Stream Energy: Giving Back Is In The DNA

Stream Energy: Giving Back Is In The DNA

Hurricane Henry dropped 56 inches of rain that spread throughout Houston neighborhoods and businesses. Several companies abroad and within the United States watch this area suffer and struggle along with some passing away. It was difficult to watch as these unexpected Americans became uprooted from their homes and lost their livelihoods. One company stood up and took action to give these homeowners a second chance when it came to rebuilding their neighborhoods. Stream Energy, a business located in Dallas, took from their own revenue to provide for those in need of immediate funding.

Corporate philanthropy for the stream company is not only a part of its mission but in their DNA. They have long had success in their operations as a direct selling energy company. The executive team didn’t hesitate when it came to founding a charity organization. Stream Cares is now up and running and continues to be a thriving philanthropic foundation located in Texas and across the country. The foundation has been in operation for nearly a decade and more.

Southridge Capital Providing Funding and Corporate Advisory Services

Southridge Capital Providing Funding and Corporate Advisory Services

If you are a start-up looking for some advice on how to manage your finances or need some expert assistance with asset and investment management, you can be sure that Southridge Capital is the firm that can help you. It is one of the leading firms in the United States that provides growing businesses with the support and corporate advisory services. The company also provides individuals with the financing solutions that would help them plan their future financially. Southridge Capital offers corporate advisory services that support the corporate companies chart out a financial strategy that would give them an edge over the competitors. As the companies grow, they need assistance from experts to manage their assets and investments as well as get guidance accordingly.


Southridge Capital has been in the business of providing funding and corporate advisory services for more than two decades. As a company based in Connecticut, it has helped many local companies grow through the strategic and growth based funding it has provided. Many of the leading companies in the country have taken the help of Southridge Capital when going for a merger or trying to acquire any smaller business. Merger and acquisitions are one of the specialties of Southridge Capital, and it helps the companies to grow their business in an organized manner. Many companies that have just started need expert advice on how to manage their assets and investments as well as the cash flow. Southridge Capital can help the companies with investment management and also optimize the balance sheet for the clients. You can checkout for more.



Southridge Capital was founded by Stephen Hicks, who is a well-known financial executive in the United States and is known globally for his financial expertise. The fact that he helped Southridge Capital to become one of the leading financial services providers in the country single-handedly through his knowledge and hard work speaks a lot about him. Today, Southridge has become a go-to financial firm that is trusted by hundreds of clients in the country and even abroad. It is also involved in in-depth economic research that is closely followed by many leading financial experts and companies. For more info you can visit their facebook page .



Whitney Wolfe Is Taking The World By Storm

Whitney Wolfe Is Taking The World By Storm

Bumble’s, CEO Whitney Wolfe, is now a high-profile CEO of a technology company. Her business is called Bumble and it is one of the best dating platforms on the web. Wolfe released Bumble back in 2014. When she first debuted the site, people quickly discovered how original it was. Bumble is all about endorsing and empowering women and it is also about feminism. Whitney Wolfe has impacted the world through her dating site.

Whitney Wolfe was never going to start Bumble on her own. As a matter of fact, she wanted to create a female only social network called Merci. This social network would have been the first of its kind. Merci was an idea that promoted the modern feminist agenda. However, Wolfe’s business partner and backer told her that she would have better success with dating site that put women first. Wolfe was reluctant, but she agreed to the idea. Andrey Andreev is her business partner and he helped to promote the idea of Bumble. However, the whole Bumble format is all Whitney’s idea.

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Feminism is a huge cultural trend in modern day America. Bumble was released in 2014. The modern feminist movement started in 2015 and picked up steam in 2016 when a lot of women started speaking out against sexual abuse and scandals. Also, millions of American women are now more empowered than ever. They no longer want to be sexually harassed, treated as inferior or viewed as insignificant by men.

Bumble is a company that puts women first. Only women can make the first move on the Bumble website. This is a unique approach that clearly reveals how women feel about their role in modern times. Whitney Wolfe has even integrated some of the ideas that she was going to use from her Merci concept into Bumble. Believe it or not, Bumble allows women to form their own cliques and groups that are exclusively just for them. The BFF feature is how they can communicate with their peers, friends and associates.

Bumble speaks out on controversial social topics such as gun violence, the organization partners with professional franchises about women’s empowerment and it also endorses the feminist agenda. Since Bumble’s creation, Whitney Wolfe is now recognized as a leading figure in the world of technology and business. She mingles with high profile celebrities, she is known in the inner circles of high powered tech companies and she is considered a leading figure in the modern feminist movement. She is doing a lot to take the world by storm.

Whitney Wolfe Takes Part In A Groundbreaking Founders Of Business

Whitney Wolfe Takes Part In A Groundbreaking Founders Of Business

Whitney Wolfe is impressive as a business leader. Some may even say that her work so far is on the level of being groundbreaking. She may be impressive as the only female business leader in the dating app industry. This is a hard industry to survive in because it is such a saturated market.

Whitney Wolfe knew this when she came in. She was aware because she already helped start a dating app called Tinder. This became one the most popular dating apps. Leaving Tinder meant that she would have to start all over and competed with a company she co-founded.

Fortunately, her awareness of the saturation of the dating app market gave her a great idea to make Bumble more than a dating app. Whitney Wolfe knew that it would be difficult to compete with other sites that specialize in dating only. The market was already so incredibly saturated that she believed that her ability to attract the crowd would be much easier when she appealed different sectors of social media.

She knew that some people that utilize Bumble BFF for making friends might eventually endeavor info Bumble dating. She believed that this was the same scenario for those that may have been interested in Bumble Bizz.

Whitney Wolfe has been smart enough to realize that there were different levels to building her business. She did not start with all of these facets Bumble right away. Bumble dating is what she tackled in the beginning, but she knew that it would be to her advantage to also incorporate these other facets of social media as well. These would be the things that would drive her to success. These would also be the concepts that would make Bumble stand out as more than just a dating environment. The large number of people utilize her app come from different backgrounds. They have different perspectives and they have different needs. Whitney knew that her app could make a difference.

She also realized that there was a great amount of influence that she had as a business leader. Wolfe wanted to be a trailblazer for other women.

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Freedom Checks Secure Your Future Financially

Freedom Checks Secure Your Future Financially

The United States President Richard Nixon believed that it was necessary to promote the growth of the oil and energy companies. To do that, he waived off a considerable amount of tax on the energy companies and also encouraged investment in the natural resources company among the public. As per the law he introduced, these companies, also known as Master Limited Partnerships, provides investors with generous returns quarterly or even months at times. Matt Badiali, one of the leading names in the world of natural resources sectors, says that investing in MLPs is a good thing for people looking to invest in MLPs.

Matt Badiali says that investing in MLPs would help people secure their future as it would provide them with consistent returns on a regular basis. Many people are unaware of the fact that MLPs exist or how much returns they offer. If you are not looking to invest in risk opportunities then investing in MLPs is the right thing to do. If you don’t know which MLPs to invest in, then Matt Badiali would be able to guide you in the right direction and help you get Freedom Checks. With the years of firsthand experience he has in the energy sector, he has been able to identify several companies that he knows would grow tremendously in future.

Matt Badiali says that by investing in these companies, it would become much more comfortable for the people to earn their Freedom Checks. It is necessary that people take the right steps towards wealth creation while there’s still time as it is what would help people secure future financially. Matt Badiali promises people Freedom Checks who follow the investment strategy that he elaborates more on his financial newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist. As the senior editor and natural resources expert at Banyan Hill Publishing, he has been able to gain a considerable following in the world of finance due to accurate market predictions he has been able to make in the past few years. Many people who have followed his investment strategy has been able to achieve their financial goals and have diverse investment portfolio they know would provide them with Freedom Checks consistently.

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Clayton Hutson And Kid Rock Expect To Put On An Amazing Show For Kid Rock’s New Tour

Clayton Hutson And Kid Rock Expect To Put On An Amazing Show For Kid Rock’s New Tour

Clayton Hutson is a stage manager, production manager, and the owner of his own live entertainment production company where he serves many musical stars. He always works with the artist he is serving to ensure that their vision is turned into a reality once they hit the stage. He learned how to produce amazing musical shows the right way, by working in a spread of different positions in the industry so he gained an understanding of every moving part. This has made him a jack of all trades within the industry, and his services have been used by artists like Pink, Alice and Chains, Guns N’ Roses, and many others. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock just recently finished up a musical tour, and since it was such a huge success, Kid Rock decided to hire Hutson for his next tour. Hutson has a gift for fulfilling the artistic visions of the musicians he works with and is known to put in a lot of hours to make sure that everything is done right. He looks into the future when working on an event so that he knows anything that might come up during the event. This means that he is always as prepared as he can be for mishaps or other troubles that many other production managers have a hard time dealing with. To Hutson, this is just part of the job, and he also relies on the competence of his team to take care of the many details that need to be covered to run a successful musical event.


Clayton Hutson received his theatre design and technical production degree while attending Central Michigan University. He worked within the industry during his time in school by helping to set up equipment, working with lighting, and taking care of the audio aspects of a show. On top of working with Kid Rock, he is working with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their “Soul2Soul” tour, which will be visiting many locations in the United States, Canada, and some in the U.K. Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock are also set to put on an amazing show for Kid Rock’s new tour, and Hutson will be taking advantage of new developments in the world of music and stage show technology. Hutson is currently continuing to grow his own production company and is finding plenty of success with this endeavor. He works with a range of budgets and artists and expects to put on plenty of more exciting shows before he is finished in the industry.

Ara Chackerian Betters Mental Healthcare through the Introduction of TMS Healthcare

Ara Chackerian Betters Mental Healthcare through the Introduction of TMS Healthcare

Mental health is an important aspect of life. There are many forms of mental disorders. Some of these cases are isolated because specialized medical attention is needed. That is where Ara Chackerian comes in. He is a serial investor and a dedicated philanthropist out to offer excellent services in the healthcare sector. For him, investing in healthcare has been one of the best decisions he has made since he has a chance to help those who have been diagnosed with any mental disorder.


Apart from that, Chackerian is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is a managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings, a company that focuses on investing in healthcare companies that are in their early stage. He is also the owner of TMS Health Solutions. This is a treatment provider of magnetic stimulation for patients with resistant depression.



Before working with TMS Health Solutions, he was a dedicated entrepreneur and investor. He mainly focused on health-tech in addition to service field. For more than a decade, he invested time and effort in finding viable solutions for his business and the companies he worked with. Some of these companies include BMC Diagnostics and PipelineRX. Additional roles he has played include serving as an executive at Mint Medical Education.


Chakerian is also a philanthropist. He is dedicated to the environmental causes including Limonapa, SA. This is a sustainable reforestation plantation situated in Nicaragua. He also supports JUMA Ventures and Nor Luyce. For more details visit LinkedIn.


TMS Solutions was formed when Ara Chackerian and his business partner thought of extending their experience in establishing out-patient healthcare. They spent a decade creating a network of facilities in Northern California. A long-time service provider thought that it was crucial to look into transcranial magnetic stimulation. Through their research and technological advancements, they were able to come up with viable treatment for different therapeutic cases. The efficacy of the medication has been explicitly proven for patients with depression. Aside from that, Ara Chackerian has instigated constructive policies in his facility. These policies guide the staff by streamlining operations. He is confident that TMS Solutions will offer more milestones to finding treatment for mental disorders. Visit their website for more.


Class Dojo Works To Spread Kindness

Class Dojo Works To Spread Kindness

Class Dojo is a communication platform that creates active communities between teachers, parents, and students. Connecting these groups is actually a way to develop empowerment within that group. Certainly, Class Dojo is changing the way that people communicate on many levels. Recently, Class Dojo announced that their communication platform was drawing up an idea. This idea is about building kindness. The thought is that this idea will reach millions of Class Dojo families along with many that are not involved with Class Dojo personally. Developing kindness at an early stage in life leads to better child development, according to leading researchers connected with Class Dojo.

Kindness Is Contagious

The fact is that kindness is contagious. It spreads dramatically through a group and reaches further out to the adjoining community. This summer, Club Dojo is encouraging millions of Club Dojo families to spread kindness through one simple act of kindness. It’s a nine week series that will help kids develop this habit. One researcher states that developing kindness at an early age, helps the child develop empathy and compassion. Certainly, these are two personality traits that are required for a young person to grow up into a successful adult on multiple levels.

Kindness And Empathy

If a child does not have the kindness trait, it is extremely difficult to develop empathy for others. Empathy is required to develop positive communication skills as adults. Empathy is understanding another’s feelings and caring. This is the way to build a strong and creative community among students, parents, and teachers. In addition, many researchers predict that empathy will play a strong role in the job market within the next decade. The most successful career people are the best communicators that have developed a strong empathy for others.

Club Dojo

Club Dojo is a communication platform that brings together students, teachers, and parents to build a stronger educational system in this country. Their strong belief is that developing social-emotional skill in the classroom produces a very compassionate, kind, and caring adult. In addition, Club Dojo believes that strong communication is all about building a strong community and a positive culture between classrooms and schools.

Finances- Paul Mampilly

Finances- Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is known for his excellent work and developments in the finance industry. Paul has academic credentials that suit his career since he graduated from the University of Fordham in 1991 and after that started working at the Bankers Trust in the Wall Street as the assistant portfolio manager. Along the way, he also ventured into investments while he was still working at various legal firms. He saved enough money to fund a Kinetics Asset Management company in 2006, which required $6 billion as the starting capital. Paul Mampilly came top and got an award in Templeton Foundation prestigious competition due to his wealth of knowledge and skills at his work during the 2008 to 2009 financial crisis year which proved a significant milestone for the company in the finance industry.

While working at the Wall Street, Paul reached a point where he felt that Bankers Street was no longer making notable developments and thought that the better solution was to exit the company and work for big companies where he could also get the opportunity to work with other many people at an individual level. He retired from his work at the age of forty-two. Today, Paul Mampilly works as an advocate in the financial industry and teaches people how to invest wisely. He has featured in programs such as CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV, Kiplinger’s where he shares his wealth of knowledge in investments with many people globally. There are many Newsletters published by Paul including Profits Unlimited that includes financial advice that is geared towards helping the ordinary citizen on getting information about paychecks. The newsletters guide the users on the type of stocks that are expected to have good returns in the future hence making them have informed choices.

In 2016, Paul Mampilly started working at the organization that manages Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. His newsletters are published weekly for the subscribers to follow on the market trends. Paul has a twenty-five-year experience in the finance industry and has been known to offer financial advice to the European aristocracy, Templeton Foundation, Fortune 500 and Swiss private banks. He is also known to provide excellent skills to new businesses by choosing great business products and models.

Neurocore: An Alternative Treatment For Depression

Neurocore: An Alternative Treatment For Depression

Depression affects 16 million Americans every year and is more common than many other mental illnesses. It does not matter how old you are, your gender, or the presence of obvious causes. Unfortunately, many will not seek out help due to the stigma associated with the disorder. However, it affects people significantly and there are still some unknown facts about it. Some of these include the following:

-Although depression can be triggered by a traumatic life event, many people who develop it have it in their family history.

-Some of the signs can include sleep problems, feelings of numbness, and weight difficulties.

-Some people afflicted may not show any outward signs at all even though they are struggling greatly with negative thoughts, for example. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

-People who suffer from depression can have physical problems that go along with it such as headaches, stomachaches and muscle tension.

-Many people who are depressed are also suicidal and this needs to be taken seriously.

-Depression is the number one cause of employment disability in the world.

-Even though as many people die from depression related suicide as breast cancer, it receives much less funding.

-However, everyone who suffers from depression can find help no matter how severe their case.

-Many are treated with therapy and medication but alternative methods such as neurofeedback therapy are promising.


At Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, neurofeedback therapy is used to treat depression. First of all, Neurocore evaluates the functioning of your brain by studying its electrical activity. This assists staff in determining the depression causes and tailoring a neurofeedback treatment plan to suit your needs.

Neurofeedback treatment involves a 45-minute session that harnesses your brain’s neuroplasticity (which is its changeability.) Your brain will learn how to function more effectively during the treatment which will, in turn, cause your heart and breathing function to improve.

Neurocore can help you whether you are barely functioning or are completely overwhelmed and non-functional due to depression. Clients who complete Neurocore’s treatment report a “clinically important” decrease in depression symptoms of 84%. That is significant and the care Neurocore provides is definitely worth considering. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.