The Real Real Brings a Lot of Style to Secondhand Fashion

The Real Real Brings a Lot of Style to Secondhand Fashion

When people think about secondhand fashion, one of the images that come to mind is that trip to Goodwill. This is now thought about as a rather honorable and praiseworthy thing to do. People are starting to change their focus to secondhand stores in order to get their clothes. There are a lot of reasons behind this sudden change. One of the reasons that people are starting to get their clothes from secondhand stores is because they want to go to a store that has greater ethics than the stores that sell new clothing. However, there is more to second hand shopping than just Goodwill.

One of the disadvantages that people see with some secondhand thrift stores is that they do not always have some of the most stylish options. People still have to go to designer stores in order to get some unique styles. Fortunately, the image of the secondhand store is changing even more with The RealReal. One of the reasons that The RealReal is bringing more popularity to the thrift store is that a lot of thought goes into the products they are taking in. For instance, the store operators are making sure that the items they get are authentic.

With The RealReal, people are not only going to save money with the items they are buying but are also getting some unique styles that are going to make them feel really special. One of the best things about shopping at The RealReal is that people are going to feel as if they are doing something good for their community as opposed to just buying from stores that are not doing that much to make things better for people. After all, clothes do have an effect on the mood. If people are wearing brands that do not have the best reputation, then they are going to feel ashamed.

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Reverse Showrooming Efficacy at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Reverse Showrooming Efficacy at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Kate Hudson is an American actress born in 1979. Her prominence dates back to 2000 when she played Penny Lane and won a Golden Globe in Almost Famous. She was later nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the Academy Awards. Besides, Hudson played other films including Raising Helen, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Me and Dupree, Bride Wars, Wish I Was Here, and Deepwater Horizon among others.

Amazon controls up to 20% of the e-market in fashion stores. Kate Hudson has committed herself to grow her activewear business worth $250 million in three years. Fabletics sells clothing to its customers through a subscription mechanic. The company also offers aspirational brands that captivate customers about their simplicity and fashion. Most important, Fabletics provides its customers with impressive shopping experience and convenience.

With economical dynamics, high-value brands are no longer competitive for their price and quality. Other factors such as brand recognition, gamification, exclusive design, last mile service, and customer experience have become the standard of a modern customer. As a result, Fabletics has now resolved to improve its market presence and brand recognition by opening up more physical stores.

Fabletics now runs on its 16 stores in Illinois, Hawaii, California, and Florida. Opening more stores will enable the brand to build a sustainable portfolio in its activewear products.

Gregg Throgmartin serves as the general manager at Fabletics. He is competent and optimistic that Fabletics will take over the market with modern high-value brands through the membership model. The model is beneficial in offering personalized services to clients at reasonable prices. Gregg further notes that it is easier to serve clients by maintaining a long-lasting relationship with them.

Fabletics now advocates for reverse showrooming. The company’s top competitor still use the concept of showrooming which allows clients to browse products offline and get them elsewhere at a lower price. The company’s unique approach eventually enabled them to carry out reverse showrooming in their operations. This criterion has turned browsing into a positive aspect of the company’s operations. Reverse showrooming has enabled Fabletics to build customer trust and reliability. The company often take part in events, and this has enabled them to gain even more members who are now potential customers.

Kate Hudson is a co-founder at an athleisure brand at Fabletics which was first established in 2013. The success of the brand came from its impressive high-quality casual clothing. Kate is resilient about the success of her brand and continues to come up with innovative strategies to tap into the growing activewear sector.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Putting the Pressure on Amazon

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Putting the Pressure on Amazon

There are not too many companies out there that would even consider the thought of taking on Amazon, especially a company that is only a few years old. That is exactly what Kate Hudson and her company Fabletics are doing, and in three short years the company has crushed the fashion market online, despite Amazon commanding over 20% of that space. In just a few short years, Fabletics has made over $250 million and they are showing no signs of slowing down.


When Kate Hudson was asked how she was able to succeed in fashion industry where others have crashed and burned, she credits her success to the reverse-showrooming technique her company employs. This business model makes it easier for women to buy active-wear, whether in her stores or online, it really doesn’t matter to Hudson. She says it is all about convenience, high-quality active-wear, and low pricing. Women can walk into the retail stores, open an account, then try on anything they want without the pressure to buy anything.


Here is where the success of her company lies. Hudson says that when women get home at night and can relax, they return to the Fabletics website and can see everything they tried on in the store. Now they can buy with a clear head, or continue shopping now that they know what sizes and styles fit them best. Unlike Amazon, women get to see the merchandise, touch it, put it on, and then make a more informed buying decision. Her frustrations with buying clothing online, only to return it because it did not fit correctly was part of her thinking in the reverse-showing process.


So how can this simple technique turn a company from nothing to a quarter billion dollar company in a few years? You have the backing of a famous celebrity who everyone knows combined with the subscription mechanics that makes it a breeze for women to shop online and get high-quality active-wear without any of the hassle.


Here is how it works, open an account either online or in the retail outlet. Fill out the Lifestyle Quiz, then each month you will see a new item chosen to match you perfectly in the cart. You can buy it, cancel it, or keep shopping, nothing ever ships to you without your permission. Ease of shopping, low pricing, and top quality active-wear, the key to the success of Fabletics.

Kim Dao Blogs Her Tokyo Q&A Session With Odigo Travel

Kim Dao Blogs Her Tokyo Q&A Session With Odigo Travel

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao does a lot of traveling. If you want to get a good sense of just how busy Kim Dao’s life really is, then you should watch a video entitled “PACKING! Last day in TOKYO | Meet & Greet | Vlogmas #16 | KimDao ft. Sunnydahye.” In this video, you’ll experience a full day in Tokyo with both Kim Dao and her Korean friend Sunnydahye.


Kim Dao starts her blog session explaining how she is going to meet with Sunnydahye for lunch and then go to a Q&A event hosted by Odigo Travel. She also says that she is traveling to South Korea tomorrow and needs to get packing. A few other YouTubers Kim says will be featured in this blog include Chris Broad (aka “Abroad in Japan”) and Rachel & Jun.


A few moments later, Kim Dao is at a restaurant with Sunnydahye. Kim orders a hamburger with corn, peapods, and hash browns. She offers Sunnydahye some of her corn, but Sunny says she actually doesn’t like corn.


The blog then jumps to Kim Dao packing her things for her trip to Korea. She frantically searches for her Korea bag with only 30 minutes to spare before heading out to dinner.


Finally, Kim Dao arrives at a restaurant with all her YouTuber friends. She decides to order a grilled beef plate Brazilian style. Since Kim doesn’t care for veggies, she ends up giving them all to Jun.


The video closes with Kim Dao and her fellow YouTubers at the Odigo Travel event. After the event, Kim Dao and Sunnydahye rush to catch a train to Narita International Airport and get some shuteye in the capsule hotel.


How Fabletics Is Using a Unique Business Model to Beat Amazon

How Fabletics Is Using a Unique Business Model to Beat Amazon

Ever since Amazon has come on the scene, many businesses that were previously existing have gone down the drain, and many people who tried to build new businesses just couldn’t keep up and met with no or little success and eventually had to give up. Fabletics, however, is an entirely different story. Not only have they succeeded in Amazon’s face, but they went from nothing to a $250 million business in just three years. This is an outstanding feat, considering that Amazon controls 20 percent of the entire fashion industry.


Fabletics, owned by Kate Hudson, is a subscription based fashion wear service, and is growing in its extreme popularity. These days, it’s not enough to just have good products. You’ll be beaten by Amazon and the other big giants. The way to prove yourself and make yourself stand out is by providing great customer service, exclusive design, and last mile service, which Fabletics does fantastically. They’re going to be opening even more stores this year. But it’s a lot more than that. Let’s take a look at some of the great stuff Fabletics does that is absolutely unique.


First of all, their membership subscription business model allows them to offer wear at a price that is half of what people would get elsewhere. There’s more than that, though. You see, a thing that has been killing thousands of physical businesses is that people will go to stores, look for things that they like, and then just order it online from elsewhere at a cheaper price. But at Fabletics, people who come into the stores are usually already members of the subscription service. And when they try something on, it gets added to their online cart as well, so no one loses out.


Not only that, but Fabletics is able to improve their physical stores based on the data they get from their members online. If members in one location show an interest in specific products, it is those products that will go on the shelves in the stores in that physical location. In fact, Fabletics does such as good job at understanding their customers and providing the right things to them that not only are they able to compete with Amazon, but they have a consistent growth rate of 35 percent each year.


One blogger wrote an unsponsored review of Fabletics. She said that she was very impressed with the quality and how well the clothing fit on her, especially for the really great price she got them for. She also said that she was amazed at the various styles available and how good they looked. In the end, she recommended Fabletics. She said that she loved the low prices she was able to get clothing for, and was really happy about the fact that she could skip months and not pay anything, which is a win-win for everybody.


Of course, if you care about your clothes, you should definitely take the Lifestyle Quiz. This way, you’ll be able to find out exactly which Fabletics outfits are best for you.

Fabletics and Kate Hudson Fighting Cancer with the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer cause this October

Fabletics and Kate Hudson Fighting Cancer with the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer cause this October

Kate Hudson is using her star power and her signature line of clothing, Fabletics, to help put a stop to cancer. She is taking on the role of Ambassador representing The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc. cause, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC). Ms. Hudson has helped develop a specific outfit for the cause and will be donating the sales directly to FTBC’s fundraising efforts, along with a store event that Kate hosted and shopper’s purchases going directly to the cause as well. Kate Hudson is not the only famous face to be representing the 22 years of FTBC’s activism, Model Kate Moss, Tennis star Maria Sharapova, actress Minnie Driver and many others have been a part of FTBC awareness campaign. Kate feels very strongly about being a part of raising awareness and funds to research ways to end Breast Cancer. She has stated that most everyone knows of someone who’s life has been affected by the disease and she wants to do her part in battling the illness. The shades of pink that were selected specifically by Hudson for the signature FTBC outfit of two tank tops, a bralette, and a pair of Capri leggings is strong and stands out warrior style.

Fabletics was co-founded on October 2013 by actress Kate Hudson and the two CEOs of JustFab Inc., Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The company targets women who are passionate about being healthy and staying shape all while looking good and feeling comfortable. The famous line of activewear includes; leggings, bralettes, casual tops, tank tops, pants, capris, shorts, underwear, socks and stylish workout gear. The clothing items from Fabletics can be used comfortably to practice Yoga, jogging and running, workout at the gym, and many more activities geared towards staying fit. Shoppers who join the VIP membership enjoy healthy discounts on outfits and gear. Kate Hudson is a natural choice when it comes to representing health and happiness, with her glowing personality and successful career. Fabletics mantra “Live Your Passion” has helped sales soar to over a million shipped orders by February of 2105 and opened their marketplace up to Australia, Spain, and the Netherlands by the summer of 2105. Physical store locations began availability to shop Fabletics line of clothing in the fall of 2015.

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Wengie Breakup Advice Vlog Recap

Wengie Breakup Advice Vlog Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie gives viewers advice about dealing with a breakup. She says that studies show that the amount of time it takes to get over someone is half the time of your relationship, she notes that getting over someone is the hardest part of the breakup, especially if you felt ready to marry the person. She says that even when you feel “over” the person, if you were in love you may always have a soft spot for them in your heart. She says the easiest way to reduce these feelings is to eliminate the person from your life. Do not see them or look at their social media because it could negate all the hard work you did to get over them, even after a long time.

Wengie offers her support to her fans watching the video if they are currently going through a breakup. She says that breakups happen for a reason and that you should take your single time to learn to love yourself again so that your next, better partner can love you too. She also notes that often we get attached to our partner and become part of a duo, so we have to learn to be our own person while we are single. Wengie suggests keeping up with your own interests, hobbies, and friends so that you still have something to do if you break up with your partner; if you give those things up for them, you will feel extra betrayed after the breakup.

Finally, she encourages her fans to share their stories with her. She also tells them not to worry if they haven’t yet found “the one.” She also says that she believes that if a relationship is meant to be, it will work out.


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