Protecting your credit with Consolidation Plus

Protecting your credit with Consolidation Plus

With the most recent Equifax breach, the safety of your credit has never been a greater concern. Because of the breach, it’s impossible to know exactly the extent of the risk. We can’t be entirely sure who has your information or what they may do to your credit.

The good news is that it’s very easy to get help from professionals and safeguard your credit. Consolidation Plus has tailored their offerings in response to the breach. Not only has Consolidation Plus continued to provide the same services they provided before, they’ve expanded service to better monitor credit and ensure that all the accounts that have been opened are valid.

For Consolidation Plus, the easiest way to help people pay back their debt is to make sure that they only pay back what they need to. With Consolidation Plus, the existing debt accounts are moved to one place, consolidated almost entirely at a lower rate. Even if you do not have any improperly assessed accounts, customers can expect to have multiple debts reduced into one with a loan that has an interest rate that is reduced dramatically.

Above all, the initial consultation and application are completely free. You may not know if you have fraudulent accounts or other problems, the professionals at Consolidation Plus will help you pay back existing debt on the accounts that are correct.

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