A Look at The Professional Career and Accomplishments of James Dondero

A Look at The Professional Career and Accomplishments of James Dondero

James Dondero’s Track record in the investment industry is impressive as his career in the same field. Other than being the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, Dondero serves as the firm’s sitting president. A recent study ranked the James Dondero-led firm, Highland Capital Management as the largest manager of collateralized debt or loan obligations in the United States. The ranking used was based on the amount of managed funds in American currency. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

James Dondero has been an active figure in the investment industry for over three decades. During this period, Dondero has made several noteworthy contributions in the credit markets while at the same time setting up high-profile firms that specialize in offering investment solutions to both institutions and persons.

Highland Funds is one if the firm’s that James Dondero has established. The firm Highland Capital Management’s retail arm and is registered by the (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission. Highland Funds has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and it specializes in offering investment advice and consultations.

Learn: https://investors.jernigancapital.com/leadership/director/james-dondero

NexBank is a firm that focuses on providing custom or tailor-made financial and banking services to clients who in most cases are institutions. Dondero is one of NexBank’s founders. As of 30th June 2017, NexBank has an estimated asset base valued at slightly over $6.4 billion.

Since establishment, NexBank has been offering mortgage banking services while prioritizing institutional clients, financial institutions, and corporations across America. NexBank has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, similar to Highland Funds.

Before setting up Highland Capital management in 1993, James Dondero was holding the position of Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life in its GIC subsidiary. While serving at Protective Life, Dondero was instrumental in the development and growth of the company from its concept stage to a fully-fledged firm estimated worth over $2 billion; this happened between 1989-1993. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Jeffry Schneider renders financial support to Elizabeth Stephens, a fellow philanthropist

Jeffry Schneider renders financial support to Elizabeth Stephens, a fellow philanthropist

Jeffry Schneider is a visionary philanthropist. He is always looking to support the most unlikely causes. In 2017. He took it upon himself to assist an oncology nurse Elizabeth Stephen who is committed to helping cancer patients.

Jeffry Schneider reimburses Elizabeth Stephens

Before rendering his support, Jeffry Schneider had observed firsthand the works Elizabeth Stephens had been involved in Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. Given that she helps children, a cause Jeffry Schneider has a vested interest in; he had no option but to fund her charity trips.

This professional vowed to reimburse her for money spent on flights and expenses on her recent trips to Central America. With his financial support, he hopes that Elizabeth Stephen continues her work of putting smiles on the faces of children from low-income families with cancer and problems of cleft palates.

About Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider, the chief executive officer of Ascendant Capital, has more than two decades of experience in the field of finance. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree in economics and resides in the Austin, Texas.

Before becoming the CEO of Ascendant Capital, he had worked for large financial organisations such as Merrill Lynch. He also worked closely with professionals such as Smith Barney and Alex Brown. Jeffry Schneider’s experience led him to establish Ascendant Alternative Strategies, a firm that assists customers with matters of alternative investment.

With his expertise, he has been able to service multinational financial firms, family offices as well as private and public pension funds. Under his leadership, the company has grown significantly increasing its workforce to more than fifty people. This professional attributes the success of the company to his employees’ hard work. Often, this entrepreneur gives to charity. Among the groups, he supports include Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders and Worries, and the Gazelle Foundation.

Stream Energy: Giving Back Is In The DNA

Stream Energy: Giving Back Is In The DNA

Hurricane Henry dropped 56 inches of rain that spread throughout Houston neighborhoods and businesses. Several companies abroad and within the United States watch this area suffer and struggle along with some passing away. It was difficult to watch as these unexpected Americans became uprooted from their homes and lost their livelihoods. One company stood up and took action to give these homeowners a second chance when it came to rebuilding their neighborhoods. Stream Energy, a business located in Dallas, took from their own revenue to provide for those in need of immediate funding.

Corporate philanthropy for the stream company is not only a part of its mission but in their DNA. They have long had success in their operations as a direct selling energy company. The executive team didn’t hesitate when it came to founding a charity organization. Stream Cares is now up and running and continues to be a thriving philanthropic foundation located in Texas and across the country. The foundation has been in operation for nearly a decade and more.

Ara Chackerian Betters Mental Healthcare through the Introduction of TMS Healthcare

Ara Chackerian Betters Mental Healthcare through the Introduction of TMS Healthcare

Mental health is an important aspect of life. There are many forms of mental disorders. Some of these cases are isolated because specialized medical attention is needed. That is where Ara Chackerian comes in. He is a serial investor and a dedicated philanthropist out to offer excellent services in the healthcare sector. For him, investing in healthcare has been one of the best decisions he has made since he has a chance to help those who have been diagnosed with any mental disorder.


Apart from that, Chackerian is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is a managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings, a company that focuses on investing in healthcare companies that are in their early stage. He is also the owner of TMS Health Solutions. This is a treatment provider of magnetic stimulation for patients with resistant depression.



Before working with TMS Health Solutions, he was a dedicated entrepreneur and investor. He mainly focused on health-tech in addition to service field. For more than a decade, he invested time and effort in finding viable solutions for his business and the companies he worked with. Some of these companies include BMC Diagnostics and PipelineRX. Additional roles he has played include serving as an executive at Mint Medical Education.


Chakerian is also a philanthropist. He is dedicated to the environmental causes including Limonapa, SA. This is a sustainable reforestation plantation situated in Nicaragua. He also supports JUMA Ventures and Nor Luyce. For more details visit LinkedIn.


TMS Solutions was formed when Ara Chackerian and his business partner thought of extending their experience in establishing out-patient healthcare. They spent a decade creating a network of facilities in Northern California. A long-time service provider thought that it was crucial to look into transcranial magnetic stimulation. Through their research and technological advancements, they were able to come up with viable treatment for different therapeutic cases. The efficacy of the medication has been explicitly proven for patients with depression. Aside from that, Ara Chackerian has instigated constructive policies in his facility. These policies guide the staff by streamlining operations. He is confident that TMS Solutions will offer more milestones to finding treatment for mental disorders. Visit their website arachackerian.com for more.


Equities First Holdings- GC Report

Equities First Holdings- GC Report

Investors needed some assistance in the finance when they were experiencing difficulties. The problem in the investment was persistent that no other local or international money lending company could solve. Equities First Holdings began to quencher the thirst of finding a solution in the market finance. The firm started in the year 2002 in Indianapolis by Al Christy Jr, the CEO, and President.

The firm reaches out to other countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Sydney, and South Korea. The money given out to the clients can help start up new businesses or expand the existing ones. Equities First Holdings deals with people who have the intention of increasing their net worth.

We have testimonies about our job well done from our clients. Our workers treat customers with respect and honesty to maintain the company’s reputation. Shareholders can apply for a margin loan. No security required for one to qualify for a credit.

Sentient AI Takes Ecommerce Customer Experience to a Greater Level

Sentient AI Takes Ecommerce Customer Experience to a Greater Level

Artificial Intelligence technology has taken the human life by storm. It has changed various sectors of human lives and constantly looks to better the daily processes and tasks. AI technology has particularly improved the customer experience in ecommerce by forming more direct symbiotic relationships with customers. The ecommerce platforms applying the most recent form of artificial intelligence technology stay on top of competition as transactions are improved and loyal client base created.

Sentient AI technology has increased convenience in ecommerce trading. Machine learning and natural language processes are applied to ecommerce search engines enabling shoppers to expressly dictate their specific detailed needs. The customers are allowed to eliminate tedious processes as the shopping processes are modified. Intricate issues revolving around the online shopping platforms like placement of orders return of items and order delays are largely reduced as specificity adds precision to the process.

Ecommerce customer experience is improved when the technology applied in online shopping values customer involvement and creativity. Optimized ecommerce applications allow for visual search of items. More personalized and deeply inspired live pictures are captured and entered into the search engines. The customers are able to browse for their products in relation to what they see in the physical world. Sentient AI’s technology turns user’s unique picture into a real item purchased. Retailers have the chance to also integrate and showcase related items that also captures the eye of the buyer. The platform certainly promotes the diverse brands that users commonly purchase.

Sentient AI gives customers a chance to tailor-make their orders in ecommerce. Chatbots give buyers alternative ways of seeking for a desirable item or product. Personalized online shopping experience is diversified by AI technology. Clients are able to browse for their personal preferences and tastes of online items in a deeply engaging dialect. AI also analyzes the trends in the market and industries and enables users to keep up with the newest trends and industry brands. The main goal of AI technology is to be able to predict customer needs and satisfy them fully. The online shopping platforms streamline their service provision techniques by adhering to suggestions and customer feedback relating to their shopping experience.

Artificial Intelligence technology redefines customer interactions with ecommerce platforms. It strengthens business ties between customers and service providers through offering a wide range of exciting products in well sustained processes. Retailers are also able to promote and market their products and brands using digital technology.

Susan McGalla As A High Performing Business Woman In The Corporate World

Susan McGalla As A High Performing Business Woman In The Corporate World

Susan McGalla is one of the prominent business professionals in the United States. For over one decade of work experience, Susan McGalla has developed working solutions to those who need fast income to get better business results in the rapid world of entities. If you were willing to expand your business arena, be sure to activate your incoming generational business where animated solutions can offer the best significance in the industry. In this case, no one is anticipated to generate working solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Susan McGalla has led the industry through innovation and sustainability factors that never degrade its business through bad intentions. Susan McGalla has enough experience to develop a working business that will never fail given other business factors remain constant.


Many women in the society want to achieve better business solutions through animated capabilities. Women have not been forgotten behind in business and innovation. For this reason, they are keeping up with the trend in developing companies and businesses that are adopted on a massive scale in the industry. If you are always struggling with independent solutions, be sure to achieve this result through agitated capabilities. Those who are willing to achieve more in the industry must also be willing to risk more in the attempt to become leaders in this business capability. Susan McGalla is also considered as the best business leaders among all American business leaders of the female category.


Lack of women in the boardroom has never been achieved in the industry. If you have a company whose board has no inclusion of women leaders, be sure that you will lose the female point of view in the company. A complete company must have a woman to share the needs specified by the woman acceptance capability. For this reason, they always struggle to activate better business solutions in a manner that is not anticipated in the industry. Susan McGalla has also led in advocating for the women leader’s rights in the United States. For all her career in the industry, she has always stayed ahead of the rest in the issuance of incorporated income.


Powerful women in the world of finance have developed accelerated income. For many years, women have been shying off from taking leadership roles in companies and enterprises. However, this trend has been revolutionized by Susan McGalla as the best woman leader in the United States.

Learn more about Susan McGalla:



The Giants in Brazilian Real Estate Industry

The Giants in Brazilian Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry in Brazil has grown tremendously over the years and there are now numerous real estate companies in the country. The companies on jusbrasil.com provide excellent services as the industry is highly regulated. Some of the companies that have really shaped the growth and evolution of the Brazilian real estate industry include Construcap, Cyrela Brazil Realty, EcoHouse Group, Rossi Residential and J&F Investimentos among others. These companies have made great contributions to the industry and uphold very high standards of integrity and excellence.


Construcap is one of the largest companies in the Brazilian construction industry. The company has been in operation for more than 70 years and has an excellent track record. It has consistently provided its clients with quality services and is known for its excellent work ethic. Contrucap was founded on the values of safety, integrity and excellence and incorporates these values in all their business operations and in their relations with the various stakeholders of the company.

The employees of Construcap are governed by a strict code of conduct and this keeps them disciplined and grounded in the company’s values. The company invests in their continuous training and development and strives to keep them up to date with the latest industry practices. It also provides courses on integrity and ethics at the workplace. The company provides its employees with good working conditions at

Construcap serves companies in both the public and private sectors. Their main areas of expertise are engineering, procurement and construction, electromechanical assembly and structured projects. The company is ISO-certified on YouTube and strives to make its processes sustainable to protect the environment by reducing its carbon footprint. It has completed many projects in Brazil, including schools, stadia, roads and commercial buildings among others. They always do an excellent job and strive to exceed their clients’ expectations.

By and large, Construcap has made great contributions to the construction industry in Brazil by developing more efficient and sustainable ways of carrying out various construction activities. It has also made great contributions to Brazil as a whole, thanks to its excellent buildings and infrastructure. It led in the construction of some of the historic buildings in Brazil. Construcap has set very high standards of excellence for other companies in the Brazilian construction industry.

Why You Need Online Reputation Management Service

Why You Need Online Reputation Management Service

Online reputation management is absolutely beneficial for business. It could be extremely aggravating to discover malicious comments or defamatory remarks turning up online, specifically when the posts or contents consist of outrageous accusations and also disparaging or slanderous comments. If such adverse material appears on sites that show up in top placements in online search engines, this can be devastating to your business. This is because people performing a search on your company or brand will probably see the adverse content or reviews.

The popularity of the Internet has brought a great deal of advantages. There are also things that are not so helpful or desirable. Currently your reputation or profile can get tainted by individuals you don’t even know or can not identify. Whether the remarks or postings are true or not, the defamatory search results can ruin your online credibility.

If a person posts an unfavorable review concerning your business, service or product, probably it’s that they weren’t pleased with the services or product provided, these matters can actually cause serious damage to your organization. At the same time, your reputation also endures substantial damages. People are not seeing your excellent reputation if you are not publishing good content about you or your company. It’s crucial to get in touch with a trusted reputation management firm to help you.

Look for a distinguished online reputation management team – a team of Reputation Defender and monitoring experts that is thoroughly knowledgeable about reputation monitoring and management and also addresses these issues in a prompt and effective way. A good team of experts focuses on pushing down unfavorable articles and derogatory reviews concerning their clients and pushing up positive content in search results.

When you contact them, these professionals usually take the time to evaluate their clients’ circumstance and will work with you to develop reliable reputation management system to meet your requirements. These professionals are highly knowledgeable and experienced in search engine optimization and quality content creation. They also have access to high-quality industry resources, and can help you establish or re-establish an impressive online reputation.


White Shark: An Adword Advertisement Powerhouse

White Shark: An Adword Advertisement Powerhouse

Some advertisers find it hard to advertise their wares using the conventional means. It is especially hard to advertise using uncoordinated words which may not convey the right message. White shark media is a digital advertisement agency that uses strategic and latest wording techniques to convey the desired message across the targeted clients.

According to TOPSEOs which can be accessed via www.topseos.com/profile/white-shark-media the company has over 600 clients and retains over 144 employees who are on full time basis. A digital advertisement agency with that number of employees is an indicator that it is very busy and dedicated to consumer satisfaction.

It is dedicated into providing quality and clear advertisement modules that will enable the users to pass their intended messages. According to the same website the company serves high end clientele such as Platinum Pro Painters Canada and IMarine Inc. whereas it serves other clients with equal zeal attracting such clients is an indicator that it is doing something right. In order to pass the message the company uses complex yet simple methods to digital mark the platform conveying your adverts. The benefit of using dedicated and experienced agency is that your advertisements will not be flagged down by internet search engines.

According to TOPSEO the company was founded in 2010 and developed into a sophisticated digital adword advertisement power house. To show its dedication to its clients it has availed various functions where they can air their views. Every comment whether positive or negative is appreciated.

Via http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/typical-complaints-from-white-shark-media-clients-and-how-we-make-sure-they-never-happen-again it has analyzed steps taken by the company to serve the client. In the aforementioned blog there are various comments from different sectors. Andrew Lolk is an experienced advertiser who also happens to be the company’s co-founder.

Through an interactive blog the company is able to track its clients and the progress made. This is a clear view of the company’s objectives and motto which is to facilitate optimized services. According to White Shark Media blog which is hyperlinked above Andrew Lolk is also the author of a The Proven AdWords Strategy which is the text book to use in adwords advertisement.

Client testimonials are available via www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/ . A cursory look at the testimonials will reveal that the company has clients situated in different parts of US and Canada. Most of the clients are very satisfied, for instance Todd L. of Painters from Canada states he will continue using the company for life. It is not all about money since they have free video tutorials which can be accessed via it’s you tube link https://www.youtube.ccom/watch?v=wl25VsoZ6Kw.