Steve Lesnard and the road to Nike

Steve Lesnard and the road to Nike

Given his track record at Nike, one of the most well-recognized athletic brands the entire world over, Steve Lesnard understands reinventing brands to the height of innovation. His expertise in the realm of sports gives him an edge when it comes down to knowing exactly what customers are interested in and what they are like.

The years of experience he has amassed led him to be more in tune with what customers search for while they shop, how data and technology factor into marketing and what is needed in order to constantly push the envelope for brands to reach their fullest potential. His expertise predates his massively successful times as a businessman and starts where he gained the tools necessary to help him succeed in the first place.

Growing up a dual citizen in Paris and Corsica and one of three siblings, Steve Lesnard saw sports as a positive influence from early on in his life. He not only thoroughly enjoyed the games he played in his childhood but he gained some skills that followed him well into adulthood. His parents worked tirelessly to support him and his siblings and that inspired Lesnard to make hard work and integrity core values that he used to achieve everything he set out to do.

While he was in business school in France working on his entrepreneur and international business, he never lost his love for sports as he was President of the sports club and set up the school sports and tournaments. Eventually, Steve relocated to America for his MBA in entrepreneurship at Babson College.

On completing his studies, Steve Lesnard went to New York City to work for luxury fashion brand Wolford as their marketing director. During his short tenure there, was tasked with opening retail stores and expanding the Wolford name throughout the nation.

However, his relocation to the west coast led him to his dream of working directly with sports. Working with marketing, management and development, Lesnard soon became CEO for a long period of time, representing athletes across many sports.