How the Chainsmokers Became Two of the Best-Paid DJs Ever

How the Chainsmokers Became Two of the Best-Paid DJs Ever

“Don’t let me down.” “Closer.” “Something just like this.” “This feeling.” These names are familiar to millions of teenagers around the world, and they are probably very familiar to you as well. They are some of the most popular songs of the band “The Chainsmokers,” created by two guys who really loved electronic music and made one of the most successful names in the industry.

This EDM/Pop band was created by Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall when they met each other and realized that they had the potential to create one of the most influential bands of the genre. However, with their names appearing in the American Music Awards, Grammy Awards, and the Billboard Music Awards, they admitted that they could never have predicted the amount of positive feedback that this passionate project would receive.

Forbes has recently announced that the duo earned, in 2018, up to $45.5 Million from their biggest year yet. They were featured on Forbes’ list of highest-paid DJs in the entire world, being among stars like Steve Aoki, Diplo, and David Guetta.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall met each other when they had a familiar contractor. Both were already amateur DJs, and Alex Pall was even working here and there, but nothing stable or fixed. Andrew Taggart already had an account in SoundCloud where he would occasionally post self-composed tracks that had their own legion of fans and loyal listeners.

The Chainsmokers, since that time, has been among the most successful bands of recent times, and the group’s rise to the top came out of nowhere, having been in activity only since 2008.

Already in 2014, the duo received prestigious nominations from the Teen Choice Awards, and the same happened in 2016, the year where they acquired massive success in the media. It was in 2016 that The Chainsmokers won the Favorite Electronic/Dance Music Artist nomination from the American Music Awards.

Since then, they also won the Top Dance/Electronic Artist nomination from the Billboard Music Awards and the Top Dance/Electronic Song, Top Collaboration and Top Hot 100 Song as well.

The band continues to create new tracks and to win awards, with 2018 being one of the most successful years for them.

Dick Devos and the FAA

Dick Devos and the FAA

Last year, the Federal Aviation Administration made some changes, including the creation of the Management Advisory Council. The council consisted of 13 members who help the FAA by providing advice on policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth. The council is made up of former transportation authorities as well as airline executives. However, one name stands out as neither.


Dick Devos was appointed to the Management Advisory Council in September 2017. As the last member appointed, his nomination was praised by the CEO of Southwest, who had previously worked with Devos, as well as the CEO of Gerald R. Ford International Airport. It was actually these two business partners who created a legend out of Devos’ involvement in the expansion of the little executive airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Since the 1900s, Grand Rapids has always had an airport, but it has always been a smaller executive-style airport that didn’t service as many flights as it could. Devos had been obsessed with flying since he was young and had several pilot licenses. He also had private jets and helicopters as well that he flew out of the airport. It was one of the reasons why it was so easy for him to partner up with the CEO of the airport and start expanding.


In 1999, the airport re-launched as the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Devos saw some real opportunities to make the airport into a business traveler’s destination. However, he knew that the airport would have to open up far more flight destinations and terminals to be able to support new business. He saw his first opportunity and seized it, calling the CEO of AirTran Airway to get support. The CEO would be able to open up four new flights at the Grand Rapids location. These flights would include Orlando, St. Louis, Vegas, and Denver.


All of these locations were areas where business travelers frequented for conventions and seminars. Devos was going to see to it that Grand Rapids was going to be another destination for business travel. He worked with airlines to support a $45 million renovation that will be completed by the end of 2018. The new expansion includes more terminals as well as a business traveler center and new food court area.


This story is one of the reasons why Devos has become synonymous with entrepreneur. He has been seen as one of the quintessential businessmen for our time, and he has led multiple businesses to greater heights including the family-owned Amway, as well as several businesses under his private equity firm The Windquest Group.


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Jason Hope Donates A Startling $500,000 To Advance Research That Will Help To Fight Age-Related Diseases

Jason Hope Donates A Startling $500,000 To Advance Research That Will Help To Fight Age-Related Diseases

The Sens Research Foundation has been hosting the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference for years now. The goal of the nonprofit organization is to treat or combat the negative symptoms associated with aging. Aubrey de Grey is the chief science office and founder of SENS, and Jason Hope has been following his work for some time. Hope is a tech entrepreneur and philanthropist who has a strong interest in biotechnologies, and he knows that the mission of SENS is to treat age-related diseases before they ever occur.

Jason Hope always does his research before dedicating himself to help an organization out. After looking into the work of the SENS Foundation, he decided to donate $500,000 to help it build the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. Some of his money will also help the organization to begin a new research program. Hope commented during an interview about how happy he was to be able to help the SENS Foundation. He has been studying the effects of aging, himself, and understands the value that the foundation will be providing to the world. For more information read about Jason Hope at

Jason Hope is a well known figure to many in the business world, and because of this, he has been able to shine a light on the work of the SENS Foundation. SENS is currently working on a development program it has called AGE-breaker. Any drug that fits into the program must be able to break down advanced glycation end products. These are metabolic waste products that build with age and are part of the reason for arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis. Jason Hope has been disappointed that there hasn’t been a lot of research covering glycation end products but is glad that the SENS Foundation is doing so.

Jason Hope is an investor and tech entrepreneur who was born in Tempe, Arizona. He received his bachelor’s degree in finance while attending Arizona State University and continued on to earn his MBA while studying at the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He has been recognized on a global level for his entrepreneurial success and serves his community and the world as a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs. When Hope isn’t learning more about the coming changes in the world of technology, he is helping nonprofit organizations to succeed with their missions. On top of the SENS Foundation, he has donated to a spread of local charitable organizations and nonprofits who help to improve the community he lives in.



How Peter Briger’s Unique Business and Investment Skills Led to His Success in the Financial Industry

How Peter Briger’s Unique Business and Investment Skills Led to His Success in the Financial Industry

Peter Briger has built a very successful career in the finance and investment industry. He is a very capable leader and has proven to be a very savvy investor. He spent fifteen years at Goldman, Sach, and Company, and was named as one of its partners in 1996. During his time at this financial institution, he had a seat on a number of committees. Among these was the Asian Management Committee, the Japan Executive Committee, and the Global Control and Compliance Committee. His leadership roles at Goldman Sachs included heading the Whole Loan Sales and Trading department, the Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund LLC, and the Asian Real Estate Private Equity side of the company.

In 2002 he joined Fortress Investment Group, LLC. This is an alternative asset management firm where Peter Briger heads their real estate, natural resources, distressed debt, and intellectual property investments. He is a managing partner based in their San Francisco area office while the main office is located in New York City. The division he manages has 300 people in it who primarily focus on distressed, illiquid, and undervalued assets.

Over the course of his career, Peter Briger has acquired the moniker of being the “King of Debt”. While working at Goldman Sachs his ability to make money from debt led to him making money from delinquent mortgages in Asia as a troubled British power plant. He also bought and sold Thailand car loans and got involved with a South Korea adult beverage firm. What his strategy was is to buy the assets that the traditional sources of capital don’t want to deal with.

Once a market Peter Briger is involved with stabilizes he would will sell these distressed assets, earning a huge profit from taking the calculated risks involved. It seems pretty simple but the truth is you need to be really skilled in the world of business to pull this type of investment strategy off successfully. It was this skill and market savvy that made him a target for Fortress Investment Group which wanted him as one of their top executives and investment decision makers.

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Neurocore Helping People Increase Brain Performance

Neurocore Helping People Increase Brain Performance

Neurocore is one of the most innovative brain training and assessment centers based in Florida and Michigan. So far, Neurocore has eight brain training and performance centers and plans to open many more in the years to come. The popularity of neuroscience in the mental health world has been increasing rapidly, and Neurocore is at the forefront of this industry. Neurocore provides treatment that is affordable as well as result-oriented, and most of the people who come to Neurocore are the ones who have not been able to find the solution to their mental health issues the conventional way. The conventional methods of treating mental disorders are not holistic, and thus, it does not completely cure the problem.

Neurocore provides non-invasive mental health treatment with a very data-driven approach. With years of research in the field of neuroscience backing them, you can be sure that the treatment they would provide you would help you get the results you want. The adults and children who have received the treatment from Neurocore with the neuroscience applications have witnessed and experienced more positivity in their life, and their focus and performance have also improved drastically. Getting rid of the negative thoughts and being able to sleep well and perform better at work can be life-changing. Neurocore believes that the consistency is the key to success and thus, the patients are asked to come back for neurofeedback sessions from time to time. It helps in checking if there are any issues that need to be addressed or if there are any underlying symptoms that have been left untreated.

Brain training provided at Neurocore helps many athletes and professionals that need to do heavy physical activities to train their brains to perform efficiently and sustain the stress that follows. It has been used by many athletes looking to become more focused and to get excellent results. Neurocore is known to provide excellent results for them, and it is the reason why people keep coming back to them for more such treatments. They have a long list of happy clients who have received excellent treatments and encourage other people to try them too.

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Why Robert Ivy won the Noel Polk Achievement Award

Why Robert Ivy won the Noel Polk Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is renowned as the Chief Executive Officer and vice president of the American Institute of Architects. Robert won the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award which he was given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, which made him the first architect to win the prize. The award is given to living artists with extraordinary efforts of supporting, creating, and performing art. Ivy joined the list of former honorees who included actor Morgan Freeman, artist Walter Anderson, and writer Eudora Welty. Commenting on Ivy’s selection, the president of AIA Carl Elefante termed Ivy as a worthy ambassador of the artists through his career as an author, practicing architect and editor. He also added that Robert’s achievement, as a Mississippi native was both personal and professional gain in his career. Additionally, MIAL president Nancy LA Forge termed Robert Ivy as an architect who always makes architecture accessible in the public limelight. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.


Alpha Rho Chi previously recognized Robert as the master architect in March 2010. Robert Ivy had received other awards before he won the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. His communication skills the value of design made him join the list of former master architect award winners. They included I.M Pei, Buckminster Fuller, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, John Wellborn Root, Eliel Saarinen, Cass Gilbert, and Dr. Nathan Clifford Ricker. Clifford was the first architect to graduate in an American school of architecture. Another award that Robert Ivy had won is the Crain Award the highest individual recognition in the American Business Media in 2009. In 1998, Ivy won the Mc Graw-Hill Management Excellence Award. Additionally, he is a senior member of the Design Futures Council. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy is pursued his at the University of the South in Sewanee where he studied for his Bachelor of Arts degree from 1965 to 1969. He also did his Architectural Maters from 1973 to 1976 in the University of Tulane. Robert Ivy has led American Institute of Architects since 2011 having worked in companies like Architectural Records, Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy to name but a few from 1981 to 1996. He helped Architectural Records earn many publishing honors during his tenure as the editor in chief.


Impressionable Facts about Deirdre Baggot

Impressionable Facts about Deirdre Baggot

Based in Denver, Colorado, Deirdre Baggot has made an outstanding career for herself through her notable achievements. She is a healthcare strategist and payment expert that shared her counsel with other people concerning her field of specialization. Her extensive experience as a clinical expert has also played a significant role in helping her build her career. She seeks to bring reforms in the medical field through the numerous researches that she conducts. Being team oriented, the renowned medical expert has also striven to work closely with other experts in the field of medicine with the aim of meeting their set goals. Click here for more Related Articles.

She has implemented development strategies for over 200 hospitals in the country, and she aims at improving the medical practitioner`s relationships with their patients. The dedication she has shown towards her career has served a great deal to both patients and doctors through improving the entire medical sector and making medical services readily available and accessible to the patients. Additionally, she also advises a vast number of senior executive and physicians in the health sector with the aim of pinpointing the critical issues that they ought to address for the smooth running of the industry. She continues to inspire many people through her advocations, and she is today among the most sought out medical experts.

Deirdre Baggot has also received national recognition for her ground-breaking work, and this has motivated her to keep putting effort towards achieving the best. She is unstoppable when it comes to making her goals. She encourages medical experts to keep their executions and therapeutic approaches simple for the growth of the sector. Besides, she has also advocated for the scaling of competencies in the field to make it easier in the management of actuarial and clinical risks. The positive results achieved from her advocations are impressive, and as a result, she has inspired many people to continue putting more efforts towards bringing development in the medical field. Besides, she believes that every medical expert should be sure to adopt the winning strategy in their operations as by doing so, they are assured of achieving great results.

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Why OSI Food Solutions Is the Largest Food Processor in the globe

Why OSI Food Solutions Is the Largest Food Processor in the globe

Besides the awards, the number of employees or the number of branches, what makes companies exceptional? Over the years major companies have tried the market, but few have maintained their base. One company that has seen tremendous growth from its inception is the OSI food solutions. Founded in 1909, Chicago United States, the company has waded through several recessions to still maintain their name as one of the most exceptional companies of all time. Why are they one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies?

Exceptional Workforce

Every company that has succeeded in the many years of different financial times has had to maintain an excellent workforce. OSI Food solutions are not different, over the years it has had to refresh its workforce in a bid to stay relevant and remain as one of the largest privately owned food companies. The company boasts many helpful reviews, and it is ranked as one of the best companies to work for.

Cutting-edge technology

With OSI Food Solutions initially dealing with providing quality meat for its clientele, it transitioned to the OSI group following technology advancements that allowed it to supply quality affordable meals. With pressure piling on food suppliers and industries to identify and provide cheap products such as McDonald’s, OSI Food Solutions then Otto and Sons Company began using a new technology that would see food preserved and transported without the worry of being a health hazard. This led to the company having close ties with McDonald’s which has maintained until today. To know more about the company click here.

Increased production

In the coming years, OSI group increased its manufacturing processes. In 1977, it built its first chain in Utah West Jordan. Other American chains followed from late 1970. Later it built its first chain in Germany-which was a joint venture between it and McDonald’s. The large capitalization and management skills required to run the company led to the owners hiring Sheldon Lavin as the CEO. His professionalism and experience in the banking world proved critical for the company thereby overseeing a spike in revenues.


Over the years OSI Food Solutions has proved a worthy company that is ready to take risks. With the company starting operation in 1909, it has gradually grown from a small restaurant to a top 100 food company.

Angelo, Gordon and Gareth Henry

Angelo, Gordon and Gareth Henry

Angelo, Gordon & Co. is an organization that deals with the alternative investment that is based in New York. The company just announced that it has a new managing director as well as investor relations global head by the Gareth Henry. Gareth was formerly working with Fortress Investment Group as its global investment head for its Liquid Markets business. Mr. Gareth will be working directly under Lawrence M.v.D. Schloss, Angelo, Gordon’s president. In addition to this, Gareth will be a partner in the company. The company claims that with Gareth Henry in its management, they will be able to strengthen the experience that the team of the company has as they look forward to delivering the best servi8cesto its investors.

Gareth Henry is an executive who has a deep understanding of the international investor relations with a proven record when it comes to meeting the needs of clients. In addition to this, he has remarkable, international relationships that will allow the company to continue to develop on its relations foundation with its investors that the company has already established in Europe, US, and Asia according to Mr. Schloss.

Gareth Henry claimed that Angelo, Gordon is an organization that has built for itself an excellent reputation for providing strong returns in the industry including the market cycles. He said he was pleased to become part of the organization. Moreover, he claimed that he was looking forward to working with the talented investor relations that the organization has already established to bring about the desired results. With the investment professional in the company, Gareth is confident that the company will be able to achieve its goals.

Before joining Angelo, Gordon, Henry Gareth was working with Fortress Investment Group as its global head for its Fortress Liquid Markets investor relations. While serving at Fortress Investment Group, he spent much of his time to get clients as well as developing productive relations with the clients. He specialized in investor relations in the Middle East, African as well as European markets. As the head of the investor relations, Henry was able to assist the organization to develop and expand to more markets across the world.

The Chain Smokers: Including Brief Background and Interview Recap on New Single

The Chain Smokers: Including Brief Background and Interview Recap on New Single

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert make up American DJ and production group, The Chainsmokers. The group’s been around since 2012 and is from New York, New York. The group got advanced with their 2014 song “Selfie”. The song had been a top twenty single in many countries. Alex Pall is The group originally was made up of Alex Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler. So far the group has released one studio album in 2017 called “Memories…Do Not Open”. They have an upcoming album as well. On top of that they have fifteen music videos, and three EPs. The group also has a total of twenty-five singles.

They have recently released another single, a pop anthem called “Side Effects”. This song was performed with recurrent associate Emily Warren. Three days before they performed a unique show at Hollywood Palladium, this was in a partnership with Pepsi. However, that song was not sung at the concert. However, it was scheduled on July 28th to be sung with Warren at a performance in Atlantic City.

Andrew Taggert from the group explained in an interview with “billboard” that they enjoy writing songs about relationships of millennials for both good ways and bad ways. They write about observations they make. On top of that they compose songs regularly on making poor decisions. This is also being passionate in getting into them. This is also on staying in the moment as beauty is looked on in those tiny moments.

Something Taggert also explained in the interview that when a song is written it all goes down to the connection they have with them. He believes Emily Warren has a certain ability in assisting a person in having their story told. Also to note that she is smart. The Chainsmokers and Warren will sit down and have a conversation for four or five hours. After that a song will come from there. Alex Pall, showed his excitement in the interview about Warren on the record. He hopes that the world will love it because he thinks that its the moment everyone should know more about Warren.