Sussex Healthcare: Quality In-House Care, Now Hiring

Sussex Healthcare: Quality In-House Care, Now Hiring

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Any family member who is an elder or an individual needing specialized care may be in need of staying in a nursing home. When you are located in Sussex, London, there may only be a few quality options to choose from. The most notable of these nursing homes is Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare provides top-quality service to your family member. By providing them with a clean and well-furnished place to live, you can give them the quality of life they deserve. Aside from this Sussex Healthcare providers are also adeptly trained to aid your family member self-care tasks and other activities. These programs are custom-fit to your loved one’s needs and personal preferences.

The company is presently headed by Ms. Corrine Wallace, Ms. Carol Diley, and Mr. Shiraz Boghani. As the key executives in Sussex Healthcare, they are responsible for making sure that the Sussex Healthcare standard is applied in all facets of the nursing home.


Services Offered By Sussex Healthcare
There are several services offered by Sussex Healthcare, primarily giving assistance for the elderly and disabled:

Dementia Care – an elderly who is suffering from dementia is safe and secured in the Sussex Healthcare facility. They are provided with quality and responsive nurses and caregivers for their needs.
Respite Care – in instances where a patient has a regular caregiver, the respite care services can temporarily give relief to the primary caregiver.
Palliative Care – for a loved one who is suffering from a terminal illness, palliative care options are also offered.
Disability Care – a loved one who may be suffering from an irreversible disability can get help and quality of life under the care of the qualified staff.
Recreation Services – Sussex Healthcare also offers programs for your loved ones that give enjoyment
Education Services – as a family member, you, along with your loved one can be provided with education services on how to establish proper care at home or in other natural settings.

Jobs at Sussex Healthcare
With the current re-structure of the company and its continuous growth, Sussex Healthcare is now looking to hire qualified people to perform several duties across the nursing home complex. These include:

Data Receptionists
Registered Nurses
Care Assistants
Director of Estates and Facilities
IT Director
Senior Care Assistant
Payroll Supervisor
Data Analyst

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