Sightsavers – Changing Lives Globally

Sightsavers – Changing Lives Globally

Sightsavers have studying how to include diversity into the health care system in marginalized patients and their communities. The first pilot project focused on health care in the city of Bhopal, India. Here Sightseers noticed a discouraging difference in healthcare for those with disabilities and gender biases. Sightsavers hopes that their presence and work in India will have a productive outcome.

Sightsavers wants to aid in improving the inclusion of women, classes, and those with disabilities when it comes to receiving quality healthcare. The pilot project will showcase necessary changes needed for a thriving healthcare system. In addition, Sightsavers hopes that the pilot will generate more clinical locations and acceptance once the pilot is completed.

It will take a huge effort and funding to get this pilot through completion. By using this eye healthcare pilot, Sightsavers hopes to change the infrastructure of the current hospitals and clinics in Bhopal. In doing so, hopefully there will be an increase in services availability of the disabled and those in marginalized communities.

Sightsavers are using this opportunity to train sensitivity and change the attitudes of caregivers and facilities towards gender equity and disability inclusion. By tapping into the senior management of the healthcare facilities in India, Sightsavers hopes that improvements will trickle down to area partner hospitals. Sightsavers are implementing those that have disabilities into positions of leadership.

Sightsavers eye healthcare pilot has opened opportunities of creating and demonstrating sensitivity training and auditing of how patients with these qualities are treated. Hopefully this will change the minds of all healthcare professionals. By having an increase of caregivers that look like and understand patients with disabilities or specific genders, will reflect a better outcome for the patient and the healthcare system.