Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Journey to the Top of Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Journey to the Top of Bradesco

The pressure that comes with running a bank is immense. It is especially difficult where the bank in question has tens of thousands of employees and is cross listed on four stock exchanges. The stakeholders that a CEO has to cater to at such a bank are numerous, ranging from government and shareholders to members of the public and employees. That, however, has not intimidated Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. The president took the helm at Brazil’s second largest private bank, Banco Bradesco, about seven years ago and has barely set a foot wrong since. In the time since becoming president, Bradesco has continued to grow under the strong growth trajectory initiated by his predecessor, Marcio Cypriano and looks set to remain in the big leagues for years to come.

Humble Beginnings

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s journey to the top of the Brazilian banking industry has humble beginnings in the city of Marilia, Brazil where he was born in 1951. Interesting to note, he shares a home with the Bradesco brand as the first bank office was opened up by the founder, Amador Aguiar in Marilia on March 10, 1943. In 1969, aged only 18, he was fortunate enough to be employed as a clerk at the local Bradesco branch despite not having any professional experience or academic qualifications related to banking. He impressed at this entry position and was less than 24 months later promoted to serve in the bank’s head office located in Sao Paulo. Over the course of the next four decades, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served the bank diligently, earning quick promotions to all hierarchical levels in the bank. The most significant of these promotions include being named a department marketing director in 1984, a managing officer in 1998 and an executive vice president in 1999.


Showing His Leadership Capabilities

While Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had impressed many Bradesco by the time he was named Bradesco Seguros president, it was his performance in that bigger role that made him known in the entire industry. Rather than implement a set of sweeping changes, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi simply looked at the small tweaks that could be made to improve the insurer’s already strong position in the industry. With the insurance industry in Brazil being far from saturated, he thought it best to develop more innovative insurance products for clients and sell them more aggressively. To achieve the objective, he saw it was to expand the insurer’s broker network – a strategy that paid off immensely. By the time he was leaving Bradesco Seguros, the company had grown to dominate about a quarter of the insurance industry in the country.

Additionally, the insurer’s overall significance to Bradesco brand also significantly increased as its contribution to group’s profits increased by an estimated 9 percent.

With his work at Bradesco Seguros doing the speaking for itself, the bank’s board saw no one better placed to become Bradesco president following the retirement of Cypriano in 2009. Just as he did with Bradesco Seguros, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has only made a few tweaks the bank’s business model in a bid to grow it further. Among his earliest undertakings was to develop an organic growth strategy that would see the bank pull in many of Brazil’s unbanked into the banking system. Additionally, he has also introduced a highly acclaimed leadership university at the bank to educate various level executives on how they can lead better.

Young bankers in Brazil looking for someone to look up to cannot do much better than Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

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David Osio unveils the Davos Cap Calculator

David Osio unveils the Davos Cap Calculator

David Osio is an amazing business leader. He has helped Davos Financial Group reach amazing heights throughout his tenure, and recently Osio was amazed at the initiative that his real estate group was showing. David has split his organization into many different groups, and to ensure that everyone has room to grow and develop each department has some level of autonomy. David was not sure what would happen when he granted this autonomy, but the Davos Real Estate Group was ready to meet the challenge. Learn more:

The Davos Real Estate Group is a major player in the North American real estate market. They invest in properties throughout North America, and they also advise their clients on potential investments. The real estate group has become a major player, but they recognize that technological improvements are necessary to stay on top of their game.

Recently, the Davos Real Estate Group unveiled their new app. The Davos Cap Calculator is a new and exciting tool that will permanently change the way Davos customers think about real estate investments. The app will be available on both Android and iOS devices. The Davos Real Estate Group considers the app a major step forward for Davos Real Estate Group and their investors. They want to fully advise their clients on a huge variety of real estate investment opportunities. The sales process, mortgage, rent, and new developments play a huge role in their company. The Davos Cap Calculator is a very simple application that will help investors. It easily calculates net income, cash flow, and capitalization rate on any potential real estate investment. If customers regularly use the new app, then they can ensure that they are always making the best possible decisions.

David Osio is extremely excited about this new application. He believes the Cap calculator will allow his investors to make the best possible decisions in future years. His organization is planning to unveil a series of complementary apps over the next few years.

David Osio is a major power player in the world of business. His Davos Financial Group has taken the Latin American business world by storm, and now he wants to have a similar impact throughout North America.

To stay at the top, David Osio knows that he needs to continue innovating. The Davos Cap Calculator should provide the innovation necessary to keep Davos on the top. David Osio is extremely confident in the future of his company.

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The application that changed his clients investing habits for the better

The application that changed his clients investing habits for the better

Like other people that work hard to accomplish their dreams, David Osio completed 4 plus years of college and received numerous of degrees in multiple majors including law as well as Management Investment Portfolio. David Osio’s first college graduation occurred in 1998 from one of the most popular Catholic Universities in Caracas named Andres Bello while later in he decided to enhance his knowledge at the New York Institute of Finance which eventually benefit him because he became Founder and CEO of his own company called Davos Financial Group, a very popular financial firm in Venezuela. Read more:

David Osio’s main focus was on the operational matters while making sure management practices were running smoothly. After years of perfecting his main focus on the company’s inside procedures, Mr. David began thinking of ways to provide his company’s clients with the best investing experience possible, that’s when he created the Davos Calculator. This tool allows clients the ability to be at ease when investing. In other words, clients can invest without having to feel uneasy about their decision because the application processes every detailed estimate about any property they may be interested in. This amazing digital tool also gives clients a chance to see possible gains before investing which enables clients to get a clear financial understanding when it comes to investing in real estate. However, the estimates provided by the application are based on the bank’s findings.

To make it a bit easier for Davos Financial Group’s clients, Mr. David Osio made the application available to both Apple and Android users. Therefore, the application can be found in both the play store and apple app store. The application is free to download and has been reported easy to use. It also has been reported that there will be a Mortgage calculator which will allow Davos’ clients a chance at getting mortgage based estimates projects by the bank.

While Davos Financial Group has been reportedly developing new strategic plans with international real estate agents, they have also been expanding their service to new clientele overseas to many continents including Europe and Spain. As stated by, REG Davos are currently working on various projects that were designed to satisfy their commitment pertaining to providing extraordinary customer service. These plans were created at the very end of 2015 and were carried out in the very beginning of 2016. Amazingly, during the first half of 2016, Davos Financial Group’s plan helped sales increase by 75 percent.

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Shaygan Kheradpir| Coriant’s New CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir| Coriant’s New CEO

According to an article released by Light Reading, Kheradpir has been named the new CEO of Coriant, succeeding Pat DiPietro, who will be taking the vice president post in the company. Coriant is one of the leading optical transport vendors.

Kheradpir is one of the most decorated executives working in the technology industry. He has years of experience, working as the chief operations and technology officer at the Barclays world. He also worked at various capacities with Verizon Communications and GTE, both technological companies.

Another factor that makes Kheradpir the most suitable person for this position is the fact that he had for years worked with Coriant. Therefore, he is familiar with the running of the company. He had a chance to with Coriant when he worked with Marlin Equity Partners as an operating executive.

Marlin Operating Partners has had a lot to do with the foundation and success of Coriant. Being an executive at Marlin, Kheradpir was constantly communicating with Coriant’s top management. It is only right to assume that he knows a lot about the company and how it is ran.

On top of this, Kheradpir, is very focused at whatever he does. He is guided by strong policies and excellent strategies. Also, he has a very strong education background, having gone up to the doctorate level. For the few months that he has been working with the company, they have achieved significant growth. It is hoped that things will get even better, with Kheradpir stewarding the company.

A Brief on Shaygan Kheradpir
Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London and raised in Iran. He was born in a strong background, having a father who was a nose, throat and ear doctor. Kheradpir relocated to the USA to pursue higher education. While in the United States, he attended Cornell University, where he graduated with his bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in the field of Electrical Engineering.

Kheradpir is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant, having being appointed for this position in the year 2015. Before then, he had worked for a number of companies in the financial and technology world. His career started at GTE laboratories in the year 1987. He later worked for Verizon Communications which resulted from a merger between GTE Laboratories and Bell Atlantic. Kheradpir later moved to work at Barclays Bank and lastly Juniper Networks, before finally joining Coriant.

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White Shark: An Adword Advertisement Powerhouse

White Shark: An Adword Advertisement Powerhouse

Some advertisers find it hard to advertise their wares using the conventional means. It is especially hard to advertise using uncoordinated words which may not convey the right message. White shark media is a digital advertisement agency that uses strategic and latest wording techniques to convey the desired message across the targeted clients.

According to TOPSEOs which can be accessed via the company has over 600 clients and retains over 144 employees who are on full time basis. A digital advertisement agency with that number of employees is an indicator that it is very busy and dedicated to consumer satisfaction.

It is dedicated into providing quality and clear advertisement modules that will enable the users to pass their intended messages. According to the same website the company serves high end clientele such as Platinum Pro Painters Canada and IMarine Inc. whereas it serves other clients with equal zeal attracting such clients is an indicator that it is doing something right. In order to pass the message the company uses complex yet simple methods to digital mark the platform conveying your adverts. The benefit of using dedicated and experienced agency is that your advertisements will not be flagged down by internet search engines.

According to TOPSEO the company was founded in 2010 and developed into a sophisticated digital adword advertisement power house. To show its dedication to its clients it has availed various functions where they can air their views. Every comment whether positive or negative is appreciated.

Via it has analyzed steps taken by the company to serve the client. In the aforementioned blog there are various comments from different sectors. Andrew Lolk is an experienced advertiser who also happens to be the company’s co-founder.

Through an interactive blog the company is able to track its clients and the progress made. This is a clear view of the company’s objectives and motto which is to facilitate optimized services. According to White Shark Media blog which is hyperlinked above Andrew Lolk is also the author of a The Proven AdWords Strategy which is the text book to use in adwords advertisement.

Client testimonials are available via . A cursory look at the testimonials will reveal that the company has clients situated in different parts of US and Canada. Most of the clients are very satisfied, for instance Todd L. of Painters from Canada states he will continue using the company for life. It is not all about money since they have free video tutorials which can be accessed via it’s you tube link

Doe Deere Is Breaking All Of The Rules

Doe Deere Is Breaking All Of The Rules

Doe Deere is a well know entrepreneur that puts no limits on herself; she also does not allow anyone to give her limits. Doe Deere was born in poor country, and when she was just a young girl she moved to New York. Deere always loved color and fashion, and her love of fashion moved her to want to work with patterns and colors in her adult life. Doe Deere decided to go to to school for fashion and she absolutely loved everything that she learned.

Doe Deere started off sewing her own clothes for her clothing line. The clothing line she named Lime Crime and she would showcase her clothing on different websites. A lot of her fans really loved her clothing, and they also would tell her how much they liked her make up. From those suggestions, she decided to begin her own cosmetic line. Now Lime Crime cosmetic line is a line that is sold all around the world and it grosses thousands of dollars each and every month.

Doe Deere did an interview with The Bustle about her favorite styles and the rules of fashion that she never obeys. There are many rules that are put into place that people feel like they have to follow. Some of these rules are the following: never wear bright lips with a bright eyecolor, Never wear unnatural colored hair with bright clothing, never wear open toed shoes with socks, always dress for the occasion, and never wear too many patterns.

Doe Deere believes that these are all rules that were meant to be broken. Some of her favorite trends go directly in opposition to some of those very well-known rules of fashion. Doe Deere is a collector of socks, and socks are her favorite piece of clothing. Since that is the case, Doe Deere wears multicolored socks with open toed shoes whenever she likes.

Doe Deere believes that a person should dress in a way that makes them feel good regardless of the occasion and regardless of if it has many colors or if it looks immature. Doe Deere does not allow things like age and occasion make her change the outfit that she chooses to wear. Doe Deere enjoys coloring her hair colors that are unnatural. Since Doe Deere is a person that loves colors, she usually pairs unnaturally colored hair with bright make up and colorful clothing.

Doe Deere’s New Beauty Ideas

Doe Deere’s New Beauty Ideas

The world of fashion and cosmetics is a place driven by feminine tastes, but there has long been a feeling that women were being dictated to by arbiters of taste (like the editors of Vogue and the heads of fashion design houses) as to what they were “allowed” to wear. As women have taken back their power in recent years through the advances of the women’s movement, there’s been an awareness that women have a right to wear whatever looks good, without being restricted by rigid rules from the fashion world.

One of the proponents of women “taking back their power” as far as makeup and fashion goes is Lime Crime Cosmetics CEO Doe Deere. Deere started her own makeup line as a way for women to make a bold statement about their looks and taste. Deere is one woman who feels strongly that some fashion rules are made to be broken. Here are a few she likes to play with.

Wear Neutral Clothes with Unnaturally Colored Hair

Doe Deere, who often wears bright and bold hair colors, like shades of pink or purple, feels that although these colors do stand out with neutral clothes, they can also be great when coordinated with bright colors in an outfit. It’s okay to play with colors, as long as they tie together somehow, like pink touches on a skirt or shoes to highlight pink or purple hair.

2. Don’t Wear Several Patterns Together.

Again, according to Deere, it’s all about coordinating. Find some link between patterns that makes them work together.

3. Don’t Wear Bold Color on the Lips and Eyes.

Deere loves to play with this rule. She loves bold lip colors, and beautifully sultry eyeshadow shades. The key is to finesse the colors so they link beautifully and play up the entire face without distracting from a key feature.

A true original, Deere feels that rules are made to be broken, and if a look is great on a woman, she should embrace it and make her own rules.

US Money Reserve Preparing To Eliminate The Penny

US Money Reserve Preparing To Eliminate The Penny

Is the penny a thing of the past? Well, if this question is posed to the US Money Reserve President, Robert Diehl then the answer is a resounding yes. He claims that the coin is far more in cost to produce and trouble to circulate than its use warrants. He feels that even picking the coin off of the street when found costs the individual more than the act of bending over costs.

Some believe that eliminating the penny will force prices to rise and cause serious levels of inflation. Diehl argues that this would not be the case based on present consumer paying habits. Most people presently use checks, credit cards and electronic forms of payment. The costs should not change because the venue of how people pay for their purchases will not change.

The US Money Reserve does have an inside track on the use and production of the penny, and other precious metals and cons used in the United States. This faction deals specifically with the production of coinage and the trade and sale of precious metals.They are the one venue that offers trained professionals who research ways to enhance profits and save taxpayers money.

Critics aside, Mr. Diehl feels that based on the research he and his staff have done proves that the elimination of the penny will save the people of this nations millions of dollars. Any subsequent inflation that is feared he feels is irrational because the electronic transfers of funds will still recognize the penny unit without having to have the actual coin.

The reserve also spends a lot of time holding and sponsoring charitable events that benefit children’s welfare. They are fluent in investments and aid individuals in growing their wealth and enhancing their financial portfolios. They are based out of Austin, Texas and are the largest producer of government issued coins in the US.

So it seems that the life span of the penny is coming to a close end. Is this something that any will even notice, probably not. Pennies have become street fodder for those who seek to collect the coin for stuffing piggy banks.

Credit cards, electronic payment methods and even checks will not notice the absence of the coin. These forms of payment will not notice which bills and coins are not in circulation for they do not use the physical instruments. This only leaves us to ask which coin or bill may be next on the chopping block.

Coriant – The World’s Leading Company in Technology

Coriant – The World’s Leading Company in Technology

Coriant is an innovative and established company that works directly with video, clout and mobility structures to effectively manage the communication between devices and companies, allowing for a multitude of businesses to operate at a high speed of quality and effectiveness. Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO behind that company that has helped to operate and structure this company into a multitude of networks throughout the world. With over 35 plus years of experience, Coriant, along with its partners continues to bring technology to an advanced state while servicing high end businesses with their networking needs.

Shaygan Kheradpir was named Coriant’s CEO in the fall of 2015. He is formerly known as the executive at Verizon, where he managed their networks and advanced telecommunications systems. His experience as an engineer has highly equipped his abilities to bring many good things to the future success of Coriant. Shaygan understands the history of the technology and also understands where it resides in the future, and how it will expand and grow. These are most definitely features that will allow him to succeed within the company, and most importantly, help the company grow with their telecommunications and networking businesses.

Coriant has a very good reputation and understands the world of communication like no other. Technology advances at a very fast rate and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with. Shaygan Kheradpir and his trustworthy partners are one step ahead. They anticipate the necessary changes happening in the future, and take the steps needed to stay ahead of the game. Coriant operates in over 100 countries and is the service to a huge line of different companies all over the world. Coriant is the result of many businesses turning a revenue profit, because they understand that the communications between departments, clients and businesses is important. Coriant applications is the leading company for businesses in demand of network operations and will continue to thrive with the knowledge and advanced technology that is brought to the table with this company. Kheradpir will ensure that Coriant continues to be the most reliable networking solutions available and provides excellent future resources.