Richard Dwayne Blair Invests In His Clients’ Financial Goals

Richard Dwayne Blair Invests In His Clients’ Financial Goals

As the founder and owner of the Austin-based firm Wealth Solutions, Richard Dwayne Blair has been leading his clients to financial success for almost 25 years. As a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, Wealth Solutions was created to meet Richard’s goal of helping the citizens of Austin and its surrounding communities create the sound, economic strategies to meet life’s hurdles and build a secure retirement. Richard graduated from college with the goal of positively impacting his community, starting Wealth Solutions shortly after.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s ethos for his business is simple and straightforward. He utilizes a 3-pronged approach toward financial planning, or what he calls the “Three Pillar Approach”.

Pillar 1

This initial phase is the most important for Richard. This is the time for he and the client to get to know each other and build a relationship. Together, Richard and the client map out what the financial and retirement goals are and what journey will get them there. This includes strategizing future investment opportunities but also measuring what the client is already doing well.

Richard also builds a risk assessment into the conversation. Understanding what the client is and is not willing to risk in achieving their goals is vital.

Pillar 2

With a map in hand, Richard and his client are then able to start making moves. This includes discussing where there is opportunity and the moves that will create a maximal portfolio. Pillar 2 requires both a short-term and long-term assessment of the market and deciding when to ride out a fluctuation and when to move funds.

Pillar 3

For Pillar 3, Richard takes the plans and strategies developed for Pillars 1 and 2 and puts them into action. This includes a long-term plan for assessing the strategy. Richard maintains a keen awareness of what the clients expectations are and values knowing when those expectations are not being met.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s 3-pronged approach at Wealth Solutions is built on his hope to help his clients achieve success and financial stability and to live the best life they can.