How Does Wen By Chaz Keep Hair Healthy?

How Does Wen By Chaz Keep Hair Healthy?

Keeping hair healthy is a struggle for many women as they simply cannot get their hair under control. This crunchbase published article explains how Wen by Chaz helps women who have problematic hair, and there is a peek at what a woman does to use Wen by Chaz. A lady who has struggled with her hair for years has a solution in Wen by Chaz, and she must ensure she uses it daily.

#1: Using The Shampoo Daily

Wen by Chaz is built for daily use, and it has an active conditioner that ensures every woman has her hair treated properly. Healthy hair is the result of consistent conditioner use, and Wen by Chaz has the conditioner required. A few weeks of use will ensure a woman’s hair is recovering, and she will find it much easier to manage.

#2: Styling Hair Properly

Women who enjoy styling their hair must look to Wen by Chaz for help with hair that will not fail under the weight of a flat iron or blow dryer. Wen by Chaz strengthens hair with minerals and nutrients that help each strand of hair survive, and the shampoo keeps hair healthy even after it has been colored, straightened or blown dry.

#3: The Shine Returns

The shine a woman’s hair will return after several uses, and Wen by Chaz helps women see their hair fall in the right place at the right time. It is quite important that every woman who has seen her hair lose its luster tries Wen by Chaz.

The shampoo is marketed to every woman who has seen her hair shed quite a lot, and her hair will become thicker with repeated use. There is quite a lot that may be done with a woman’s hair, and it all begins with a bottle of Wen by Chaz. For more hair care tips and product information, visit the Wen website. Updates? Follow Wen on Twitter!


Traditional Shampoos VS Cleansing Conditioners

Traditional Shampoos VS Cleansing Conditioners

Wen hair by Chaz Dean is a revolutionary hair care brand that blends the world of natural products with top of the line research. WEN is so confident in their products that there is a 60 money back guarantee. So you don’t have to worry about feeling like you wasted your money if you don’t like the product. None of the products in this line are tested on animals and they are certified cruelty free. They are also all produced in the United States.

One of the revolutionary products that put Wen hair on the map was its cleansing conditioners. They come in many different formulas and are great for any hair type or texture. They are a great alternative to traditional shampoos. They act as an all in one type product. It saves you time and money by acting as a cleanser, conditioner, treatment, and styling product all in one.

Traditional shampoos are typically made of harsh soaps, sulfates, and other chemicals that can dry out and harm your hair. Traditional shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils leaving vulnerable to breakage. This processes can also leave your hair looking frizzy and dull. So not only does traditional shampoo make your hair look bad but it actually causes damage to your hair. The cleansing conditioners by Chaz Dean are a great alternative to these traditional shampoo products.


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What does a Professional Hairstylist Say about Wen by Chaz?

What does a Professional Hairstylist Say about Wen by Chaz?

Recently in a magazine article in Bustle; a professional hair stylist with hair challenges of her own decided to try and review Wen by Chaz Dean (see, Wen is a hair care system that is also a conditioner. You don’t lather it. It penetrates roots and scalp in a pinch and comes in several delicious foodie and herbal fragrances. Our stylist chose the fig variety hoping it would assist the volume issue she has. Emily uses a lot of styling product and her hair has an oily tendency. She also sees a lot of breakage of her fine hair which is to say the least irritating.
Her Review Recap

She began with the intent of using the sephora fig variety of the Wen hair care system for a week. She read the instructions so as to follow them to a T. She did say that initially she disagreed with the amount of product that they instructed her to use. It was around 13 pumps of product in her hand. She states that her hair length is only to the shoulder but she believed it was possibly because the product doesn’t lather.

The first thing she noticed was that the amount of hair she typically sees at break off and fall into the shower was markedly less. She also noticed it feeling sleek and clean while going into the next shampoo. She noticed the first few days, her hair was a bit oilier than she was used to but didn’t think it was a big deal. After that initial time period, by the end of the week, she was more pleased with the way her hair felt and the way it still held the curl whereas initially they fell flat. It cut through all the styling product available on Ebay and made the grade!