Expert Tips On How To Prepare For Your Life Line Screening

Expert Tips On How To Prepare For Your Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a popular screening service that provides in depth analysis that goes beyond the typical screening provided by many primary care physicians. The results of the screening are made to be shared with your doctor so that you are able to work as a team to address findings and put together the most comprehensive treatment plan. These screenings are typically utilized by people over the age of forty and often uncover findings earlier to help prevent major issues down the road.

How to Prepare for your Life Line Screening Appointment
It is important to remember that Life Line Screening appointments are completely non-invasive and absolutely painless. You will feel no discomfort during the process and even during the process of a blood screening Life Line Screening draws blood with a simple finger prick only.

Many people put off going to the doctor because they think it may be a painful or invasive process. Life Line Screening works hard to make sure clients are comfortable during the entire process. The majority of screenings only require that you wear loose clothing, preferable a two piece outfit. Depending on the type of screening you may be required to briefly fast. Fasting is typically only for a few hours.

Preparation for Individual Screenings
Depending on the type of screening you have scheduled, there may be different preparation instructions for that individual screening. Below are preparation instructions broken down by individual screening types.

* Carotid Artery Disease or a Stroke: Simply wear a short sleeved short that is loose.
* Stroke or Atrial Fibrillation: Wear a two piece outfit, don’t wear a watch, do not wear any lotion, and do not wear anything restricting such as pantyhose.
* Complete Lip Panel: Because this is a test for high cholesterol, fast for 12 hours before your Life Line Screening for best results.
* Type 2 Diabetes or a Glucose Test: Fast for 12 hours before your screening.
* Elevated Liver Enzyme Test: There is no preparation required.
* Life Line’s Six for Life Package: Fast for 12 Hours and wear a loose short-sleeve shirt.

Because Life Line Screening always puts its clients comfort first, you will see that these preparation requirements are all quite simple and straightforward. If you have additional questions about preparation you can visit the Life Line Screening website or call your contact prior to the screening. Congratulations on taking a huge step in ensuring your longterm health!