Event Planning Assistance 101

Event Planning Assistance 101

Hosting An Event
Have you been assigned the job of hosting an event? Are people relying on you to host the event of the year? It can be rather stressful to host an event, especially for a large amount of people. There is so much to consider and you’ll need lots of time and patience to execute the perfect party. Instead of getting stressed out, you could always consider hiring an event professional to help you plan the details of your party. Before you decide on the event professional best for you, you’ll want to take some steps in helping aid you to find a reputable company for the job.

Event Assistance
Start making a list of factors to include when speaking with a company. What is the purpose for this party? Is there a theme? What is your budget? Letting a company know your budget will help them to know what they can include within that price range. Make sure to do extensive research- testimonials, reviews and word-of-mouth can be so helpful. Interview a few companies that seem trusted and well known. By talking with them, you can get a sense of what they’re about and willing to do for you. After you’ve chosen the candidate that best fits your event, sit down and talk with them about all details. A good event planner will keep close contact throughout the process to make sure they are doing everything you asked for.

Meet Twenty Three Layers
If you are looking for an event planning company in New York, you’re in luck. Twenty Three Layers is a highly reputable company that is full service. They will handle everything from flowers to entertainment, food to themes. They have beautiful samples of their work all over the web. It’s easy to see that out of all the event planners in NYC, this one is the most sought after. They go above and beyond to help you plan the perfectly themed event, and you will absolutely love the dedication this company possesses. You can find them in New York, where they plan all events, from small to large.

Party With 23 Layers

Party With 23 Layers

There are a lot of party planning companies that can help you with your needs. You may not know what they need and how it will work. The good news is, it’s not as hard as you may think.

Information they Need

The party planners may need some information in order to make your party awesome. This may include a theme for the party. A theme is what the party is about. If you are doing a birthday party, then you will want to plan your theme so your party has something uniform the planner can work with.

Another thing they may need is the colors you want for your party. If your theme doesn’t have colors with it on it’s own, such as a fourth of July party or something of that nature, they may need colors to make it fun and easier to have. You can take your colors and just have two in order to make things a little easier for you and the planner.

Why Hire Twenty Three Layers

There are a ton of reasons why you might want to hire this company to handle the planning of your party. The biggest is simply you don’t want to do it on your own. If you are having a large party for a wedding or other event, you may not have the time to figure it out on your own. This is where someone who is experienced in planning a party can make things easier for you. They know what to do and are able to take that stress from you. That can make a huge difference in the party you have.

There are a lot of companies that claim to know what they are doing in the area of planning, but Twenty Three Layers has always made their parties fun and easy on the people that hire them. They can give you a party that will be the best it can be.

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Event Planners and Their Own Touch

Event Planners and Their Own Touch

New York is a place of art. It is the center of American culture and the manifestation of the creativity of the people. When people want to get involved in the artsy scene, they will move to New York. This means that some of the most creative people in the world are in New York. But art does not extend only to paintings. Art emerges in a number of different ways. Jessica Boskoff is an artist who expresses her creativity through her event design company known as Twenty Three Layers. In this interview, Ms. Boskoff talked a bit about her company, her philosophy and what she hopes to achieve.

Color Lovers
Design really is a unique talent that few possess. Twenty Three Layers knows how to wield colors properly. If you went into an event and found that the two main colors were black and gray, you would probably not find it very interesting. It is dull and you might duck out a little early. The atmosphere is all wrong. That is why Twenty Three Layers puts such a heavy emphasis on properly using color techniques. The colors, contrasts and textures will determine the mood of the event and ultimately will lead to a more enjoyable evening.

Their Own Touch
Twenty Three Layers contributes something to the industry that most other designers do not. Many designers can get caught up doing the same thing, just laboring to meet the normal standard. But if a design team does that, it can be difficult to even distinguish them from comparable businesses. That is why so many people love Twenty Three Layers. They are unique and they use their creativity and personal inspiration to highlight the best features of an event.

Many people who have planned weddings or other events have turned to Twenty Three Layers. One does not need to settle for standard, textbook designs. Bland decor is not going to make this event a day to remember. If this is going to be a day that you will remember for the rest of your life, you should get the most out of it.