Neurocore: An Alternative Treatment For Depression

Neurocore: An Alternative Treatment For Depression

Depression affects 16 million Americans every year and is more common than many other mental illnesses. It does not matter how old you are, your gender, or the presence of obvious causes. Unfortunately, many will not seek out help due to the stigma associated with the disorder. However, it affects people significantly and there are still some unknown facts about it. Some of these include the following:

-Although depression can be triggered by a traumatic life event, many people who develop it have it in their family history.

-Some of the signs can include sleep problems, feelings of numbness, and weight difficulties.

-Some people afflicted may not show any outward signs at all even though they are struggling greatly with negative thoughts, for example. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

-People who suffer from depression can have physical problems that go along with it such as headaches, stomachaches and muscle tension.

-Many people who are depressed are also suicidal and this needs to be taken seriously.

-Depression is the number one cause of employment disability in the world.

-Even though as many people die from depression related suicide as breast cancer, it receives much less funding.

-However, everyone who suffers from depression can find help no matter how severe their case.

-Many are treated with therapy and medication but alternative methods such as neurofeedback therapy are promising.


At Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, neurofeedback therapy is used to treat depression. First of all, Neurocore evaluates the functioning of your brain by studying its electrical activity. This assists staff in determining the depression causes and tailoring a neurofeedback treatment plan to suit your needs.

Neurofeedback treatment involves a 45-minute session that harnesses your brain’s neuroplasticity (which is its changeability.) Your brain will learn how to function more effectively during the treatment which will, in turn, cause your heart and breathing function to improve.

Neurocore can help you whether you are barely functioning or are completely overwhelmed and non-functional due to depression. Clients who complete Neurocore’s treatment report a “clinically important” decrease in depression symptoms of 84%. That is significant and the care Neurocore provides is definitely worth considering. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.