Doe Deere’s New Beauty Ideas

Doe Deere’s New Beauty Ideas

The world of fashion and cosmetics is a place driven by feminine tastes, but there has long been a feeling that women were being dictated to by arbiters of taste (like the editors of Vogue and the heads of fashion design houses) as to what they were “allowed” to wear. As women have taken back their power in recent years through the advances of the women’s movement, there’s been an awareness that women have a right to wear whatever looks good, without being restricted by rigid rules from the fashion world.

One of the proponents of women “taking back their power” as far as makeup and fashion goes is Lime Crime Cosmetics CEO Doe Deere. Deere started her own makeup line as a way for women to make a bold statement about their looks and taste. Deere is one woman who feels strongly that some fashion rules are made to be broken. Here are a few she likes to play with.

Wear Neutral Clothes with Unnaturally Colored Hair

Doe Deere, who often wears bright and bold hair colors, like shades of pink or purple, feels that although these colors do stand out with neutral clothes, they can also be great when coordinated with bright colors in an outfit. It’s okay to play with colors, as long as they tie together somehow, like pink touches on a skirt or shoes to highlight pink or purple hair.

2. Don’t Wear Several Patterns Together.

Again, according to Deere, it’s all about coordinating. Find some link between patterns that makes them work together.

3. Don’t Wear Bold Color on the Lips and Eyes.

Deere loves to play with this rule. She loves bold lip colors, and beautifully sultry eyeshadow shades. The key is to finesse the colors so they link beautifully and play up the entire face without distracting from a key feature.

A true original, Deere feels that rules are made to be broken, and if a look is great on a woman, she should embrace it and make her own rules.

Young Girls, Top Plastic Surgeons, and Big Lips

Young Girls, Top Plastic Surgeons, and Big Lips

Plastic surgery helps people change things about themselves that they are unhappy with and do not like. Cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons are always there to help when someone is recovering from burns, wrecks, and injuries. Top Texas Doctors such as Jennifer Walden are not only prepared but also eager to step in to help. Every time someone comes into the office with a scar, Dr. Jennifer takes the time to examine and suggest every option available. Some scars are very difficult to repair. This does not thrill the doctor because they hope to help everyone. There are creams and special treatments like Botox that helps some people with their wrinkles and damage to their skin. Jennifer Walden and her staff will be happy to examine you and explain your options.

Creating a new you is something some young girls may want to do. Some young girls are hoping they can convince their parents and the plastic surgeons to plump up their lips as well as the butts. Young girls need to understand that their bodies are still growing. Some of the children may be unhappy to find out the doctors will not perform the surgeries until the girls reach a specific age. It is mostly up to the parents and the doctors. Children that are allowed to go ahead with the surgery will be hoping to come out looking like their favorite actress or singer. Millions of pictures enter plastic surgeons offices. Everyone wants to change their noses to look like someone else. They may want their lips bigger or their chins smaller. Plastic surgeons have the talent to perform these tasks.

Jennifer Walden is very happy to return to her children at the end of the day. Everyone is happy to see each other. The life at home is much like most families life at home. The children still have homework. The children have ball games and other events that take the good doctor out of the doctor role and puts her in the mommy role. Learn all about the Austin Texas girl that left town and came back a dedicated and talented cosmetic surgeon.

People Food for Pets, The Emerging Market of Health Conscious Dog Food

People Food for Pets, The Emerging Market of Health Conscious Dog Food

Anyone who has been paying attention to the pet food industry over the past couple of years will have realized there has been a slow but steady shift away from canned dry and wet processed food products. Instead, consumers (or pet parents as is trendy to say) are opting for more healthy and flavorful options due to the expanding circle of empathy towards pets which are now, more than ever, being seen and treated more as another member of one’s family then just a trusty companion. As that circle of empathy expands more and more pet food customers have begin to demand that their pets eat what they are having, asking for fresh ingredients, natural food product, less processing and preservatives and more general nutrition.

This fairly recent trend, however, has not escaped the notice of some of the more prescient pet food company’s such as Fresh Pet Inc, a gourmet pet food company with strict set of culinary guidelines. One of these stipulates that the food be taste tested for quality before packaging, but not by dogs or cats but by the management of Fresh Pet themselves! Another brand taking advantage of the market shift is the well known pet food company Beneful with a line of products specifically designed from optimal pet health. Beneful has also gained a great deal of praise for their strict no-filler policy and use of only real, farm raised meats such as salmon, beef and chicken.

All of this may sound like much adieu about nothing but it may put things in perspective to remind skeptics that the pet food world is a 23.7 billion dollar industry. Half of this tremendous market is currently dominated by the aforementioned premium (healthy, natural) dog food brands – that’s no small feat. Despite the increased cost of the premium brands the market just keeps going on a upward trajectory, one which it has been enjoying since early 2009, since that time sales of premium pet food brands like Beneful has increased by a whooping 45 percent. Of course, no one can truly predict what the future holds for the industry but for the moment there is no better time to be in the premium pet food industry.


Heads Up on Vegetarian Diets for Healthy Bodies

Heads Up on Vegetarian Diets for Healthy Bodies


According to the Mayo Clinic news, you can get great nutrition from a well planned vegetarian diet, and vegetarian diets are becoming more popular. People are wanting to make positive lifestyle changes in their diet and add an exercise program. People have had enough of the fast food, junk food craze and are becoming more serious about getting healthy. People are doing this through a plant based diet program. Any age level benefits from a vegetarian diet.

Fresh or fresh frozen fruits and vegetable contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy bodies. Dr. Sergio Cortes says by eating the right foods stands to decrease obesity, and reduce the risk for many chronic disease issues. Say goodbye to diabetes, obesity, cancer, respiratory disorders, and heart disease through eating vegetarian.

Eating vegetarian means giving up processed foods, excess sugar, and sodium in your diet. It means you eat whole grains and foods rich in calcium. Even if you have specific dietary needs, you can meet these needs with a well-planned vegetarian diet.

If you desire to make a switch to a vegetarian diet, know that there are varied vegetarian diets. Some include foods items that others omit. You have to choose the diet option that best fits your health needs.

Vegetarian diets such as Lacto-vegetarian, Ovo-vegetarian,-Lacto-ova Vegetarian, Pescatarian diets, Pollotarian diets, Vegan diets, and a semi-vegetarian diet are the choices for a healthy eating pattern. Check out which one appeals to you and start your new eating pattern soon.

Sergio Cortes on toe over the ongoing floods in Xerem

Sergio Cortes on toe over the ongoing floods in Xerem

Xerem has had a lot of attention for the past week due to the recent floods in the area, and the state has been in control through providing safety kits at Xerem municipal where most of the residents have been seeking hostage. There are fears of diseases like the dengue spreading over water floods and the garbage that is all over the area. The department of states has been of great assistance to the area by bringing on board safety kits and dehydrators for the already affected. The safety kits can accommodate a capacity of 300 treatments in a day.

The health secretary of the state Department Sergio Cortes has visited the area in discussions about the issue with the members of the municipal in the area. From their discussion, Sergio agreed that another safety kit is given out for the people on Xerem. Which was provided and the state health department to offered around 3000 antibiotics that will prevent more diseases from worsening. There have also been recommendations for all residents to avoid taking contaminated water. Sergio Cortes has asked that more donations be offered for the residents of Xerem especially bottled water. Residents have been warned of taking any water no bottled as most of the diseases are water borne.

The article posted on LinkedIn has explained Sergio’s concern over the health of the residents of Xerem. The area will be prone to diseases like diarrhea, and smallpox during the flood and a breeding area for mosquitoes which will cause many people to get the dengue. Also, the case of contamination of water has been controlled through the state government providing chemicals that clean the water and remove contaminations. Sergio has majored in medicine hence the great concern he has for all the people around and in Xerem.

The concern can be seen even with his twitter and linked in postings of the unity he has with the affected especially those suffering from the widely spreading zika or the dengue virus follow Sergio Cortes up on Twitter. His interest in the need to find the cure for the disease is above measure. He has shown a lot of interest in the ongoing research to find the cure, but they say that it will take more years to come up with the cure. The states Laboratory collected samples for the lab, but they were not enough, and they intend to collect more samples. The dengue is so fatal, and Sergio is asking that many persons in the Brazil area be trained more on the symptoms to help prevent escalation of the sickness in the already infected with the virus.