Sergey Petrossov is a Successful CEO

Sergey Petrossov is a Successful CEO

Sergey Petrossov is best known for the work he has done as CEO of JetSmarter; however, he is not new to the business world. Before JetSmarter he co-founded two IT projects. One was an online chat system for customer service. The other was a distance learning platform for Russian-speaking educational institutions.

Sergey Petrossov has various awards to back up his success. He was awarded mention in Forbes’ “30 under 30” in Consumer Technology by Forbes. He was also awarded South Florida’s Top Working Professional. Sergey Petrossov has always been an innovative person. He likes to come up with ways to make things better. When he wanted to fly privately for the first time, he noticed things about the booking process that could have been done better. That is why he created JetSmarter. He knew that the technology needed an upgrade. He connected with a development team that he had worked with on other projects. He wanted to create an app that would connect private jet operators with flyers. The first version of JetSmarter was introduced in August of 2012. He connected with more vendors and partners; then was able to get additional funding. The official version of JetSmarter launched in March of 2013. Many people use this platform and think it is one of the best ways to travel.

Vijay Eswaran Is A Busy Entrepreneur Who Never Stops

Vijay Eswaran Is A Busy Entrepreneur Who Never Stops

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur, businessman, author, and active philanthropist. He has build himself a career from the ground up. Vijay rose to the occasion and became a prominent businessman in his country of Malaysia. Dr. Eswaran founded a number of companies throughout the years, but his most current company is reaching new levels of success. In 1998, the successful entrepreneur founded QI Group of Companies. He is also the executive chairman for the company.

Vijay Eswaran earned a degree in socio-economics from the London School of Economics. He continued on his educational pursuits and moved to the United States. He earned a Master of business administration degree in management from the Southern Illinois University. From school, to work, Vijay was completely dedicated to giving it his all.

The way Mr. Eswaran brings his ideas to life is communicating with others. The more, the merrier he says. The successful entrepreneur believes no ideas are completed in isolation. Taking in other people’s opinion and input is crucial to seeing an idea from all probable sides. One trend that really excited Mr. Eswaran is growing companies based on disruption. In fact, Vijay Eswaran based his first company on this concept. He had an idea that would revolutionize e-commerce, which at the time was basically non-existent.

He uses silence, meditation, and mindfulness as a way to keep him productive as an entrepreneur. It also keeps him grounded, so he can make smart business decisions. He currently resides in Hong Kong, Asia with his family. A typical day for the businessman is non-existent. He just makes sure to start the day with his phone. It lets him know what’s going on, what is on his schedule, and what new ideas are to be considered. Vijay is quite the workaholic, so he never stops working throughout the day.

“Marc Beer establishes Renovia Inc to address pelvic floor disorders in women “

“Marc Beer establishes Renovia Inc to address pelvic floor disorders in women “

Renovia Inc is a Meditech company that was started two years ago in Boston. Within 24 months, the company has already made some significant progress in accomplishing its goals. It is tough for a startup in the biotechnology industry to pick up within a short time, but it is happening for Renovia since it enjoys great leadership from an experienced CEO, Mr. Marc Beer. Recently, he closed $42 million Series B funding round which will help in accomplishing its goal of coming up with advanced medical technology devices that can be used in treating pelvic floor disorders. The issue of pelvic floor disorders is something that Marc Beer is concerned about and wishes that he can create a solution that will help millions of women around the world affected by these conditions to get the right medication.

In 2016, Renovia was launched and immediately closed the Series A funding round. The funds acquired from this round went into the acquisition of the technology being applied today and the initial groundwork for the development of the company. Now that the company has found the foundation needed, it is time to move to the other level of growth. The Series B funding will go to the commercialization of products, clinical tests of new products and corporate development.

Investors are impressed by in the progress it has made in the first two years of its operation. Longwood Fund, a prominent healthcare investment company contributed to the Series B funding round. There were also other investors who contributed since they are encouraged by the promising technology that is being invented at Renovia Inc. The products of that have been lined up by the company to address the issue of pelvic floor health in women have impressed many investors who believe that it will be a successful initiative since we are heading into a baby boomer generation where such conditions are likely to become more prevalent.

Since Renovia was founded two years ago, it has managed to bring new products to the market. The most popular of these products is the Leva pelvic digital health system for women. It is a system that has been designed to help women with pelvic floor disorders to perform the correct pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Without correctly doing these exercises, women cannot achieve the intended solution. In fact, many pelvic floor disorders are attributed to poor methods used to improve the pelvic floor strength.

Marc Beer is the founder and CEO of Renovia. He is determined to accomplish every goal that the company has set out to achieve. The graduate of Miami University has spent 25 years in fields where he has dealt with pharmaceuticals, devices, biotechnologies, and others, and therefore has the requisite knowledge needed to succeed at Renovia Inc. Learn more:

EOS & The Millennials’s Grip On Today’s Lip Balm Industry

EOS & The Millennials’s Grip On Today’s Lip Balm Industry

Oral care is one of the most successful industries in society today. There are a number of high-quality brands that fall under this category, and EOS just so happens to be one of the best. Evolution of Smooth’s rainbow orbs have helped to produce well-hydrated lips across the board. Some of the top beauty bloggers today rate EOS lip balms as their top pick. Heavy research and supreme marketing has resulted in an explosion of these products to the masses. One of the company’s most loyal customers fit into a category that’s under the age of 35. Yes, this is absolutely correct, and today’s millennials are the driving force of this eclectic brand.

In the United States alone, Evolution of Smooth has climbed the ranks and is now the best-selling lip balm product. The power of progressive marketing has worked its magic to the highest degree. Unlike Chapstick and Blistex, these egg-shaped orbs have evolved with the times. Jonathon Teller and Sajiv Mehra, the company’s founders, spent copious amounts of time researching the attributes that most people want. Despite lip balm being a female-dominated product, the industry itself focuses on having unisex appeal. This dynamic duo of individuals have found their niche, and they have done a phenomenal job of exploiting it to the fullest. During the development process, the founders decided to create an all-new style. The reason being for this action is because most women have complained about not being able to find standard-shaped lip balms inside of their purses.

The idea was rather brilliant, and it has paid-off in huge dividends. This brand has a plethora of flavors to choose from. On the other hand, some of its latest flavors include hibiscus peach, honeysuckle and acai. EOS lip balms are setting new trends by changing the status quo.

Dr. Dov Rand Supports Healthy and Natural Living

Dr. Dov Rand Supports Healthy and Natural Living

Dr. Dov Rand helps his patients to be as healthy as they can throughout the aging process. He’s very forward thinking, and when it comes to approaching healthcare, he tends to be very conventional. He understands that not every patient’s alike and because of this they need specialized care and treatment options to be available to them. Dr. Dov Rand is a firm believer in a holistic approach to healing, and he treats a wide array of issues including night sweats, hot flashed, and depression to name just a few. He believes in interactive conversations, and offering customized care as well as getting over hurdles in order to achieve optimum health.

Dr. Dov Rand offers many different treatment options including regenerative treatment plans, weight-loss plans, and hormone therapy. He used acupuncture and intravenous vitamin and mineral supplements known as IV Nutrient Therapy. He also uses bioidentical hormone therapy to treat his patients. There are many different imbalances that occur in the body simply because of the progression of age such as breast cancer, tooth decay, and heart disease.

As we age we lose important and beneficial hormones such as testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, and DHEA to name a few. Thyroid hormones and the human growth hormone, also known as HGH, also decreases significantly. One way to combat this is to take a synthetic form of HGH to help offset the weight gain and other unwanted symptoms caused by too little HCG.

Many men suffer from low testosterone which can cause symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, and even cancer. Low testosterone can be offset by taking hormone replacement in addition to weight training and psychological therapy. Dr. Dov Rand believes in therapy and customized treatment plans and in entire lifestyle changes such as exercise and healthy eating.

Dr. Dov Rand has proven that his techniques work and he is thoroughly committed to educating others. He attends numerous conferences, and he’s a role model for others to follow. Dr. Dov Rand shows his patients that there’s hope for a life free from pain and comfort and without the use of artificial medication.

Find more information about Dr. Rand´s medical method at

Attorney Rick Cofer Pushes Through Plastic Bag Ban In Austin

Attorney Rick Cofer Pushes Through Plastic Bag Ban In Austin

Rick Cofer grew up wanting to be an attorney and defend clients. After completing high school he became a student at The University of Texas at Austin in 2000. Four years later he graduated with honors in history and government. Cofer then attended The University of Texas School of Law and graduated with his JD in 2007.

After completing his law degree, Rick Cofer went into private practice for less than a year. In October 2009 he became an assistant county attorney in Travis County. In this role, he was a trial court division prosecutor and dealt with family violence cases.

His next career stop was as an assistant district attorney, again in Travis County. He prosecuted juvenile sex crimes as well as child abuse and cases involving sexual assault. He also prosecuted cases involving everything from murder to drug possession.

He is now a criminal defense attorney in Austin and has a law firm, the Law Office of Rick Cofer, PLLC. He says that the best defense is quite often the one that is least expected. He focuses on providing a great defense for each of his clients and crafts a unique approach for each one.

Rick Cofer is involved quite a bit with the broader Austin community. One example of this is being a leader in the fight to ban single-use plastic bags in Austin. The Austin City Council had started to study these types of bags in 2007 and whether it was possible to replace them with other bag types such as reusable bags and compostable plastic bags. In 2008, they passed a resolution that called for a voluntary reduction of single-use plastic bags.

The voluntary reduction didn’t achieve the results that were hoped for. A study commissioned by the City Council showed that the plastic bags were costing taxpayers about $850,000 each year. This didn’t even include the cots of getting them out of drain gutters or what effect they were having on wildlife and nature.

A law was passed in 2011 that would phase out plastic bags, something that Rick Cofer fully supported publicly. The ban went officially into place in 2013. The Laredo Merchants Association sued another city in Texas, Laredo, over their plastic bag ban. The result was that, after a series of appeals, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that plastic bag bans were unconstitutional.

Rick has spearheaded the ban of plastic bags in the city of Houston. After this law was struck down he said that many people in Austin planned to continue to refuse to use plastic bag regardless of the supreme court ruling, something that he fully supports and does so himself.

About Neurocore, Valentines Day and Depression

About Neurocore, Valentines Day and Depression

Holidays are a special time of the year for most people. This true for the traditional holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and it is also true for special days such as Valentines Day. When Valentine’s Day happens in February, it is a time for lovers to connect and for people in relationships to celebrate their happiness. However, if a person doesn’t have a lover or a partner to be in a relationship with; then Valentine’s Day can be a depressing time of the year. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Here’s what Neurocore has to say about depression. This condition is a natural part of life that often happens in life. People who do not get depressed should worry. Being depressed is a natural response that people experience when they encounter negative situations and events. Sometimes, people can get depressed due to the weather or changes in their physiology.

Depression comes in many different forms. However, most forms of depression do not hang around for the vast majority of people. In modern times, many people develop a form of depression that does not go away. This type of depression is often harder to get rid of. Neurocore is brain treatment center that understands how depression impacts and destroys peoples lives. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

They utilize neurofeedback therapies to help eliminate problems associated with condition. Neurofeedback addresses different forms of depression. This process was developed by Neurocore to evaluate the electrical signals within a person’s brain.

Once this information has been gathered by the organization they can then create a treatment plan that will help a specific individual with their particular form of depression. Neurocore knows that people need help in the area of depression during the holidays and they work hard to provide this service. There brain treatment therapies help depressed people to excel and to be better.


Paul Mampilly: Recap GazetteDay Article

Paul Mampilly: Recap GazetteDay Article

Paul Mampilly Is An Investment Expert And Successful Entrepreneur

Are you searching for information on how to achieve success in your business or investment ventures? Do you want to learn from someone who is highly successful in the business or investment world? Perhaps you are interested in learning more about Paul Mampilly and his success strategies.

Paul Mampilly is one of the leading investment professionals out there and has been in business for many years. Paul publishes a newsletter called Profits Unlimited and he is passionate about spreading the word about entrepreneurship and success strategies.

Paul Mampilly publishes his newsletter to enable people around the world to understand how things work in the investment field. He shares his success secrets with people who want to achieve success in their respective endeavors. He has 60,000 newsletter subscribers and continues his trend of making an investment recommendation and providing tips for success.

Investing in any opportunity is not something to be taken lightly. Investing requires great expertise and an expert like Paul can advise and guide ambitious individuals and help them take the right steps towards their goals.

His newsletter is written in a way that even a novice can understand how to proceed. Paul has a website where his subscribers can visit to track stocks. His subscribers rave about the quality of instruction and tips that are provided in his newsletter.

Subscribers receive instructions about what steps to take and reasons for trading. Trading can be easily done using a computer, tablet or phone. After trades are completed, subscribers receive updates on the newest stocks.

Paul has a system in place to answer subscribers’ questions. He has experienced customer service representatives who are available to assist subscribers with any concerns or questions they may have. These professionals can even walk subscribers through the essential steps of the investment or trading process.

Paul Mampilly has a good understanding of the industry and he has great expertise in identifying companies with great potential. If you want to improve your chances of achieving success in this industry, it’s imperative that you consider signing up as a subscriber of his newsletter. Can Blockchain Put an End to Identity Theft? Paul Mampilly Thinks So.

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