George Soros Seeks to Attract Latin Voters to Democrats

George Soros Seeks to Attract Latin Voters to Democrats


George Soros, the billionaire liberal financial supporter is spearheading a new movement to attract the Latino and other immigrants to the Democrats this November to support whomever their candidate turns out being. According to an article in the New York Times, Soros has put his money where his support is by chipping in $15 million to the cause. That is a significant move for all Latino voters, especially when they hear hateful rhetoric coming from the Republican leader for the nomination, Donald Trump. He has been quoted as advocating the building of a wall to keep future Latin American immigrants from coming to the United States. This negative emotion plays right into the hands of Democrats and helped Soros create this mission.

When it comes to Latino and immigrant voters, this would be the most significant Democratic voter campaign ever. Most of the funding will be spent in states with a high Latino and Asian population to take proper advantage of the fear generated by the callous Republican animosity shown to these groups. That means Florida, Nevada and Colorado are all states that will see significant traffic from this organization. The battle for these votes will be fought in these locations.

In order to best coordinate this voter outreach, Soros and other Liberal Democrats have formed a new super PAC known as the Immigrant Voter Win PAC. The goal of this group is not only to get committed Democratic voters mobilized in the Latino communities but to find and persuade those who are on the fence and bring them into the fold. This is far more aggressive than any past effort by this group. The ultimate goal for participation from this effort is 400,000 new voters who are going to support the Democratic candidate at the polls in early November.

This is also significant because it seems to many experts that there is an enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans seem to turn out in huge numbers to hear the latest uttering from Trump, Marc Rubio or Ted Cruz. The Democrats seem a bit lackluster in their turnout everywhere. Many voters have sat out the primary process and seem to be waiting for November. Republican strategists are hoping to attract Hispanic voters with significant funding from the Koch brothers but with candidates continually offending this group that might be a difficult challenge.

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It is important that George Soros is seen as the major investor in the movement to capture the Latino and immigrant vote for two reasons. First with Soros on board, it lends instant credibility to the idea and other wealthy Democratic supporters are going to jump on board and throw their money into the PAC as well. This makes fundraising a whole lot easier and will give Democrats the ability to defeat the deep pockets of the Republicans. Secondly this is significant because it shows a willingness of Soros to become involved in presidential politics for the first time since he tried to defeat George W. Bush in the 2004 election and failed.