Skout Reveals the Top 10 Friendliest Towns

Skout Reveals the Top 10 Friendliest Towns

Skout loves to publish research and survey results. Anyone looking for a friendly place to visit absolutely is going to be interested in a new finding published on PR Newswire. Skout has revealed the top 10 friendliest college downs in the United States. Skout’s own hometown of San Francisco has made the list at #6. Madison, WI is number one and Dallas, TX is #10.

Those looking to make new friends when they go to college may wish to give the list a once over. Even those who may have long since graduated should check out the list. A friendly town is going to be friendly to more than just college students. Pretty much all who enter the city limits are going to be thrilled with their time spent in the locale. Traveling comes with a lot of unexpected mystery. By visiting one of these cities, the mystery about whether or not the locals are going to be friendly ends up being solved.

Skout looked at an extensive amount of data over a 12-month period to come up with its conclusions. The data not only revealed quite a bit about the towns, but also some things about the attitudes of young persons who attend college. Insights into opinions on roommates, cliques, and more is presented in the findings.

Skout puts a lot of emphasis on revealing data about travel, interactions, and relationships. None of this should come as a surprise. Skout is a top mobile social networking app that draws in millions of people around the world to interact with one another. Polling the opinions and attitudes of these members helps the app deliver on promises.

For those who belong to Skout and want to travel, the list can be narrowed down to 10 cities. Well, that will be the case if the goal is to find the friendliest towns in the U.S.A.

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