A Biography Of Jenifer Walden

A Biography Of Jenifer Walden

Jenifer Walden is a very well known and well respected plastic surgeon in the Austin, Texas area. She had an interest in becoming a surgeon, since her childhood. In college, she studied the University of Texas and got a degree in biology. Then, she went on to medical school at the University of Galveston. While there, she received the award of salutatorian. After her education, she went on to New York City. When she first moved there, she was in a fellowship, working at Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital. After the fellowship, she met a plastic surgeon, named Dr. Sherrel Aston. Due to this, she chose to remain in New York City.

Then, Jenifer Walden started a family of her own. While in New York City, she became a mother. When she did, this brought her back to Texas, where she lives today. She still practices as a plastic surgeon, and she is also a single mother. It is difficult to juggle these two things, but she does a very good job of it. In addition to practicing as a plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas, she is also part of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Her practice as a plastic surgeon makes use of very high tech methods of performing plastic surgery. Her practice makes use of a special imaging technology. This technology makes it possible for her patients to see what the results of the procedures she performs will be. This helps patients to better determine if the plastic surgery is right for them.

In addition to being a plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden also works as a consultant for makers of high tech innovations in plastic surgery. These companies include Sciton, Thermi Aesthetics, Venus Concept, and Ideal Implant. The innovations provided by these companies have revolutionized plastic surgery.

In addition, Jenifer Walden provides advice to people in seeking the right plastic surgeon. Other than simply promoting her own practice, she offers non-biased tips to those considering plastic surgeons. She feels that it is very important to make sure you get the right plastic surgeon for the job.


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