White Shark makes prosperity accessible

White Shark makes prosperity accessible

The greatest understatement of the internet generation is that there is easy money to be made on the internet. This is patently false, there is money to be made, but this money is not easy to make. The Web has more opportunity by the virtue of it being a large new space that did not exist before, but it is not easy to make at all. In fact, it could become an albatross around the necks of those that are successful, and this is the irony of the easy internet money. If a person is successful in making a new business of websites especially, the load will likely become unbearable. Even though the money being made at that point will be of a decent amount, this still would not be enough to hire a large amount of people with the knowledge to help your business scale from a website perspective.


At this point, many people just juggle to keep their income coming at that rate without the ability to move forward or to lighten their load. These people will eventually come to think the money is not worth the work and move to other enterprises. Not me, I found a solution. I found White Shark Media, and the scaling began immediately. They are skilled and awarded in both of the most prevalent search engines, but can produce results from all of them combined. From a work load perspective, hiring White Shark Media would have been a no-brainer anyway, but because of the many things that they offer to advance my business, I would not think of doing this type of business without them. However, I initially tried their company because they have a system in which they do not get paid unless they deliver results. That is confidence for them and me.


Brian Bonar is a San Diego, California-Based Finance Specialist

Brian Bonar is a San Diego, California-Based Finance Specialist

Brian Bonar is a widely known face in the finance world. He’s located in San Diego, California where he works for Trucept, Inc. Bonar is the company’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and chairman. Trucept’s main office is in Tampa, Florida.

It also has locations in Escondido, California and Houston, Texas. The company’s Western region sales division is in Escondido. Its mid region sales division, on the other hand, is in Houston.

According to PR News Wire, Brian Bonar doesn’t devote 100 percent of his time to Trucept. That’s because he also works for Dalrada Financial Corporation. Dalrada Financial Corporation is a company that focuses on business product outsourcing, benefits and insurance services and products. It caters to the needs of companies located all around the United States.

Dalrada assists businesses that are in need of capital and protection. The professionals who work for Dalrada are well-versed in diverse topics such as supplemental insurance, payroll advances, discount programs, debit cards, group dental plans, group medical plans and life insurance.

Bonar has had many jobs prior to beginning work at Trucept and Dalrada Financial Corporation. He worked for a variety of prominent companies such as The Amanda Co., Inc., Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc. and Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. He had leadership duties at these companies as well.

His educational background is just as strong as his work experience. Bonar is an alumnus of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, United Kingdom. He also graduated from Staffordshire University in Staffordshire, England. He received a doctorate and MBA (Master of Business Administration) from the esteemed British institution of higher learning.

This finance guru has many areas of expertise. He’s particularly knowledgeable regarding mergers and acquisitions. His main goal is to encourage growth and expansion via innovation, new openings and interacting with others.

Bonar has been with Trucept since the summer of 2011. He’s responsible for matters that pertain to temporary staffing and PEO (Professional Employer Organization). Insurance services and products are also a big focal point for the executive.

Brian Bonar has been with Dalrada for a considerably long period of time. He joined the company in the summer of 1999. His duties at Dalrada revolve around heading management and sales methods and practices.

Bonar knows a lot about many important and in-depth topics. He can talk to professionals in his field about new business development, turn around management, process improvement, business planning, angel investing, competitive assessments and executive management.

He can assist other people with a broad selection of key topics as well. Bonar regularly aids individuals who need to learn more about private equity, due diligence, lead generation, management consulting and strategic partnerships. Bonar is a well-rounded and thorough finance specialist who is always looking to the future.

Getting close and personal with Memorial Health CEO, Maggie Gill

Getting close and personal with Memorial Health CEO, Maggie Gill

Maggie Gill is the president and CEO at memorial health. When she started out with the company in 2005, she was a Vice President of the managed care section. A year later, she had risen to the post of chief operations officer. She was very efficient in her work and this led to her appointment to the current leadership position after six years with the company. Currently, she is the one in charge of all the vice presidents, the physicians and their leaders and everyone else who holds a junior position at Memorial health.

Before she started working with the group, there are several other places where she worked. These include her position as the chief financial officer with the Tenet South Florida Health Care systems. She has also worked at the North Shore Medical Center, and also the Coral Gables Hospital in Florida.


Rise to the top

Maggie is a graduate of the University of Miami where she studied finance. She then proceeded to the St. Leo University where she got her MBS and attended the cases at the Wharton School of strategic thinking and management. One of the things that she believes in about succeeding in business is that to make it as an employee or leader at the work place, it is important to create a balance between the life in the home and the work place. He states that when one of these sectors suffer, all the others do.

When asked about the work ethic and the business leadership skills that have contributed to her success, she stated that people make the mistake of treating the workplace as grounds for endless competition. In her opinion, if one is to succeed, either at an individual level or a business entity, it is very important to learn the value of cooperation. These are the values she has always emphasized at her work place and as a result, the organization has become one of the most successful and received many awards under her leadership. She hopes that with time, she will manage to do even more to transform this organization and even take it to the next level of success.

When she is not busy at work, the things that she like spending time with her family and taking part in a variety of charities. She believes that to get the best out of the work situation, giving back to the community is very important.


Chris Burch On The Future Of Fashion And Technology

Chris Burch On The Future Of Fashion And Technology

The fashion and technology industries have seen a great deal of changes over the years and the two industries are getting closer than ever before. The fascinating marriage of these two industries is just beginning. Fashion designers see the use of technology as a higher standard of innovation and functionality with endless possibilities. Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht created the DareDroid, a drink-making dress and a self-painting dress called Pseudomorphs. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin created the Airbag for Cyclists worn around the neck that deploys on impact and protects the wearer’s head.


Frontline Gloves, created by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan, can enable firefighters to exchange valuable information using simple hand gestures. Designers are also using recycling materials to create innovative fashions. SegraSegra uses recycled bicycle inner tubes to make jackets and t-shirts. Emma Whiteside used recycled radiator copper to make a large gown. Fashion and technology can use movement to create electrical energy and power watches, mp3s and charge cell phone. The future of fashion and technology are connected. They can work together to make both better. Technology can also help make fashion beautiful and functional and help make the world more beautiful, creative and safer.


Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. A graduate of Ithaca College, Burch is an entrepreneur and fashion industry investor with a net worth

of $1 billion. The husband and father of 6 founder manages brand development and venture investments. He’s also Tory Burch LLC’s co-founder. His majority stake in C. Wonder and his personal investments helped to make him a billionaire in 2012. Raised in a middle-class family in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Burch started his career in the fashion industry in 1976 when he founded Eagle’s Eye Apparel while still an undergraduate. He sold the company for $60 million in 1998.


In 2008 Burch founded J. Christopher Capital LLC. Then in 2011 he started the apparel, home décor and accessories company C. Wonder. Xcel Brands bought C. Wonder. He also has numerous real estate investment worldwide worth tens of millions of dollars. In 2006 Burch founded the construction materials supply company J.B. Christopher. Burch also invested in Watch It, a feature-length romantic comedy in 1993, the Internet Capital Group, several telecommunications companies, Voss Water, and Poppin, an online office retailer, BaubleBar and he helped Ellen DeGeneres launch E.D., her lifestyles collection. He is also a well respected writer.

No One Is Stopping Jennifer Walden

No One Is Stopping Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is a Texas born plastic surgeon. Walden was born in Austin, Texas in 1971. Walden was born to a family of academics. Both her mother and her father worked in the medical field, and they encouraged her to do the same. Walden had a short residency at the University of Texas branch, and she went on to the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Walden stayed at the hospital for 7 1/2 years, and she was able to participate in many different clinical trials while she was there.


Jennifer Walden was able to learn a lot about plastic surgery while she was working in New York. Walden decided to return back to Austin, Texas in 2011 after she had her twin sons. Walden had her two sons through In-vitro fertilization, and they were born in November 2010. Walden decided that she wanted to be closer to her family, because she wanted her parents and siblings to help her in the rearing of her two sons. Walden opened up a private practice, and she began to specialize in plastic surgery for women.


Walden is a doctor who is known to use innovative techniques when it comes to her plastic surgery techniques. Walden was named one of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America” by the in American in 2015. Walden uses Vectra which is a 3D imaging technology that can help a patient to visualize how they will look after a surgery. Walden also uses ThermiVa which is a temperature controlled system to tighten the vagina; it is also used for vaginal rejuvenation. When it comes to breast surgery and breast augmentation, Walden has been able to develop innovative instruments to carry out those surgeries in the most effective way. Walden serves as a consultant for different plastic surgery companies, and she has been featured as a spokeswoman for many plastic surgery events. Jennifer Walden is a woman who has taken the plastic surgery arena by storm. She has gotten what she wants out of life, and there is no stopping her.

The Problem Adam Goldenberg Addresses With Fashion

The Problem Adam Goldenberg Addresses With Fashion

It is not surprising that people often hold some rather negative views of fashion on vator.tv. For one thing, a lot of people don’t know how to dress for themselves. Also, all of the people that magazines consider well dressed tend to look the same. This tends to discourage certain people. In many cases, people dismiss fashion as being boring. However, the excitement of fashion depends on a few factors. One big factor is the person in question. Adam Goldenberg sees this issue that people often have with fashion. In many cases, fashion retailers just don’t provide customers with what they want.

Adam Goldenberg has observed many different stores that offer clothes from department stores to even designer stores. One thing that he has seen is that there is a large overhead. This can only come from companies not paying much attention to the customer. In many cases, the customer is told what to want instead of asked about she wants. Adam Goldenberg has decided to take a different approach to fashion. While his companies do provide a lot of variety when it comes to clothes, he has decided to have each customer sign up and indicate the type of style she has and the clothes that she wants,

His approach of looking to the customer in order to figure out what it is they want is revolutionary in the fashion industry at http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000543492. It shows that he understands that it is the individual who determines her style. Therefore, he makes sure that he observes carefully the types of clothes that are in demand on Builtinla.com. He pays attention to not only the clothes but the clothing types that are sold. Therefore, he is better able to decide how to move forward with the styles that will be sold in stores. Adam’s approach to sales leaves very little when it comes to unsold items.

PodcastOne Releases “Beyond the Darkness” to Air on Chris Jericho’ Network

PodcastOne Releases “Beyond the Darkness” to Air on Chris Jericho’ Network

The founder and chairperson of PodcastOne Network, Norman Pattiz, announced the launch of “Beyond the Darkness” on Chris Jericho’s network channel. “Beyond The Darkness” is the latest show on the network and will feature discussions with top panelists on all issues concerning paranormal activities.


Moreover, its goal is to challenge anything viewers might think they know about the supernatural including ghosts, angels, demons, miracles, ghouls, mysteries, monster encounters, and aliens. Its anchors will be Dave Schrader (radio host and author) and Tim Dennis (radio producer and host). In the announcement, Pattiz revealed that new episodes would be released on a weekly basis on iTunes, PodcastOne.com, and the PodcastOne application.


Chris Jericho, a prolific superstar with the World Wrestling Entertainment, said that he was excited to feature the new show on his network. Norman Pattiz stated that he was equally pleased that the Chris Jericho Network had evolved to incorporate shows outside the world of wrestling. Jericho believed that the host team of Dennis and Schrader would entice all their fans to stay tuned into the program. This would see the show soar to greater heights.


About The PodcastOne Program


PodcastOne is America’s biggest podcast network and one of the leading advertisers in the country. It hosts over 200 podcasts including Penn Jillette, Gabrielle Reece, Malcolm McDowell, Laura Ingraham, Dan Patrick, Adam Corolla, Jay Mohr, Chris Webber, Chris Jericho, Neil Strauss, Eddie Trunk, Doctor Drew, Rich Eisen, Terry and Heather Dubrow as well as Ross Mathews.


The Background of Norman J. Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One, which is one of the largest radio networks in the United States. The Network provides news on traffic programming, talk, and sports. After selling Westwood One, he started PodcastOne and has been its Executive Chairman and CEO since he started the Podcast in June 2016. Apart from being the Chairman of Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore, Pattiz serves as a Regent of the University of California.


Furthermore, thanks to his professional work and accomplishments, he is a recipient of several civic awards like The Freedom of Speech, Giants of Broadcasting and the Distinguished Education Service. President Clinton and President Bush each appointed him in 2000 and 2002 respectively to offer his services to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of USA. Besides, he spearheaded the conception of America’s Arabic language TV and radio services targeting the Middle East region.

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Julie Zuckerberg: The Ultimate Recruitment Lead.

Julie Zuckerberg: The Ultimate Recruitment Lead.

Supposing that working in the financial services interests you, you may opt to give your luck a shot by contacting the recruitment leads so as to land the job. Among the executive recruitment leads at Deutsche Bank is none other than Julie Zuckerberg. She is the executive talent recruitment point and also the vice chairperson for Deutsche Bank. She began this role in the year 2014. She gladly provides innovative talent acquisition to customers in private wealth & commercial customers and also GTO and asset management. She has collaborated with business leaders to lead regional talent possession and enhance their enlistment processes. Julie Zuckerberg is in the frontline at the creation and the negotiation of offers such as stakeholders at the managing director level.


Julie Zuckerberg has previously worked as an executive investment lead for different businesses. All her professional life, Julie Zuckerberg is used to working with the best organizations. Her recruitment career began in the year 2002 at Hudson staffing and recruitment. Here she was hired as the director of candidate placement for attorneys, case managers, paralegals and support staffing for law organizations. She worked here for a total of five years before moving to Citi.


At Citi, Julie Zuckerberg worked as both the vice president and chief recruiter. While here, she offered the whole cycle of the hiring process for the director as well as managing director in Citi’s consumer bank that include CitiCard, internet office, and the marketing. While still here, Julie Zuckerberg gave advice to senior business leaders about recruitment strategies. She also provided leadership in negotiation and development of complex job offer. She was able to get talent globally as well as manage procedures such as fee negotiation and vetting candidates.


In the year 2013, Julie moved to New York Life Insurance as the vice president as well as the senior recruitment lead. She was able to serve as the client relationship lead and as a manager of the hiring process of the outsourcing team. Her wide range of experience in the recruitment has seen her services becoming enlisted by different companies.


Among the work skills that Julie has include variety of talent acquisition abilities. Additionally, Julie Zuckerberg is talented with leadership, conflict resolution, human resource as well as strategy. Over the time she has worked, qualities such as employee training, succession planning, interviewing skills, and caching have been consistent.


Julie Zuckerberg schooled at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she studied philosophy. After her time studying philosophy, she joined New York Law School and studied law. In her spare time, Julie’s hobbies include running, technology knowledge, and photography. She also is a great fun of art and food. Among the personal issues that Julie Zuckerberg cares about include the human rights, animal welfare, economic issues, civil rights as well as science and technology. Julie, however, prefers to keep a low profile in social media. She, therefore, has few pages. Julie is on Twitter as @juliezuckerberg. She also has a Pinterest profile listed under her name. She is based in New York.



Deere Empowers Others in the Makeup and Business World

Deere Empowers Others in the Makeup and Business World

Lime Crime is a makeup line that’s been getting a lot of traction and attention recently. That’s because more and more people have been trying their products and spreading the word about how much they love it. Lime Crime is a company that literally has a product for everyone. They have glitter for those who are looking to really make a statement with their makeup. Lime Crime sells hair chalk for those who want to add a little bit of spice to their hair. Perhaps Lime Crime’s most famous product is their lip line. They have a line of Velvetines which literally come in every color imaginable. They glide on smoothly, are long lasting, and make lips look flawless. These Velvetines literally come in every color possible from pinks and purples to blues and greens. With such a following, many wonder about the founder and creator behind them.


That person is Doe Deere who truly epitomizes her brand. She rocks the products on a daily basis and always looks so put together and gorgeous. Deere didn’t just create Lime Crime overnight. It took a lot of hard work and dedication. Deere originally started Lime Crime on eBay as a DIY Line. It was very well-received and Deere knew she had to do more. She knew that there were still more people out there who would benefit from her product line and she wanted to make sure that she could reach them. Deere launched her actually brand Lime Crime in 2008 and almost 10 years later she’s seeing a great amount of success.


Deere started off as a small business owner and therefore she’s a true advocate of women starting up their own businesses. She wants to empower others and that’s why she’s always open and willing to give advice to those who need it. Deere isn’t just empowering the business world, she’s empowering the makeup world. Deere is teaching everyone out their that they don’t have to be ashamed of their look. They should embrace their uniqueness because that’s what makes them beautiful! Deere is a firm believer that anyone can wear any color that they want. They shouldn’t be confined to red and pink lipstick because that’s what’s in magazines. They shouldn’t have to wear black or brown liner because that’s what’s available in stores. Rather, Deere wants everyone to embrace themselves and wear what they feel comfortable in.

To learn more about Doe Deere and LimeCrime, visit www.doedeere.com.


No Health Issues Reported From Squaw Valley Water Issue

No Health Issues Reported From Squaw Valley Water Issue

The Californian Squaw Valley Ski Resort has recently reported there have been reported medical issues linked back to its recent water quality issues that resulted from a natural inundation of a small number of wells located in the Upper Mountain region of the resort. Sqauw Valley Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenney, gave an update on the water quality issue and pointed out no contaminated water was offered to any guest or visitor due to the impressive testing procedures that have been implemented along with regular upgrades to the well water system.


The affected wells had recently been updated as late as Summer 2016 in a bid to make sure all visitors have access to clean and safe drinking water; the recent water quality issues occurred when a rainstorm produced higher levels of precipitation than could reasonably have been expected in this area of California. Water entered four wells in the Upper Mountain region of Squaw Valley and pushed E.Coli and Coliform bacteria into the wells supplying water to an isolated area of the resort, including the Gold Coast and High Camp destinations that have always proven popular for visitors.


Liesl Kenney has revealed executives at Squaw Valley always look to make sure all visitors are protected from potential problems and will protect visitors by keeping all Upper Mountain restaurants closed until all the water quality problems have been handled through a successful treatment process. A treatment plan was quickly devised after the discovery of the contaminants by Placer County Environmental Health Department and independent water quality experts employed by Squaw Valley to speed the completion of the treatment process.


Despite the water issues found in a small area of the resort, Squaw Valley remains open for business as a vacation destination for winter sports and outdoor adventure tourists who can enjoy the mountain to its full potential. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort slopes remain open from top to bottom for visitors to enjoy, complimentary bottled water is also being made available to visitors skiing the Upper Mountain area that should return to fully operating water supplies in the near future.