Talos Energy Strikes Oil in the Gulf of Mexico

Talos Energy Strikes Oil in the Gulf of Mexico

Mexico has advanced their oil reform, and for the first time in eighty years has allowed a private company to sink an oil well in their offshore waters. This venture is the joint endeavor of three oil companies, Talos Energy, LLC out of Houston, Texas, Premier Oil plc, of London, and Sierra Oil and Gas of Mexico. The well, named the Zama-1, is located in the Sureste Basin just outside of the state of Tobasco. It is estimated to hold from 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. The drilling will take about ninety days to complete. The three companies won the rights to this peoject after Mexico voted to open their troubled oil industry to private investments.

Talos Energy is a Houston based gas and oil company with a focus on exploration and exploitation of the gas and oil properties, mainly in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast region. It is an independent company that is focused on production. Talos Energy operates under the leadership of Tim Duncan, who is the Chief Executive Officer. It has been recognized as the number one small company in it’s industry. The members of the Talos team have over thirty years of commercial, geological, operational, and acquisition experience working in the Gulf of Mexico. Click here to know more.

Talos Energy, LLC, along with its partners, Premier Oil,plc, and Sierra Oil, recently made the announcement that the Zama 1 project has discovered oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy has a thirty five percent participation interest in the venture. This discovery is both a significant one, and a historic one. President and Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, Timothy Duncan, proudly applauded the trio companies and the Mexican authorities, telling them that the discovery represented what the Mexican oil reform intended it to. The success of the Zama 1 well opened doors for other drilling and operational opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast region of Texas and Louisiana.

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Bob Reina: This Is Your Guy

Bob Reina: This Is Your Guy

Everyone out there needs someone they can rely on, count on, and depend on, and that person is Bob Reina. He is truly unique, one of a kind, and out of this world. He is the owner and founder of Talk Fusion, which is a company that won two awards in 2016. One of those awards was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. That was an award that really made Bob Reina and his entire staff at Talk Fusion very happy. While the award is nice and it carries with it a lot of weight and a lot of excitement, it is more about the fact that this is exactly what he wanted the product to do.


Let’s stop and think for a while: how many times in our lives have we been told: “I’m sorry. My hands are tied. I wish I could do something.” I imagine if we had a dollar for that, we would be rich. It’s very disheartening and very depressing. Bob Reina is the man that does not have his hands tied and he is not living in a state of being helpless. It is the exact opposite with him, as a matter of fact. He is in a position of power and he is going to use that power to help out his fellow man, woman, and child. Learn more: https://homebusinessmag.com/author/bob-reina/


He takes tremendous pride in that fact. When he wakes up in the morning, he is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. He sees every day as a great challenge. He is going to meet that challenge head on and he is going to embrace it. He will also rely on his team to come up with new ways to keep Talk Fusion at the very best in voice, chat, and data. They don’t want to settle for second best and they refuse to settle for second best. They are the best and that is not a matter of arrogance or being cocky. Learn more: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/07/14/talk-fusions-bob-reina-releases-article-about-top-marketing-trends-of-2017/


It is taking pride in what someone does and taking pride in the work they want to show to the world and have displayed. Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/

Women in Leadership with Lori Senecal

Women in Leadership with Lori Senecal

Women are rising through the corporate ladder to become top executives. Those who have succeeded in this venture attribute their success to hard work and determination. What’s more, networking can play a major role in success. Lori Senecal is one such woman, and she is considered an influential figure in the marketing industry. She maintains social media presence where she networks with clients. She has profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. She often talks about the issues affecting the marketing industry on these platforms. She has lived her entire life in the city of New York.

Amongst her greatest skills is the digital strategy, advertising, integrated marketing as well as hiring and recruiting. Lori Senecal is a product of the fine education she received as a young person as she holds a degree in Commerce where she specializes in finance and marketing. She attended McGill University for her undergraduate degree. She was fortunate to land a job after college with Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal where she took the position of chief executive officer and president. She worked with this company for two years and seven months. Later on, she worked with MDC Partners as the president and the chief executive officer. This was back in the year 2014.

At the moment, Lori Senecal acts as the global executive officer of a company called CP+B. Her main responsibility with this company is to oversee the global expansion and growth of the firm. At the same time, she is expected to coordinate with the company’s other nine offices in her current position. According to her superiors and fellow workers, she has recorded significant progress since joining the company. The greatest achievement is transforming the culture of this firm. She has also introduced innovative ideas, and she focuses on talent. This progress has made her be nominated for an award known as the Creativity Innovators of the Year. She has also won another award known as Agency Executives to Watch in the year 2016.During her time with KBS, she also recorded remarkable growth as she was able to grow the company from a 250 firm to a 900 company. Above this achievement, she also managed to grow the company outside the United States of America. The firm was also recognized as the best place to work in the US under her leadership. Outside this company, Lori Senecal works as a board member of the Ad Council.

PodcastOne Releases “Beyond the Darkness” to Air on Chris Jericho’ Network

PodcastOne Releases “Beyond the Darkness” to Air on Chris Jericho’ Network

The founder and chairperson of PodcastOne Network, Norman Pattiz, announced the launch of “Beyond the Darkness” on Chris Jericho’s network channel. “Beyond The Darkness” is the latest show on the network and will feature discussions with top panelists on all issues concerning paranormal activities.


Moreover, its goal is to challenge anything viewers might think they know about the supernatural including ghosts, angels, demons, miracles, ghouls, mysteries, monster encounters, and aliens. Its anchors will be Dave Schrader (radio host and author) and Tim Dennis (radio producer and host). In the announcement, Pattiz revealed that new episodes would be released on a weekly basis on iTunes, PodcastOne.com, and the PodcastOne application.


Chris Jericho, a prolific superstar with the World Wrestling Entertainment, said that he was excited to feature the new show on his network. Norman Pattiz stated that he was equally pleased that the Chris Jericho Network had evolved to incorporate shows outside the world of wrestling. Jericho believed that the host team of Dennis and Schrader would entice all their fans to stay tuned into the program. This would see the show soar to greater heights.


About The PodcastOne Program


PodcastOne is America’s biggest podcast network and one of the leading advertisers in the country. It hosts over 200 podcasts including Penn Jillette, Gabrielle Reece, Malcolm McDowell, Laura Ingraham, Dan Patrick, Adam Corolla, Jay Mohr, Chris Webber, Chris Jericho, Neil Strauss, Eddie Trunk, Doctor Drew, Rich Eisen, Terry and Heather Dubrow as well as Ross Mathews.


The Background of Norman J. Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One, which is one of the largest radio networks in the United States. The Network provides news on traffic programming, talk, and sports. After selling Westwood One, he started PodcastOne and has been its Executive Chairman and CEO since he started the Podcast in June 2016. Apart from being the Chairman of Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore, Pattiz serves as a Regent of the University of California.


Furthermore, thanks to his professional work and accomplishments, he is a recipient of several civic awards like The Freedom of Speech, Giants of Broadcasting and the Distinguished Education Service. President Clinton and President Bush each appointed him in 2000 and 2002 respectively to offer his services to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of USA. Besides, he spearheaded the conception of America’s Arabic language TV and radio services targeting the Middle East region.

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Luxuries That Are Offered By DAMAC

Luxuries That Are Offered By DAMAC

DAMAC is a real estate company that is willing to help people live luxurious lives. As a matter of fact, they are willing to help with every aspect of living. They not only offer customers the chance to travel to different places and take enjoyable vacations, but they also help refer customers to luxury homes so that they can live comfortably. After all, it is not enough to just have a home and live a life that is just above ground. The goal should be to live as comfortably as possible so that one can get higher quality rest and experience greater health.


The one person behind DAMAC is Hussain Sajwani. He has not only helped refer people to different events that they can enjoy, but he has also been a large part of the development and the construction of some of the most reliably structured properties. He is especially involved with the building of Dubai. He wants to make Dubai very attractive so that people will have a reason to visit and look at all of the different attractions that are built there. He has partnered with brands such as Versace, Tiger Woods, Trump, and plenty of other prominent and successful brands.


Hussain Sajwani is also generous when it comes to sharing projects with other countries so that they can experience greater growth. Perhaps one of the more alluring offers of Hussain’s DAMAC is all of the offers for living not only in a large piece of property, but also in a great community. Hussain Sajwani wants people to be able to enjoy their lives and experience some positive events while they are in Dubai and other countries that are served by DAMAC. DAMAC has grown a lot because of its involvement in many different projects and special events.

Kenneth Goodrich And His History With The Sunny Plumber

Kenneth Goodrich And His History With The Sunny Plumber

Kenneth D. Goodrich is the president of The Sunny Plumber. He began his career assisting his father in his HVAC company. Eventually he acquired thirty years experience and bought and sold numerous companies. This included the company of his father.

Kenneth bought Rescue Rooter in 2013 and changed the name to make it friendlier to the customers. This was where The Sunny Plumber originated. He expanded the business to encompass Las Vegas, Tucson and Corona. The company now consisted of over a hundred trucks, almost 150 employees and serviced both commercial and residential plumbing and HVAC.

The company had a catchy slogan, bright and sunny repairmen. They used the very latest in technology and customers were happy with the service they received. Kenneth put his customers first so he hired the College of Southern Nevada to teach his technicians how to properly interpret the customers. This enabled them to know if they were talking to the person who could actually make the decision.

The Sunny Plumber offers a wide variety of services including installing water heaters, garbage disposals, repairing and servicing HVAC units and plumbing, and drain cleaning. Their services are all of the very highest quality. They have a well deserved reputation for being reliable, polite and fast. Their experience allows them to solve and fix an extremely wide assortment of plumbing problems.

They have a gorgeous fleet of top quality trucks that all show The Sunny Plumber logo wrap. This fleet is of special pride for Kenneth. Goodrich is a fan of the new Nissans because of their reliability and safety features. He feels the Bluetooth and backup cameras help his technicians. He has also said he believes their distinctive appearance leaves an excellent first impression on the customers. Customers are pleased with the company and they have good reason to be.

David Osio unveils the Davos Cap Calculator

David Osio unveils the Davos Cap Calculator

David Osio is an amazing business leader. He has helped Davos Financial Group reach amazing heights throughout his tenure, and recently Osio was amazed at the initiative that his real estate group was showing. David has split his organization into many different groups, and to ensure that everyone has room to grow and develop each department has some level of autonomy. David was not sure what would happen when he granted this autonomy, but the Davos Real Estate Group was ready to meet the challenge. Learn more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/david-osio-executive-team-davos-202000331.html

The Davos Real Estate Group is a major player in the North American real estate market. They invest in properties throughout North America, and they also advise their clients on potential investments. The real estate group has become a major player, but they recognize that technological improvements are necessary to stay on top of their game.

Recently, the Davos Real Estate Group unveiled their new app. The Davos Cap Calculator is a new and exciting tool that will permanently change the way Davos customers think about real estate investments. The app will be available on both Android and iOS devices. The Davos Real Estate Group considers the app a major step forward for Davos Real Estate Group and their investors. They want to fully advise their clients on a huge variety of real estate investment opportunities. The sales process, mortgage, rent, and new developments play a huge role in their company. The Davos Cap Calculator is a very simple application that will help investors. It easily calculates net income, cash flow, and capitalization rate on any potential real estate investment. If customers regularly use the new app, then they can ensure that they are always making the best possible decisions.

David Osio is extremely excited about this new application. He believes the Cap calculator will allow his investors to make the best possible decisions in future years. His organization is planning to unveil a series of complementary apps over the next few years.

David Osio is a major power player in the world of business. His Davos Financial Group has taken the Latin American business world by storm, and now he wants to have a similar impact throughout North America.

To stay at the top, David Osio knows that he needs to continue innovating. The Davos Cap Calculator should provide the innovation necessary to keep Davos on the top. David Osio is extremely confident in the future of his company.

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The application that changed his clients investing habits for the better

The application that changed his clients investing habits for the better

Like other people that work hard to accomplish their dreams, David Osio completed 4 plus years of college and received numerous of degrees in multiple majors including law as well as Management Investment Portfolio. David Osio’s first college graduation occurred in 1998 from one of the most popular Catholic Universities in Caracas named Andres Bello while later in he decided to enhance his knowledge at the New York Institute of Finance which eventually benefit him because he became Founder and CEO of his own company called Davos Financial Group, a very popular financial firm in Venezuela. Read more: https://www.visualcv.com/davidosio

David Osio’s main focus was on the operational matters while making sure management practices were running smoothly. After years of perfecting his main focus on the company’s inside procedures, Mr. David began thinking of ways to provide his company’s clients with the best investing experience possible, that’s when he created the Davos Calculator. This tool allows clients the ability to be at ease when investing. In other words, clients can invest without having to feel uneasy about their decision because the application processes every detailed estimate about any property they may be interested in. This amazing digital tool also gives clients a chance to see possible gains before investing which enables clients to get a clear financial understanding when it comes to investing in real estate. However, the estimates provided by the application are based on the bank’s findings.

To make it a bit easier for Davos Financial Group’s clients, Mr. David Osio made the application available to both Apple and Android users. Therefore, the application can be found in both the play store and apple app store. The application is free to download and has been reported easy to use. It also has been reported that there will be a Mortgage calculator which will allow Davos’ clients a chance at getting mortgage based estimates projects by the bank.

While Davos Financial Group has been reportedly developing new strategic plans with international real estate agents, they have also been expanding their service to new clientele overseas to many continents including Europe and Spain. As stated by prnewswire.com, REG Davos are currently working on various projects that were designed to satisfy their commitment pertaining to providing extraordinary customer service. These plans were created at the very end of 2015 and were carried out in the very beginning of 2016. Amazingly, during the first half of 2016, Davos Financial Group’s plan helped sales increase by 75 percent.

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Shaygan Kheradpir| Coriant’s New CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir| Coriant’s New CEO

According to an article released by Light Reading, Kheradpir has been named the new CEO of Coriant, succeeding Pat DiPietro, who will be taking the vice president post in the company. Coriant is one of the leading optical transport vendors.

Kheradpir is one of the most decorated executives working in the technology industry. He has years of experience, working as the chief operations and technology officer at the Barclays world. He also worked at various capacities with Verizon Communications and GTE, both technological companies.

Another factor that makes Kheradpir the most suitable person for this position is the fact that he had for years worked with Coriant. Therefore, he is familiar with the running of the company. He had a chance to with Coriant when he worked with Marlin Equity Partners as an operating executive.

Marlin Operating Partners has had a lot to do with the foundation and success of Coriant. Being an executive at Marlin, Kheradpir was constantly communicating with Coriant’s top management. It is only right to assume that he knows a lot about the company and how it is ran.

On top of this, Kheradpir, is very focused at whatever he does. He is guided by strong policies and excellent strategies. Also, he has a very strong education background, having gone up to the doctorate level. For the few months that he has been working with the company, they have achieved significant growth. It is hoped that things will get even better, with Kheradpir stewarding the company.

A Brief on Shaygan Kheradpir
Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London and raised in Iran. He was born in a strong background, having a father who was a nose, throat and ear doctor. Kheradpir relocated to the USA to pursue higher education. While in the United States, he attended Cornell University, where he graduated with his bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in the field of Electrical Engineering.

Kheradpir is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant, having being appointed for this position in the year 2015. Before then, he had worked for a number of companies in the financial and technology world. His career started at GTE laboratories in the year 1987. He later worked for Verizon Communications which resulted from a merger between GTE Laboratories and Bell Atlantic. Kheradpir later moved to work at Barclays Bank and lastly Juniper Networks, before finally joining Coriant.

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Securus Technologies Accredited With The Highest Rating (A+) By BBB

Securus Technologies Accredited With The Highest Rating (A+) By BBB

The leader in civil and criminal justice technology solutions in investigation, public safety and monitoring, Securus Technologies, has received an A+ rating accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). According to the Senior Vice President of Operations, the company worked hard to receive the highest rating (A+) and also be granted with a formal accreditation for what they say and issue in print.


Accreditation is both voluntary and important for Securus because it means the company has met the required standards such as honor promises to its clients both verbal and written, works hard to build trust with clients through positive track record in the market place, advertise honestly without defamation to others, tell the truth about the products and services, highly responsive professionally and in good faith, and embody integrity in their business dealings, commitments with integrity and marketplace transactions.


One of the improvement by Securus which influenced the accreditation is the effort to establish 220 seat-in-house domestic call center in the largest industry. Securus was able to re-define how customer service was handled in conformity with the BBB standards. In fact, the representatives working for Securus are trained with these standards in mind. Their work is to respond to 2.5 million calls every month and a 99% first-call resolution rate.


The BBB accreditation confirms that Securus is the leader in providing technology services to many prisons and many other law enforcement agencies in the United States. Securus Technologies has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas serving over 3,400 law enforcement agencies, public safety agencies and correctional facilities serving over 1.2 million inmates in North America. The main commitment for Securus is to serve and connect people through services such as public information, inmate communication, investigation, data management, and data analysis among others.