. By May 2017, the company boasted more than 5,000 guides in 40 US states. As a wine guide, you have the opportunity to earn 15-35 percent commission based on monthly sales. Not only are the company’s wines affordable, but you also earn money when you recruit friends and family as wine guides. Also, every wine guide gets set up with a personal website, which is not only a place for party guests to order wine, but is also a source for accounting software and training videos.

Traveling vineyard does not place any sales quotas on its wine guides; in fact, the company provides you with discounts on quality products to help boost your sales. As an added benefit, you win all-expense-paid trips to exotic locations when you achieve sales goals. When you become a wine guide, you work when you want and set up your schedule, giving you more time to concentrate on the things that matter to you, such as your family and hobbies. If you love to entertain, you will also love being a guide for Traveling Vineyard since you earn money doing something you love.

Today, any successful marketing business needs to have an active presence on social media. Travelling Vineyard is no different. The company is active on multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The company uses these platforms to inform its wine guards of the newest products and offer interesting insights into business and the newest developments in the wine world. They also have exciting and inspirational case studies from the most successful guides.

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