JustFab Gets the Curvy Women Interested in this Clothing Line

JustFab Gets the Curvy Women Interested in this Clothing Line

When JustFab hit the market the clothing line had a lot of ads with young petite females that were advertising the clothes. This was what people had become used to seeing for the JustFab brand: cute shoes, alluring hand bags and garments for petite females. That was what the brand was about. As time progressed there were other people that would come into the picture that would help the company evolve into something else.

Kimora Lee Simmons would come on board as the president of this company, and she certainly wasn’t among the petite crowds. Lianca Lyons, the senior marketing manager with JustFab, would also become another JustFab leader that was not among the petite females. What the leaders realized was that there was something that was not quite right about the brand. They were marketing to petite women, but they were overlooking the crowd that represented many of the people that were making JustFab decisions.
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According to The Curvy Fashionista, there are denim jeans that fit quite comfortably for the plus-sized females. Many women have spoken about this change, and they are really embracing the direction that this company is moving into. It has become somewhat easy for organizations like this to thrive because they can get feedback from customers before expanding.

In the case with the JustFab brand it has become evident that this company is moving slowly to see how the expansion of the brand for plus-sized women is going to work. Kimora Lee has been in place since 2013, and the plus-sized female launch had been something that was slowly simmering as a possibility. The way that people respond to the new arrivals will ultimately determine the other garments that will be designed for curvy females.

This is a brand that has managed to defy the odds by workings towards quality for a low price. That is almost unheard of in a “you get what you pay for” clothing industry. Somehow JustFab has managed to become the company that has managed to seamlessly bind quality and affordability. This is why working class women embrace this brand.

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