Karl Heideck, Survival Of The Fittest

Karl Heideck, Survival Of The Fittest

Karl Heideck, Survival Of The FittestThe experience of trying to do business in the United States in the past decade was peppered with increasing controls and regulations. This happened in every corner of business, across the board, which only provided a seeming never-ending workflow for those that specialize in compliance. In fact, the past decade may have well created major successes in the careers of those that are involved in risk management.

Karl Heideck, a litigation, compliance and risk management attorney, who currently works in Philadelphia, is regarded as one of the best in this thriving city. It is entirely feasible that he is inundated with work requests, being geographically situated not far from New York, and rather close to Washington, D.C., and because of his stellar reputation. Mr. Heideck became an attorney at a time when helping companies with their risk management efforts, and managing their exposure, was experiencing great increases as sponsored by the mortgage crisis, which occurred from 2007 to 2010. This fiscal malaise, which swallowed up investment banks, brought with it the implementation of the compliance-laden Dodd-Frank Act, post-mortgage apocalyptic melt-down.

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Karl Heideck has been practicing law since 2010Companies coast-to-coast had to scramble to get together a risk management plan for dealing with the onerous regulations that came from the implementation of that widespread act, designed to engender trust in our markets again. Karl Heideck has been practicing law since 2010, so essentially he could likely add experiential PhD to his J.D. as part of his professional credentials, because he started his career in a bath-by-fire legal climate.

The education Mr. Heideck received at Temple University Beasley School of Law could not have totally prepared him for what he was walking into in 2010. You have to be rather bright, and have great mental processing capabilities to take an excellent degree, and really make something of yourself, as you graduate into some of the most tumultuous regulatory atmospheres in the history of our country. Karl Heideck had experience, in his initial years as an attorney, that will likely never pale in comparison to anything he will ever face again, and that which also helped him make a name for himself.

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