Qnet Continues Its Humanitarian Work

Qnet Continues Its Humanitarian Work

Qnet has recently launched a campaign. It’s focused on making the world a better place one comment at a time. The goal is to receive at least 500 positive comments on a post on their Facebook page. If five hundred comments with positive thoughts will be left on their post, they will donate a HomePure RED to Taarana. Taarana is their school for children with special needs. If an additional five hundred comments that offer positive thoughts will be left on that post, they will donate another homePure RED, this time to Rashid Centre. Rashid Centre is a foundation for the disabled in the United Arab Emirates. This project is a part of their RYTHM Foundation. 

Qnet itself was founded in Hong Kong in 1998 by two people, Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. They started off by selling luxury jewelry and watches. They even made the coins for the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and contributed to other Olympics in 2004. In 2004, they were the distributors of the commemorative coins for FIFA. They then acquired QI Comm in 2005. QI Comm was a British communications company. 

However, they have not just concentrated on business. Qnet has often partnered with many organizations for humanitarian causes. For example, they partnered with Lions Clubs International to help people who had kidney failures and diseases and needed a new kidney. They helped cover the cost of dialysis for these unfortunate people. Other examples of their work abound. They have helped the destitute and have provided assistance to people who were struck by natural disasters. For example, they provided relief kits to two hundred families of Meenambakkam, Chennai. These families suffered through flooding and other disasters and their homes were entirely washed away. Thanks to Qnet, they were provided with what they needed to continue on with life. 

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Weddings Now More With Less Searching Thanks To Technology

Weddings Now More With Less Searching Thanks To Technology

Wedding planning has been aided by technology in many different areas of the preparation process. Unfortunately, some areas are actually encumbered somewhat by separation of systems by different retailers. This is especially true for wedding registries, offered by most upscale retailers. Since they are all separate systems that do not communicate with each other, problems can develop. At the least, it is almost a guarantee that registering at multiple stores means two or more duplicated gifts on the wedding day; perhaps two identical food processors, for instance.

This has the hallmarks of the same type of problem across multiple businesses and industries. Thus, the Internet of Things was invented and a wider bandwidth of shopping system communications has been invented. Surprisingly, it is not a direct connection mechanism to help merchant systems communicate better. It is Slyce corporation’s visual search, an alternative method of entering a web Search request by uploading a digital photograph. The photograph can be of anything, and it can be obtained from anywhere; from online pictures, and any smartphone taken images – of objects in life, pictures of sales flyers, or even from television screens. As Slyce describes it, their search method: “activates visual product recognition on existing product images or by simply snapping a photo.”

For over 15 years now, Slyce has been setting the retail world, both standard retail and online e-commerce stores, on fire with enhanced direct mobile sales and online browser revenues. They are based out of Toronto. The ability to search by visual input is a boon for clothing and specialty stores that all have many items quite difficult for the average person to verbally describe. Thus, search for these types of items by traditional text has always had at best, mixed results.

Much of the technology Slyce uses was their in-house original engineering and development. However, they have accelerated their game to rise quickly to the top in their field by acquiring a number of small technology companies, such as Pounce. Each one brings another critical piece of the puzzle to the table. Work is underway to integrate all these pieces, and in the future, allow input of any kind of data.

Slyce had already implemented this visual search technology at Neiman Marcus and also added the same functionality to the NM mobile retail application. Many other retailers are now calling on Slyce to do the same for them. So, there is a universal solution already started for solving the unknowing duplicates of items selected from wedding registries.

Autism Rocks Adds Two New Trustees

Autism Rocks Adds Two New Trustees

In a recent article in The Sunday Times the charity Autism Rocks announced adding two new members to its Board of Trustees. Autism Rock’s founder, Sanjay Shah, has known the two brothers Will Best and Pete Best since his university days.
Autism Rocks is a charity based in London which raises money for autism research by holding invitation-only benefit concerts. Shah, the CEO of Solo Capital Markets, started the charity after doctors diagnosed his own son Nikhil with autism in 2011. The idea of using benefits came from the famous rapper Snoop Dog who visited Shah once in Dubai. That rekindled Shah’s love of music. Since then, Autism Rock has held shows featuring such stars as Prince and Lenny Kravitz, Drake, Snoop Dog, many well-known DJs and Michael Buble.

Pete Best has worked for financial institutions in London for over 2 years. He just ended a stint as Chief Operating Officer at Icap, a prominent brokerage. Shah says Pete will dedicate his financial skills to raising money for Autism Rocks.

Will Best will bring his extensive experience with the music industry to the table. He got his start putting on underground musical events in England in Manchester. He has hosted music shows as the TV presenter for various channels, in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Autism is a disability marked by having problems with relationships and communicating. It now affects one in 68 children. Will and Pete Best will carry out many duties managing Autism Rocks. That will include organizing concerts, and raising and distributing funds. One of Autism Rocks’s goals is to identify as early as possible which children are most at risk for autism, so they can get they support they need.

Shah set out to become a doctor, but changed his mind and became an accountant instead. He worked for Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, but in the wake of the 2007 subprime mortgage bank, in 2009 his employer let him go as redundant. In that period, the job market was full of former investment bank employees looking for job. Therefore, Shah decided to start his own brokerage instead, and go started on Solo Capital Markets.

Incorporated in September 2011, his Solo Capital firm according to companycheck.com is a financial services firm headquartered in London. Its activities include trading according to proprietary techniques, consulting with financial clients and investing in professional sports teams. As of March 31, 2015 it held £15.45 million in net worth. Solo Capital uses its proprietary trading systems to make money with foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives.

Shah has also given toward raising awareness of autism and supporting research into it through the Autism Research Fund.

With a personal fortune of $250 million, Shah considers himself retired to his property in Dubai. However, he recently took over Old Park Lane Capital, a natural resources trading company.

George Soros Seeks to Attract Latin Voters to Democrats

George Soros Seeks to Attract Latin Voters to Democrats


George Soros, the billionaire liberal financial supporter is spearheading a new movement to attract the Latino and other immigrants to the Democrats this November to support whomever their candidate turns out being. According to an article in the New York Times, Soros has put his money where his support is by chipping in $15 million to the cause. That is a significant move for all Latino voters, especially when they hear hateful rhetoric coming from the Republican leader for the nomination, Donald Trump. He has been quoted as advocating the building of a wall to keep future Latin American immigrants from coming to the United States. This negative emotion plays right into the hands of Democrats and helped Soros create this mission.

When it comes to Latino and immigrant voters, this would be the most significant Democratic voter campaign ever. Most of the funding will be spent in states with a high Latino and Asian population to take proper advantage of the fear generated by the callous Republican animosity shown to these groups. That means Florida, Nevada and Colorado are all states that will see significant traffic from this organization. The battle for these votes will be fought in these locations.

In order to best coordinate this voter outreach, Soros and other Liberal Democrats have formed a new super PAC known as the Immigrant Voter Win PAC. The goal of this group is not only to get committed Democratic voters mobilized in the Latino communities but to find and persuade those who are on the fence and bring them into the fold. This is far more aggressive than any past effort by this group. The ultimate goal for participation from this effort is 400,000 new voters who are going to support the Democratic candidate at the polls in early November.

This is also significant because it seems to many experts that there is an enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans seem to turn out in huge numbers to hear the latest uttering from Trump, Marc Rubio or Ted Cruz. The Democrats seem a bit lackluster in their turnout everywhere. Many voters have sat out the primary process and seem to be waiting for November. Republican strategists are hoping to attract Hispanic voters with significant funding from the Koch brothers but with candidates continually offending this group that might be a difficult challenge.

Know more: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

It is important that George Soros is seen as the major investor in the movement to capture the Latino and immigrant vote for two reasons. First with Soros on board, it lends instant credibility to the idea and other wealthy Democratic supporters are going to jump on board and throw their money into the PAC as well. This makes fundraising a whole lot easier and will give Democrats the ability to defeat the deep pockets of the Republicans. Secondly this is significant because it shows a willingness of Soros to become involved in presidential politics for the first time since he tried to defeat George W. Bush in the 2004 election and failed.

George Soros’ Predictions For The World Economy

George Soros’ Predictions For The World Economy

 The market crash of 2008 had a multitude of severe and worldwide impacts. It caused the level of unemployment to skyrocket in many countries in the world. It also caused housing markets and stock markets to crash throughout the world. The world is still recovering from this crash, that has been dubbed the “great recession”. However, it is seeming like things may go downhill again, just as they have seemed to bounce back. A world renowned european investor, George Soros told Bloomberg he is seeing the potential for another severe recession. Very worryingly, he can point to a number of things that seem to be evidence of a coming crash.

China has been a very successful and powerful economy in recent times. However, it seems like this could be changing very soon. China’s economy has largely been driven by an active industrial sector. China has become a major center of production. However, there seems to be much less manufacturing taking place these days. Instead, the economy is being increasingly dominated by another sector. The consumer sector seems to be turning into the dominant sector of the Chinese economy. Unfortunately, this change seems to be creating sluggishness of the Chinese economy. It seems to be leading to a certain degree of economic instability in China. George Soros believes that as China’s economy struggles, it’s going to drag down the world economy. This will cause very serious problems throughout the world, according to George Soros.

There are scales that are used by investors to measure volatility of the stock markets. In the United States, there are two of these scales that are showing volatility increases. The VIX is one of these measures that is rising. The VIX jumped by more than 10 percent. Merrill Lynch also has a scale for volatility. This scale has also jumped in recent years. However, this jump has been significantly more modest, a little bit shy of 6 percent. In Japan, one of the major scales of market volatility truly is skyrocketing! The Nikkei Index is designed to measure the volatility of Japanese stocks, and it’s up by nearly 50 percent! Specifically, it’s up by 43 percent.

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Additionally, he is noticing some issues in Europe. He is very concerned about what will come of the migrant crisis. He also is concerned about Britain’s threats of removing itself from the EU. He feels that this has the potential to drag down the economy of Europe, which could have serious and worldwide impacts. He is worried that the European Union might not stay together, due to the economic problems that are affecting Europe. If this happened, it certainly would have the potential to cause serious economic problems both in Europe and elsewhere.


Doe Deere Is Breaking All Of The Rules

Doe Deere Is Breaking All Of The Rules

Doe Deere is a well know entrepreneur that puts no limits on herself; she also does not allow anyone to give her limits. Doe Deere was born in poor country, and when she was just a young girl she moved to New York. Deere always loved color and fashion, and her love of fashion moved her to want to work with patterns and colors in her adult life. Doe Deere decided to go to to school for fashion and she absolutely loved everything that she learned.

Doe Deere started off sewing her own clothes for her clothing line. The clothing line she named Lime Crime and she would showcase her clothing on different websites. A lot of her fans really loved her clothing, and they also would tell her how much they liked her make up. From those suggestions, she decided to begin her own cosmetic line. Now Lime Crime cosmetic line is a line that is sold all around the world and it grosses thousands of dollars each and every month.

Doe Deere did an interview with The Bustle about her favorite styles and the rules of fashion that she never obeys. There are many rules that are put into place that people feel like they have to follow. Some of these rules are the following: never wear bright lips with a bright eyecolor, Never wear unnatural colored hair with bright clothing, never wear open toed shoes with socks, always dress for the occasion, and never wear too many patterns.

Doe Deere believes that these are all rules that were meant to be broken. Some of her favorite trends go directly in opposition to some of those very well-known rules of fashion. Doe Deere is a collector of socks, and socks are her favorite piece of clothing. Since that is the case, Doe Deere wears multicolored socks with open toed shoes whenever she likes.

Doe Deere believes that a person should dress in a way that makes them feel good regardless of the occasion and regardless of if it has many colors or if it looks immature. Doe Deere does not allow things like age and occasion make her change the outfit that she chooses to wear. Doe Deere enjoys coloring her hair colors that are unnatural. Since Doe Deere is a person that loves colors, she usually pairs unnaturally colored hair with bright make up and colorful clothing.

The EU is Moving in the Wrong Direction According to George Soros

The EU is Moving in the Wrong Direction According to George Soros

No one person can predict with absolute certainty how most things will turn out. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with nations and people. However, some people can look at past performances or certain indicators to clearly figure out when something or someone is moving in the wrong direction. This is exactly what George Soros is doing when he speaks out against the ills affecting the EU.

The European Union is a 19 member state in Europe that uses the same currency. These states have come together for economic, political and social reasons. Each member state is still free to govern its own boarders but they are also responsible for doing their share to keep the union strong. The EU was started in the 1990s but according to Soros it is about to come to an end.

George Soros sites many reasons for the coming demise of the EU. The most important factor that could lead to the union’s downfall has to do with the migrant problems that are taking place in Europe. Syria’s turmoil is causing such an uproar within its borders that it is literally forcing millions of refugees from the nation into other parts of the world. Most of Syria’s migrants are moving directly into Europe. Their presence is not only disrupting the economy of countries it is also threatening the social, cultural and political landscape of nations. The EU as a whole must secure its borders otherwise key nations within the union will not stand says Soros.

Another problem that the EU faces has to do with Ukraine and its failing economy. According to Soros, Ukraine is in the same situation as Greece. If the EU does not deal with this problem early there will be two member nation states that they will have to support. The EU can handle this burden but it will put a lot of pressure on the stronger EU nations to pick up the slack. Over a period of time this will cause the EU to fracture.

Soros points out that the Paris terrorist attacks in 2015 had cast a shadow over European governments. They are no longer secure and with the influx of migrant people the threat of terror is at a dangerous level. Russia is also making things uneasy for the EU. Putin is using Russian military force and influence to display its power in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Soros warns that if the EU does not take his power plays seriously they are going to be placed into a situation that they do not want to deal with.

Ultimately, Soros is a lobbyist and billionaire who has a lot of influence with many European nations. His predictions are well respected and many people adhere to his words. More of Soros’s views on this matter is available in the article The EU is on the Verge of Collapse – An Interview.