Success tips from Josh Verne

Success tips from Josh Verne

Being successful is not a rocket science and almost anyone can achieve the apex of success with some guidance. Josh Verne, one of the most promising entrepreneurs and businessmen from the USA some of those tips that can help you to achieve your goals in life and go beyond.



According to Josh, it is more important to become a leader than a boss in the first place. Rather than using position superiority, he suggests that people should earn respects from their subordinates which develop a synergy of teamwork to achieve the goal. Rather than pushing yourself onto others, you should focus on serving them first so that they develop the spirit to help you to win. Once you have a team that respects and likes you, you won’t have waste time micro-managing them. Rather they will be working for you with their initiatives and help you succeed. The next tip from Josh is to focus on a Win-Win situation and never settle for a win-loss term. It might not be easy, but there are always some ways to come to a situation where you, your clients, your business and the employees can win. If you look hard, you will surely find the way.



In his next trip, Josh points out one of the most common mistakes of the bosses. According to him, good bosses should talk less and listen more. By doing this, they will get to hear more ideas from their counterparts and each of their words will carry more weight. He also believes in a balance between your business and life. There is no point in earning money when you can’t spend it. So rather than focusing only on business, you should also get some time yourself and everything important in your life such as family and friends. Also, he strongly recommends that you should focus on your passion and pursue a career on that line. If there is no passion in what you are doing, you will eventually get bored with this. But if you are truly passionate about what you do, success will come to you spontaneously.



Josh Verne has an impressive and successful career of 20 years in business and entrepreneurship. He has founded and managed some successful startups. Before his entrepreneurship career, he served as co-president of Home Line Furniture. In 2012, he founded Works, an online market that deducts purchases from payroll directly. Within two years, he grew the business and eventually sold it to Global Analytics in 2014. His next venture is that he founded in 2016 and he is serving as the CEO of the company.


Wengie’s Awesome Life Hacks for Hair

Wengie’s Awesome Life Hacks for Hair

Wendy Ayche is an Australian-Chinese Beauty Blogger who left a marketing job to pursue a full-time career in Youtube who is highly successful. Known for her beauty, hair, and lifestyle hacks, Wengie, as she is known to her fans, has amassed nearly five million subscribers and continued to grow in stardom all over the world. Attributing her success to the wealth of entertainment, inspiration, and education she provides her viewers, Wengie’s multicultural approach is a huge hit with her viewers. Recently she put together a video with ten great hair hacks every lazy person should know. Teaming up with Sugarbearhair, a company that sells revolutionary hair vitamins, Wengie offers ten tips below:


  1. The first tip she offered was to focus on eating a healthy diet full of vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B9, B12, Biotin, Iodine, and Zinc. If your diet does not provide the sufficient nutrients, then invest in vitamins that do provide all those much-needed nutrients for healthy and strong hair.


  1. Wengie also provided an easy way to create a braid that looked fuller and thicker. Watch her video on the website provided below for easy instructions to create a beautiful braid.


  1. Next, Wengie suggested using shampoo without SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), especially if your hair is color-treated.


  1. Wengie also provided a great way to keep track of bobby pins by either storing them in a tic tac container or sticking a magnetic strip on an accessories holder or mirror.


  1. Want great curls but don’t have a curling wand? By using a metal utensil and heating it up with a hair dryer, Wengie showed that similar results could be achieved.


  1. If you are trying to create small braids but do not have small elastics, sticking a bobby pin vertically up through the middle using the rounded end to wrap around the end of the braid to keep it in place works. Also, using excess hair to wrap around the bobby pin will look like nothing is holding the braid in place, giving a clean look.


  1. If your hair regrowth line is showing, parting the hair in a zig-zag line will give it an ombre-like illusion.


  1. Wengie also provided a clever solution if you are running late in the morning: Popping your hair dryer in a drawer to hold it up and in place, while doing makeup is a great time-saver.


  1. If your hair clip keeps slipping off, then there is an easy fix: use a hot glue gun to glue the inside of clip strip to give it a non-strip look that holds hair in place.


  1. Finally, get a sock you don’t use anymore, cut off the toes, roll it until it looks like a band or donut. Tie up a ponytail and use the sock donut and roll the hair completely around it creating a perfect, messy bun without it falling off.


All these helpful tips, tutorials, and more can be found by visiting the video:


Why You Need Online Reputation Management Service

Why You Need Online Reputation Management Service

Online reputation management is absolutely beneficial for business. It could be extremely aggravating to discover malicious comments or defamatory remarks turning up online, specifically when the posts or contents consist of outrageous accusations and also disparaging or slanderous comments. If such adverse material appears on sites that show up in top placements in online search engines, this can be devastating to your business. This is because people performing a search on your company or brand will probably see the adverse content or reviews.

The popularity of the Internet has brought a great deal of advantages. There are also things that are not so helpful or desirable. Currently your reputation or profile can get tainted by individuals you don’t even know or can not identify. Whether the remarks or postings are true or not, the defamatory search results can ruin your online credibility.

If a person posts an unfavorable review concerning your business, service or product, probably it’s that they weren’t pleased with the services or product provided, these matters can actually cause serious damage to your organization. At the same time, your reputation also endures substantial damages. People are not seeing your excellent reputation if you are not publishing good content about you or your company. It’s crucial to get in touch with a trusted reputation management firm to help you.

Look for a distinguished online reputation management team – a team of Reputation Defender and monitoring experts that is thoroughly knowledgeable about reputation monitoring and management and also addresses these issues in a prompt and effective way. A good team of experts focuses on pushing down unfavorable articles and derogatory reviews concerning their clients and pushing up positive content in search results.

When you contact them, these professionals usually take the time to evaluate their clients’ circumstance and will work with you to develop reliable reputation management system to meet your requirements. These professionals are highly knowledgeable and experienced in search engine optimization and quality content creation. They also have access to high-quality industry resources, and can help you establish or re-establish an impressive online reputation.


George Soros may win war despite losing presidential battle

George Soros may win war despite losing presidential battle

With the election ushering Donald Trump into the White House, many who had invested so much into Clinton’s presidential bid are asking themselves what went wrong. George Soros is certainly among them. After having donated over $25 million to the Clinton Campaign, no one was more heavily and personally invested in Mrs. Clinton’s victory than Soros himself. However despite this large, public loss, George Soros may still have much more to smile about that the American public knows, or that his opponents would care to admit.

A Pyrrhic victory…for Trump
Since at least 2014, George Soros, through his various philanthropic organizations has been quietly waging a local war of attrition against incumbent right wing politicians. Nowhere has this been more forcefully evident than in the few district attorney races in which Soros has chosen sides.

This is not idle meddling either. After all, Soros is no slouch. In seeking to replace the district attorneys of large, but not too large, cities across the country, he is tapping into one of the most effectively powerful positions in America. On paper, district attorneys merely decide when or when not to charge someone with a crime and then how to best prosecute the state’s case. But in practice, district attorneys wield enormous power, effectively deciding who will go to jail and who will skate. George Soros is seeking to implement his ideas on criminal justice reform by turning off the prison-to-school pipeline at its very spigot. The conservatives may have won the big election. But if Soros succeeds with his strategy of locally replacing all powerful conservative functionaries the national Republican gains may well prove for naught.

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Electoral magic in Orlando
In one recent episode, the Soros machine snatched victory from the crocodilian jaws of the sure winner, Republican incumbent Jeff Ashton. Ashton had served many terms as the district attorney of the Orlando metro area, covering over 1.6 million people. Unfortunately, during his tenure he had also amassed a record of stunningly disproportionate minority arrests and convictions.

Enter Soros. The rival candidate, Aramis Ayala, an almost unknown public defender with no war chest to speak of, was bestowed with $1.2 million worth of George Soros funded advertising and consultancy. The result was an incredible upset. The incumbent Ashton was defeated by a wide margin, propelling the inexperienced but social-justice-minded Ms. Ayala into what’s arguably Orlando’s most powerful executive post.

Similar stories have played out across the USA from Maricopa County, Arizona to Louisiana to Colorado. It’s well worth noting that in every single election in which George Soros has backed someone, his favored candidates have won. This is partly explained by the donated money alone but also has much to do with Soros’ own strategic acumen and knack for surrounding himself with and hiring the absolute best people.

Through these tactics, Soros is making a play for the heart of the U.S. criminal justice system. If he can succeed at replacing enough judges and prosecutors his cause of criminal justice reform will be in a position to affect real change and fundamentally alter the way justice is dealt out in the United States. Under the shadow of the real, tangible power of a thousand local prosecutors and judges, the presidency starts to look like a mere ceremonial title.

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Susan McGalla Offers Tricks For Establishing A Good Balance Between Work and Home

Susan McGalla Offers Tricks For Establishing A Good Balance Between Work and Home


If you work, you know how difficult it can be to have time to yourself let alone time to your family. For Susan McGalla, she knows how difficult it can be but offers advice on how you can overcome some of the obstacles that keep you from establishing a good routine at home. If you are a mother who needs some encouragement, you should read some tips on balancing work and family life.


Susan McGalla is known for working at companies such as American Eagle Outfitters. When she first joined the team at American Eagle, she began first by working as a merchandise buyer. After that time, she landed the role as a manager. She eventually became the president of the entire company. Susan eventually went on to play the role in the launch of the company’s Aerie and 77 Kids brand of American Outfitters. Today, she works as the vice president of the business strategy and creative development of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team.


Susan grew up with two brothers in Liverpool, Ohio. Her father played an important role of the local high school by being the football coach. Susan went on to go to Mount Union College where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. She is also on the college board of advisors and is married to a wealth manager, Stephen McGalla.



Steelers Overhaul Fan Gear Closet, Introduce New Fashion Campaign

Susan McGalla on being both a woman and a leader

As you can see, she knows how to work while maintaining a family lifestyle for her own family. She is able to offer advice on how parents can maintain working while still keeping a balanced life for family at home. She offers advice on how to handle activities with the children, how to keep yourself on schedule and what you need to do in regards to keeping yourself sane.


Susan offers advice on how you should lose your electronics or technologies while at home in order to keep your children functioning properly as well as keeping your own priorities straight. She also allows for time to be worked in for meditating. Some moms will think this is a joke but think about your hectic day and how you feel easily overwhelmed on those days. If you make time to sit back and enjoy the sounds around you, you will see how important it is for someone to meditate.


Her main area of advice that moms should consider is the feeling of releasing the guilt that almost all moms carry around. When you feel like you have done nothing right or feel overwhelmed by what is going on around you, consider letting go of this guilt. If you let go, you will see that it is far easier to enjoy life and enjoy your family. Don’t let the weight of disappointment keep you from enjoying life and family.



The World of Madison Street Capital

The World of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has made its presence in the investment banking world known for some time. The firm has been involved in a host of different services to both public and private businesses. Running a business — especially a growing business — can overwhelm the in-house staff no matter how experienced or talented the members may be. Madison Street Capital’s professionals can step in to handle critical advisory work on behalf of such businesses.


Madison Street Capital is capable of assisting in a wide range of different ways. Depending upon the needs and situation of a client, Madison Street Capital can help with mergers and acquisitions, valuation, compliance responsibilities, and exit strategies. All of these services require an expert hand in order to carry out very deliberate work. Based on years of having provided the duties for so many other clients,


Madison Street Capital is not a firm that only specializes in helping one particular industry. The company has worked with a wide range of varied companies from a host of unique industries. Madison Street Capital can never be referred to as an investment banking firm that only serves a small scope of clients.


Although based in Chicago, Madison Street Capital is hardly a local company. The firm handles business all over the world and attracts the attention of an incredible number of businesses in need of assistance. At present, the company has more than 100 deals with companies. These deals are reflected by exclusive contracts.


The clients reflect companies of great value. The lower end of the client/company net valuation is $10 million. At the higher end, the figure is roughly $500 million. Again, the industries reflected here are diverse and complex. Madison Street Capital is sure to be able to draw in even more clients from a wide rage of newer and competitive industries in the coming years.

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Traditional Shampoos VS Cleansing Conditioners

Traditional Shampoos VS Cleansing Conditioners

Wen hair by Chaz Dean is a revolutionary hair care brand that blends the world of natural products with top of the line research. WEN is so confident in their products that there is a 60 money back guarantee. So you don’t have to worry about feeling like you wasted your money if you don’t like the product. None of the products in this line are tested on animals and they are certified cruelty free. They are also all produced in the United States.

One of the revolutionary products that put Wen hair on the map was its cleansing conditioners. They come in many different formulas and are great for any hair type or texture. They are a great alternative to traditional shampoos. They act as an all in one type product. It saves you time and money by acting as a cleanser, conditioner, treatment, and styling product all in one.

Traditional shampoos are typically made of harsh soaps, sulfates, and other chemicals that can dry out and harm your hair. Traditional shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils leaving vulnerable to breakage. This processes can also leave your hair looking frizzy and dull. So not only does traditional shampoo make your hair look bad but it actually causes damage to your hair. The cleansing conditioners by Chaz Dean are a great alternative to these traditional shampoo products.


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Keith Mann Raises Money For A Good Cause

Keith Mann Raises Money For A Good Cause

At the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, Keith Mann held a special event for the benefit of his favorite charity. Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, and the event was held to benefit Uncommon Schools, a charity that benefits local high school students. Keith invited members of the financial services community, and together they managed to raise $22,000 in one evening. The money will be used to sponsor students who need financial assistance for taking college entrance exams.


Uncommon Schools exists to help students from low-income families achieve the dream of going to college. There are millions of students who have difficulty affording SAT and AP testing exams. These exams are necessary for standing out when applying to colleges. With the funding provided by Keith, Uncommon Schools will be able to pay for the exams of hundreds of students. Keith supports Uncommon Schools in its mission of helping everyone go to college.


Uncommon Schools is working to open new schools to help more students get a quality education. For 2 new locations in New York and Brooklyn, all student testing will be free. Students will be taking the PSAT and AP tests this year. In previous years, Dynamics Search Partners has funded students in the New York City area because it has an enduring commitment to serving the local community. The partnership between Dynamics Search Partners and Uncommon Schools began in 2013. Keith Mann wanted to create a meaningful platform where he could assist students with the skills they need to thrive later in life. Keith believes that students need both tactical and practical skills to succeed in college and the workplace. He is a proud supporter of academic excellence at the high school level, and he is eager to continue to be of service to his community for a long time.


Keith has taken a tour of some of the high schools that his fundraiser benefits. He was excited to see how the program was helping students. He met with both students and teachers. Keith commented that he felt deeply inspired to see the motivation the students had to improve their lives through education.