Women in Leadership with Lori Senecal

Women in Leadership with Lori Senecal

Women are rising through the corporate ladder to become top executives. Those who have succeeded in this venture attribute their success to hard work and determination. What’s more, networking can play a major role in success. Lori Senecal is one such woman, and she is considered an influential figure in the marketing industry. She maintains social media presence where she networks with clients. She has profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. She often talks about the issues affecting the marketing industry on these platforms. She has lived her entire life in the city of New York.

Amongst her greatest skills is the digital strategy, advertising, integrated marketing as well as hiring and recruiting. Lori Senecal is a product of the fine education she received as a young person as she holds a degree in Commerce where she specializes in finance and marketing. She attended McGill University for her undergraduate degree. She was fortunate to land a job after college with Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal where she took the position of chief executive officer and president. She worked with this company for two years and seven months. Later on, she worked with MDC Partners as the president and the chief executive officer. This was back in the year 2014.

At the moment, Lori Senecal acts as the global executive officer of a company called CP+B. Her main responsibility with this company is to oversee the global expansion and growth of the firm. At the same time, she is expected to coordinate with the company’s other nine offices in her current position. According to her superiors and fellow workers, she has recorded significant progress since joining the company. The greatest achievement is transforming the culture of this firm. She has also introduced innovative ideas, and she focuses on talent. This progress has made her be nominated for an award known as the Creativity Innovators of the Year. She has also won another award known as Agency Executives to Watch in the year 2016.During her time with KBS, she also recorded remarkable growth as she was able to grow the company from a 250 firm to a 900 company. Above this achievement, she also managed to grow the company outside the United States of America. The firm was also recognized as the best place to work in the US under her leadership. Outside this company, Lori Senecal works as a board member of the Ad Council.

Researching Podcast Advertising With PodcastOne and Norman Pattiz

Researching Podcast Advertising With PodcastOne and Norman Pattiz

The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz has announced a recent partnership with Tom Webster, who is the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research. This partnership is resulting in a series of studies, that looks at the results of several advertising tests. The study was with five major national brands, that was across five various service and product categories.

At the end of 2016, the first study of pre-campaign and post-campaign for podcast advertisers was conducted. This resulted in a significant impact for podcast advertising in a positive way. The study had various key findings.

Sixty percent of the listeners mentioned a certain grocery brand during the post-campaign. Product awareness among listeners increased. After the study, many of the listeners had a favorable opinion of the automobile product and many people would consider purchasing a lawn and garden item, after listening to the campaign.

At the request of PodcastOne, Edison Research conducted three extensive studies. These studies occurred in 2016. These three studies were to see the effectiveness of advertising during podcasts. Within these advertisements, some of the brands were well known, others were just launching.

The lesser known brands were looking for awareness. Each advertisement ran for 4 to 6 weeks. This was enough time to really be an effective approach to getting the brands to the listeners. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: https://patch.com/georgia/atlanta/podcastone-ceo-norman-pattiz-reveals-networks-brand-lift-research-edison-researchers

According to Biz Journals, Norman Pattiz stated that the core focus was to verify that podcasts would be a good avenue for advertisers. The results of the three studies prove what they have been thinking all along. Tom Webster of Edison Research stated that he and his team were excited to work with PodcastOne and Norman Pattiz.

Edison Research was also excited to work with the five leading brands. As they conducted the study and did further research on the effects before and after the study. Edison Research came to the conclusion that advertising on a podcast can be very effective.

Norman Pattiz is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Norman Pattiz also founded a media company called Courtside Entertainment Group to produce digital content. With his company PodcastOne, their popularity soared, making them the leading distributor and producer of digital programming.

PodcastOne has a line-up of celebrity personalities that are heard on the airwaves each and every day. The company produces more than 200 podcasts. Norma Pattiz was appointed to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. He was appointed to serve on that board by President Bill Clinton and appointed again by President George Bush.

Financial New For New Investors

Financial New For New Investors

For the first time in a long time, Warren Buffett is observed in a positive way by the media. This observance is because he has helped many investors aim at the right financial target in recent months. Warren Buffet warned investors to leave the big financial market and focus on the small growing market. Statistics show that many millionaire investors did not listen to Warren Buffett. On the other hand, many new investors did listen to Warren Buffet. The new future of these new investors seems to look more profitable than the future for the millionaire investors.

Timothy Armour, the chairman of Capital Group, cheered on Warren Buffett’s claim since he made is several months ago. This caused many investors to listen to Warren Buffett because Timothy Armour has a strong and positive presence in the financial world. Timothy graduated top of his class from Middlebury College. While studying economics in this Los Angeles-based college, Capital Group received word that Timothy Armour was the next genius investor.

Capital Group decided to hire Timothy Armour right out of college. Timothy became the chief analyst for all the companies’ investments and their clients’ investments. Capital Group was on the rise from that point on. It is now the leading investment firm in the Financial World.

In addition to graduating at the top of his class, Timothy Armour attended countless seminars that instructed new investors how to plan their future investments. Today, Timothy Armour gives his own seminars on investing throughout the United States and the world.

How to Get Shiny and Bouncy Hair Strands with WEN by Chaz Hair Conditioner Products

How to Get Shiny and Bouncy Hair Strands with WEN by Chaz Hair Conditioner Products

In an article appearing in Bustle, one user of a hair conditioner product gives a blow by blow account of the reality behind the application of WEN by Chaz hair care line of goods. Being fanatical about caring for her hair, she set out to verify the truth behind the glamorous infomercials of gorgeous women that depict the magical qualities of the product by putting it to the test on her thin hair. Her motive was to find out whether her hair could acquire the luscious and vibrant strands she sees on TV. Essentially, WEN hair is the shampoo that is touted to be the best styling and treatment conditioner that can work wonders for all hair types depending on the formulation you use. In search of shine, moisture and bounce for her grizzly hair, she chose a version called FIG. http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589

After a day of extensive traveling when her hair was frizzy, greasy and unruly, she embarked on her experiment. What she found alarming was the large quantity she had to use, but being a risk-taker with beauty products she went ahead and applied the shampoo as recommended by the directions given on the bottle. All the while, she was conscious of the reports of adverse side effects about the use of some product lines. The results she got after her first shower were amazing – bouncy and shiny hair. However, the success did not last long. The following morning her hair was greasy and tangled. Not to be defeated by a single bad-hair day, she continued the routine of hair-washing and styling using WEN for the entire week with progressively good results every day.

On an evening out with friends, she was very satisfied with their compliments about her fabulous looking hair. She knew then that she had had it! She now recommends WEN Cleansing Conditioner as an excellent product for those with fine hair who need the extra shine and bouncy feeling in their hair. The only downside is that you have to apply it every morning if you want the glow to last.

For more product information visit Wen’s social media pages on Twitter and Facebook.

How Fabletics Is Using a Unique Business Model to Beat Amazon

How Fabletics Is Using a Unique Business Model to Beat Amazon

Ever since Amazon has come on the scene, many businesses that were previously existing have gone down the drain, and many people who tried to build new businesses just couldn’t keep up and met with no or little success and eventually had to give up. Fabletics, however, is an entirely different story. Not only have they succeeded in Amazon’s face, but they went from nothing to a $250 million business in just three years. This is an outstanding feat, considering that Amazon controls 20 percent of the entire fashion industry.


Fabletics, owned by Kate Hudson, is a subscription based fashion wear service, and is growing in its extreme popularity. These days, it’s not enough to just have good products. You’ll be beaten by Amazon and the other big giants. The way to prove yourself and make yourself stand out is by providing great customer service, exclusive design, and last mile service, which Fabletics does fantastically. They’re going to be opening even more stores this year. But it’s a lot more than that. Let’s take a look at some of the great stuff Fabletics does that is absolutely unique.


First of all, their membership subscription business model allows them to offer wear at a price that is half of what people would get elsewhere. There’s more than that, though. You see, a thing that has been killing thousands of physical businesses is that people will go to stores, look for things that they like, and then just order it online from elsewhere at a cheaper price. But at Fabletics, people who come into the stores are usually already members of the subscription service. And when they try something on, it gets added to their online cart as well, so no one loses out.


Not only that, but Fabletics is able to improve their physical stores based on the data they get from their members online. If members in one location show an interest in specific products, it is those products that will go on the shelves in the stores in that physical location. In fact, Fabletics does such as good job at understanding their customers and providing the right things to them that not only are they able to compete with Amazon, but they have a consistent growth rate of 35 percent each year.


One blogger wrote an unsponsored review of Fabletics. She said that she was very impressed with the quality and how well the clothing fit on her, especially for the really great price she got them for. She also said that she was amazed at the various styles available and how good they looked. In the end, she recommended Fabletics. She said that she loved the low prices she was able to get clothing for, and was really happy about the fact that she could skip months and not pay anything, which is a win-win for everybody.


Of course, if you care about your clothes, you should definitely take the Lifestyle Quiz. This way, you’ll be able to find out exactly which Fabletics outfits are best for you.