How Kevin Seawright Seeks To Revitalize Baltimore

How Kevin Seawright Seeks To Revitalize Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is a resident of Baltimore, Maryland, who has expertise in financial and administrative operations. He worked is a variety of managerial roles for the city Of Baltimore and was also at Baltimore City Community College where he was an Executive Director of Operations. He attended Almeda University, earning his MBA there in 2006, and also earned an Executive Leadership accreditation from Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame.

Starting in January 2015, Kevin Seawright has served as the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner of RPS Solutions LLC. RPS Solutions, which stands for Real Property Solutions, is a company which is dedicated to providing affordable housing to the citizens of Baltimore.

Crunchbase revealed that Kevin Seawright has said that a community which includes plenty of owner-occupied homes is a strong neighborhood with lower crime rates and greater economic status. People who own their own homes have more stable lives and the ability to create wealth as home values naturally rise.

AT RPS Solutions, they build homes either from the ground up or buy existing homes that they then renovate. Seawright oversees the 20 contractors that they use on these projects and also manages the company’s day to day operations. His company also makes use of volunteers which he oversees as well.

In June 2016, Kevin Seawright made an appearance on a local radio station. He was interviewed on the Larry Young Morning Show where he talked about what he and his company are trying to accomplish.

He said that the homeownership rate in Baltimore is about 48%. By creating more affordable housing he is looking to boost that rate to 66% of homes being occupied by its owners. This will help not just the new homeowners but everyone else as homeownership is a key in creating a more stable and sustainable socioeconomic environment for all of the city’s residents.

One community that Kevin Seawright recently completed was in the Belvedere Square neighborhood of Baltimore. This neighborhood is already thriving as a number of new homeowners have purchased affordable homes. Seawright and his team were able to renovate homes, and bring in homeowners by connecting them with mortgage providers.

Lori Senecal will Leave a Legacy at CP+B

Lori Senecal will Leave a Legacy at CP+B

After taking the role of global CEO of MD Partners agency CP+B in March 2015, Lori will retire by the end of this year. This role was new for the agency. Before this, Mrs. Lori was the president and CEO of MDC Partners Network, a role she held whiles still the chief executive officer of CP+B.

According to co-founder and chairman, Chuck Porter, Lori has helped CP+B becomes a global agency with the flexibility of a new business. The company is smarter and efficient thanks to her.

One of the major achievements of the organization under the leadership of Lori was landing the Amerian Airlines in October 2015. CP+B managed to take the account from TM Advertising, which it held for over 25 years.

Now the agency has the right structure in place, Lori and Porter is keen to develop a good leadership team. They want to ensure that the agency has excellent leadership moving forward, and want to ensure a smooth transition upon the retirement of Lori at the end of the year.

The next generation of leadership is already taking shape. Daniel Aldrich was recently elevated to president of CP+B West, which is a combination of CP+B Boulder & CP+B Los Angeles. He once served as one of the managing directors of CP+B Boulder and helped land the American Airlines account and Hershey’s.

The ten offices of the agency led by headed by entrepreneurs with a passion for seeing CP+B Succeed. Lori discovered that the key to sharing resources seamlessly is by elevating the regional leaders and the result would be the top talent to the company’s client partners.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a powerful woman in the advertising industry with a reputation of being brought into agencies that are undergoing important transition times, and in need of globalization strategy and a path for evolution.

Before CP+B, she was the head of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal. She helped elevate the shop from U.S.– focused ad agency to a global player with extensive resources in technology, content creations, and Start-up investments. Senecal has also led international accounts like Coca-Cola, Nestle, and BMW.

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Equities First Holdings Does Good Business

Equities First Holdings Does Good Business

They say that the key to success in business is location, location, location. The truth be told there are a lot of other factors that weigh in just as well. But, many businesses can tell you that a good location is what keeps their sales afloat, and those who have the chance to get in cheap should go for it. Such is the case for Equities First Holdings as it relocates one of their office to Melbourne to make the office more accessible to clients.

This new location is just one of three that the company has in Australia, with locations in Sydney and Perth as well. And, all three of these offices do the same thing. That is they provide clients with loans based on stock, so these business can expand, make investments or use the funds as they see fit. This is possible because stock-based loans have no restrictions and many of them are non-recourse in their nature.

This is very fitting with the structure of Equities First Holdings, as the company has offices in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. However, the company’s headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana located in the United States. The year of its establishment is 2002.

They specialize in providing clients with innovative financing solutions that get results when it comes to their business needs. It is all about coming up with the capital to keep stocks publicly traded across the globe. It just a simple task that needs to be done so that international markets can continue the exchange of goods and commodities over borders and large bodies of water. Really, it is just another day at the office for Mitchell Hopwood, managing director for Equities First Holdings. Anyone who is personally wealthy or highly associated with a wealthy business should get in contact with Equities First Holdings, to see just helpful they can be in growing more wealth or troubleshooting persistent financial worries.

Susan McGalla As A High Performing Business Woman In The Corporate World

Susan McGalla As A High Performing Business Woman In The Corporate World

Susan McGalla is one of the prominent business professionals in the United States. For over one decade of work experience, Susan McGalla has developed working solutions to those who need fast income to get better business results in the rapid world of entities. If you were willing to expand your business arena, be sure to activate your incoming generational business where animated solutions can offer the best significance in the industry. In this case, no one is anticipated to generate working solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Susan McGalla has led the industry through innovation and sustainability factors that never degrade its business through bad intentions. Susan McGalla has enough experience to develop a working business that will never fail given other business factors remain constant.


Many women in the society want to achieve better business solutions through animated capabilities. Women have not been forgotten behind in business and innovation. For this reason, they are keeping up with the trend in developing companies and businesses that are adopted on a massive scale in the industry. If you are always struggling with independent solutions, be sure to achieve this result through agitated capabilities. Those who are willing to achieve more in the industry must also be willing to risk more in the attempt to become leaders in this business capability. Susan McGalla is also considered as the best business leaders among all American business leaders of the female category.


Lack of women in the boardroom has never been achieved in the industry. If you have a company whose board has no inclusion of women leaders, be sure that you will lose the female point of view in the company. A complete company must have a woman to share the needs specified by the woman acceptance capability. For this reason, they always struggle to activate better business solutions in a manner that is not anticipated in the industry. Susan McGalla has also led in advocating for the women leader’s rights in the United States. For all her career in the industry, she has always stayed ahead of the rest in the issuance of incorporated income.


Powerful women in the world of finance have developed accelerated income. For many years, women have been shying off from taking leadership roles in companies and enterprises. However, this trend has been revolutionized by Susan McGalla as the best woman leader in the United States.

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How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Putting the Pressure on Amazon

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Putting the Pressure on Amazon

There are not too many companies out there that would even consider the thought of taking on Amazon, especially a company that is only a few years old. That is exactly what Kate Hudson and her company Fabletics are doing, and in three short years the company has crushed the fashion market online, despite Amazon commanding over 20% of that space. In just a few short years, Fabletics has made over $250 million and they are showing no signs of slowing down.


When Kate Hudson was asked how she was able to succeed in fashion industry where others have crashed and burned, she credits her success to the reverse-showrooming technique her company employs. This business model makes it easier for women to buy active-wear, whether in her stores or online, it really doesn’t matter to Hudson. She says it is all about convenience, high-quality active-wear, and low pricing. Women can walk into the retail stores, open an account, then try on anything they want without the pressure to buy anything.


Here is where the success of her company lies. Hudson says that when women get home at night and can relax, they return to the Fabletics website and can see everything they tried on in the store. Now they can buy with a clear head, or continue shopping now that they know what sizes and styles fit them best. Unlike Amazon, women get to see the merchandise, touch it, put it on, and then make a more informed buying decision. Her frustrations with buying clothing online, only to return it because it did not fit correctly was part of her thinking in the reverse-showing process.


So how can this simple technique turn a company from nothing to a quarter billion dollar company in a few years? You have the backing of a famous celebrity who everyone knows combined with the subscription mechanics that makes it a breeze for women to shop online and get high-quality active-wear without any of the hassle.


Here is how it works, open an account either online or in the retail outlet. Fill out the Lifestyle Quiz, then each month you will see a new item chosen to match you perfectly in the cart. You can buy it, cancel it, or keep shopping, nothing ever ships to you without your permission. Ease of shopping, low pricing, and top quality active-wear, the key to the success of Fabletics.

Rona Borre Creates History With Her New Company

Rona Borre Creates History With Her New Company

Rona Borre went to college, graduated and worked very successfully for a large staffing company where she broke every sales record that had ever existed for that firm. Thinking that she had accomplished all that was possible with that company, she formed Instant Alliance, her own staffing company in 2001.  To read more about Instant Alliance and Borre, visit

She started with just her bulldog Henry as her companion as she worked initially from a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo. But now, 15 years later she is the CEO of one of the fastest growing firms of her kind in the United States. From her downtown Chicago office she and a full staff of high-powered account executives, she hires professionals in the technological and finance areas, for these are the types that growing companies need to get them to the next level.  Check this related article on

One thing she learned to do early in the staffing industry is to interview the corporate leaders in the hiring company to infinity if necessary, to determine who and what kind of new employee fits the bill. The culture of the company is very important as well. Then Borre and her people comb the bushes for just the right candidates. This method works well.

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The ratio of interviews to hire is 3:1 and only 1% of those hired ever leave, and this figure covers all 15 years of the history of Instant Alliance. This figure is unheard of in the industry.

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Kim Dao Blogs Her Tokyo Q&A Session With Odigo Travel

Kim Dao Blogs Her Tokyo Q&A Session With Odigo Travel

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao does a lot of traveling. If you want to get a good sense of just how busy Kim Dao’s life really is, then you should watch a video entitled “PACKING! Last day in TOKYO | Meet & Greet | Vlogmas #16 | KimDao ft. Sunnydahye.” In this video, you’ll experience a full day in Tokyo with both Kim Dao and her Korean friend Sunnydahye.


Kim Dao starts her blog session explaining how she is going to meet with Sunnydahye for lunch and then go to a Q&A event hosted by Odigo Travel. She also says that she is traveling to South Korea tomorrow and needs to get packing. A few other YouTubers Kim says will be featured in this blog include Chris Broad (aka “Abroad in Japan”) and Rachel & Jun.


A few moments later, Kim Dao is at a restaurant with Sunnydahye. Kim orders a hamburger with corn, peapods, and hash browns. She offers Sunnydahye some of her corn, but Sunny says she actually doesn’t like corn.


The blog then jumps to Kim Dao packing her things for her trip to Korea. She frantically searches for her Korea bag with only 30 minutes to spare before heading out to dinner.


Finally, Kim Dao arrives at a restaurant with all her YouTuber friends. She decides to order a grilled beef plate Brazilian style. Since Kim doesn’t care for veggies, she ends up giving them all to Jun.


The video closes with Kim Dao and her fellow YouTubers at the Odigo Travel event. After the event, Kim Dao and Sunnydahye rush to catch a train to Narita International Airport and get some shuteye in the capsule hotel.


Sam Boraie Partners with Basketball Star

Sam Boraie Partners with Basketball Star

Sam Boraie is known to many as the vice president of a company known as Boraie Development. The company specializes in real estate ventures, and it has built several buildings in New Brunswick. The real estate company is considered to be a pillar of the New Brunswick community, and recently, it expanded to provide its services to Atlanta City and Newark region. For more details visit his Crunchbase profile.

Several years ago, the Boraie Development decided to team up with Shaquille O’Neal, a respected basketball start in the country. The main of the partnership was to bring the residents in the community a luxury residential building. Experts say that the complex cost around sixty million dollars, and it was only available to the individuals living in Newark for rent when it was completed. The basketball star only wanted to give back to the community, and this was a perfect way. Boraie Development, on the other hand, was also willing to take part in the great venture that would help the residents. Apart from the rental complex constructed by Boraie Development, the residents will have access to retail development, brand new movie theaters, and market rate housing. The residents were very excited when the theater was completed several months ago. The attendance of the theater is believed to have doubled after the competition.

After its competition, the classical theater in the area appointed Sam Boraie in its board of trustees. In the last summer, the company, under the leadership of Sam Boraie sponsored a series known as State Theatre Free Summer Movie. The series lasted for several months, and it focused on showing family-friendly programs such as Monster University, Despicable Me 2, Frozen and several others. The programs were free to the communities, and they gave the families and their friends an opportunity to gather and enjoy the movies while seating in the historic venue.

According to PR Newswire, Sam Boraie and his Boraie Development are considered to be the great pillars in the in the New Brunswick region. The company was established by his father several years ago, and it has done a lot for the community. Apart from constructing beautiful residential houses, the company offers affordable housing to needy families.

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Women in Leadership with Lori Senecal

Women in Leadership with Lori Senecal

Women are rising through the corporate ladder to become top executives. Those who have succeeded in this venture attribute their success to hard work and determination. What’s more, networking can play a major role in success. Lori Senecal is one such woman, and she is considered an influential figure in the marketing industry. She maintains social media presence where she networks with clients. She has profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. She often talks about the issues affecting the marketing industry on these platforms. She has lived her entire life in the city of New York.

Amongst her greatest skills is the digital strategy, advertising, integrated marketing as well as hiring and recruiting. Lori Senecal is a product of the fine education she received as a young person as she holds a degree in Commerce where she specializes in finance and marketing. She attended McGill University for her undergraduate degree. She was fortunate to land a job after college with Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal where she took the position of chief executive officer and president. She worked with this company for two years and seven months. Later on, she worked with MDC Partners as the president and the chief executive officer. This was back in the year 2014.

At the moment, Lori Senecal acts as the global executive officer of a company called CP+B. Her main responsibility with this company is to oversee the global expansion and growth of the firm. At the same time, she is expected to coordinate with the company’s other nine offices in her current position. According to her superiors and fellow workers, she has recorded significant progress since joining the company. The greatest achievement is transforming the culture of this firm. She has also introduced innovative ideas, and she focuses on talent. This progress has made her be nominated for an award known as the Creativity Innovators of the Year. She has also won another award known as Agency Executives to Watch in the year 2016.During her time with KBS, she also recorded remarkable growth as she was able to grow the company from a 250 firm to a 900 company. Above this achievement, she also managed to grow the company outside the United States of America. The firm was also recognized as the best place to work in the US under her leadership. Outside this company, Lori Senecal works as a board member of the Ad Council.

Researching Podcast Advertising With PodcastOne and Norman Pattiz

Researching Podcast Advertising With PodcastOne and Norman Pattiz

The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz has announced a recent partnership with Tom Webster, who is the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research. This partnership is resulting in a series of studies, that looks at the results of several advertising tests. The study was with five major national brands, that was across five various service and product categories.

At the end of 2016, the first study of pre-campaign and post-campaign for podcast advertisers was conducted. This resulted in a significant impact for podcast advertising in a positive way. The study had various key findings.

Sixty percent of the listeners mentioned a certain grocery brand during the post-campaign. Product awareness among listeners increased. After the study, many of the listeners had a favorable opinion of the automobile product and many people would consider purchasing a lawn and garden item, after listening to the campaign.

At the request of PodcastOne, Edison Research conducted three extensive studies. These studies occurred in 2016. These three studies were to see the effectiveness of advertising during podcasts. Within these advertisements, some of the brands were well known, others were just launching.

The lesser known brands were looking for awareness. Each advertisement ran for 4 to 6 weeks. This was enough time to really be an effective approach to getting the brands to the listeners. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

According to Biz Journals, Norman Pattiz stated that the core focus was to verify that podcasts would be a good avenue for advertisers. The results of the three studies prove what they have been thinking all along. Tom Webster of Edison Research stated that he and his team were excited to work with PodcastOne and Norman Pattiz.

Edison Research was also excited to work with the five leading brands. As they conducted the study and did further research on the effects before and after the study. Edison Research came to the conclusion that advertising on a podcast can be very effective.

Norman Pattiz is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Norman Pattiz also founded a media company called Courtside Entertainment Group to produce digital content. With his company PodcastOne, their popularity soared, making them the leading distributor and producer of digital programming.

PodcastOne has a line-up of celebrity personalities that are heard on the airwaves each and every day. The company produces more than 200 podcasts. Norma Pattiz was appointed to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. He was appointed to serve on that board by President Bill Clinton and appointed again by President George Bush.