Neurocore: Explaining Facts About Depression That Most People Do Not Know

Neurocore: Explaining Facts About Depression That Most People Do Not Know

Depression is arguably one of the most misunderstood medical conditions today. There are many people who suffer from the condition, but they do not know it. Some also have relatives or friends suffering from depression, but they do not realize it. Depression is a mental illness that can be treated. However, for most patients, it is associated with stigma.

According to statistics offered by the World Health Organization, depression affects at least 16 million adults in the United States every single year. Furthermore, the condition is known to affect young people too. Many teenage suicide cases in the US are caused by depression, or some form of mental condition. Statistics have also revealed that only about one-third of the people suffering from depression actually seek medical help. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

What most people do not understand is that depression can affect anyone. It may be associated with external factors, such as grief or physical illness, but depression is also known to be caused by one’s genetics. If you have a history of depression in your family, chances are that you might also be prone to the condition.

Another fact which most people do not know about the condition is that it can present itself in various forms. One person may suffer from major depressive disorder while another will have post-partum, depression. The good news is that no matter what kind of depression you have, it can be treated.



For people suffering from depression, and other mental illnesses, constant medical care is important. Neurocore operates brain centers which not only help patients get the right diagnosis, but they also offer therapy sessions. At the Neurocore centers, the process of diagnosing your mental condition is personalized so as to give you a customized treatment plan. They make use of technology and expertise in neuroscience for quality brain diagnostics.

Once the diagnosis is done, the experts will help you tackle your depression accordingly. Through therapy and medication, patients are able to regain their brain function. Getting back to your daily chores, and life in general, will become easier. Read more about Neurocore at