Getting close and personal with Memorial Health CEO, Maggie Gill

Getting close and personal with Memorial Health CEO, Maggie Gill

Maggie Gill is the president and CEO at memorial health. When she started out with the company in 2005, she was a Vice President of the managed care section. A year later, she had risen to the post of chief operations officer. She was very efficient in her work and this led to her appointment to the current leadership position after six years with the company. Currently, she is the one in charge of all the vice presidents, the physicians and their leaders and everyone else who holds a junior position at Memorial health.

Before she started working with the group, there are several other places where she worked. These include her position as the chief financial officer with the Tenet South Florida Health Care systems. She has also worked at the North Shore Medical Center, and also the Coral Gables Hospital in Florida.


Rise to the top

Maggie is a graduate of the University of Miami where she studied finance. She then proceeded to the St. Leo University where she got her MBS and attended the cases at the Wharton School of strategic thinking and management. One of the things that she believes in about succeeding in business is that to make it as an employee or leader at the work place, it is important to create a balance between the life in the home and the work place. He states that when one of these sectors suffer, all the others do.

When asked about the work ethic and the business leadership skills that have contributed to her success, she stated that people make the mistake of treating the workplace as grounds for endless competition. In her opinion, if one is to succeed, either at an individual level or a business entity, it is very important to learn the value of cooperation. These are the values she has always emphasized at her work place and as a result, the organization has become one of the most successful and received many awards under her leadership. She hopes that with time, she will manage to do even more to transform this organization and even take it to the next level of success.

When she is not busy at work, the things that she like spending time with her family and taking part in a variety of charities. She believes that to get the best out of the work situation, giving back to the community is very important.