Weddings Now More With Less Searching Thanks To Technology

Weddings Now More With Less Searching Thanks To Technology

Wedding planning has been aided by technology in many different areas of the preparation process. Unfortunately, some areas are actually encumbered somewhat by separation of systems by different retailers. This is especially true for wedding registries, offered by most upscale retailers. Since they are all separate systems that do not communicate with each other, problems can develop. At the least, it is almost a guarantee that registering at multiple stores means two or more duplicated gifts on the wedding day; perhaps two identical food processors, for instance.

This has the hallmarks of the same type of problem across multiple businesses and industries. Thus, the Internet of Things was invented and a wider bandwidth of shopping system communications has been invented. Surprisingly, it is not a direct connection mechanism to help merchant systems communicate better. It is Slyce corporation’s visual search, an alternative method of entering a web Search request by uploading a digital photograph. The photograph can be of anything, and it can be obtained from anywhere; from online pictures, and any smartphone taken images – of objects in life, pictures of sales flyers, or even from television screens. As Slyce describes it, their search method: “activates visual product recognition on existing product images or by simply snapping a photo.”

For over 15 years now, Slyce has been setting the retail world, both standard retail and online e-commerce stores, on fire with enhanced direct mobile sales and online browser revenues. They are based out of Toronto. The ability to search by visual input is a boon for clothing and specialty stores that all have many items quite difficult for the average person to verbally describe. Thus, search for these types of items by traditional text has always had at best, mixed results.

Much of the technology Slyce uses was their in-house original engineering and development. However, they have accelerated their game to rise quickly to the top in their field by acquiring a number of small technology companies, such as Pounce. Each one brings another critical piece of the puzzle to the table. Work is underway to integrate all these pieces, and in the future, allow input of any kind of data.

Slyce had already implemented this visual search technology at Neiman Marcus and also added the same functionality to the NM mobile retail application. Many other retailers are now calling on Slyce to do the same for them. So, there is a universal solution already started for solving the unknowing duplicates of items selected from wedding registries.