US Money Reserve Preparing To Eliminate The Penny

US Money Reserve Preparing To Eliminate The Penny

Is the penny a thing of the past? Well, if this question is posed to the US Money Reserve President, Robert Diehl then the answer is a resounding yes. He claims that the coin is far more in cost to produce and trouble to circulate than its use warrants. He feels that even picking the coin off of the street when found costs the individual more than the act of bending over costs.

Some believe that eliminating the penny will force prices to rise and cause serious levels of inflation. Diehl argues that this would not be the case based on present consumer paying habits. Most people presently use checks, credit cards and electronic forms of payment. The costs should not change because the venue of how people pay for their purchases will not change.

The US Money Reserve does have an inside track on the use and production of the penny, and other precious metals and cons used in the United States. This faction deals specifically with the production of coinage and the trade and sale of precious metals.They are the one venue that offers trained professionals who research ways to enhance profits and save taxpayers money.

Critics aside, Mr. Diehl feels that based on the research he and his staff have done proves that the elimination of the penny will save the people of this nations millions of dollars. Any subsequent inflation that is feared he feels is irrational because the electronic transfers of funds will still recognize the penny unit without having to have the actual coin.

The reserve also spends a lot of time holding and sponsoring charitable events that benefit children’s welfare. They are fluent in investments and aid individuals in growing their wealth and enhancing their financial portfolios. They are based out of Austin, Texas and are the largest producer of government issued coins in the US.

So it seems that the life span of the penny is coming to a close end. Is this something that any will even notice, probably not. Pennies have become street fodder for those who seek to collect the coin for stuffing piggy banks.

Credit cards, electronic payment methods and even checks will not notice the absence of the coin. These forms of payment will not notice which bills and coins are not in circulation for they do not use the physical instruments. This only leaves us to ask which coin or bill may be next on the chopping block.



Have you ever been banned from somewhere for being a security threat? If you have, then you know how economist George Soros feels. His website explains that he was born in Budapest in 1930, survived the Nazis during World War II, fled Hungary in 1947, and then went to London and graduated from the London School of Economics. From there, he went to the United States of America and become a very successful and rich international investment fund supplier.

In 1979, the page continues, he founded The Open Society Foundations. The charity began as a way to send students to Cape Town University in Sough Africa. Now, it funds other ventures and gives out up to $835 million every year according to a 2011 report. The funds even go to helping Eastern European dissidents to study abroad in the world.

Furthermore, the Open Society Foundations is based on the recognition of the imperfection of the world. According to his website, Soros once wrote about why he started the foundation. In that writing, he said that his success in finances gives him more dependence than what most people have. This fact obliges him to take a stand on the most controversial of controversial issues because others simply cannot do it.

Now, two branches of that charity – the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute – have been banned by Russia, according to CNBC. They have been put on what’s known as a “stop list”; they have been placed on this list because the Russian government considers them a threat to everything that the Russian government protects and likes. These bans have been shamed by Soros, Fortune says.

Soros, the article goes on to state, has stepped up to say that the aspirations of the Russian people are too strong. He hopes the ban will be short lived since the government insists it continues for now. Furthermore, the article goes on to say that The Open Society Foundations have helped to strengthen the Russian rule of law and protecting the rights of everyone in the world. They are quote on quote dismayed at the idea of the Russians having the ban on these charities for long.

The CNBC article also reports that books attached to the foundations have been burned. In total, 53 books have been burned. Four hundred and twenty seven books have also been confiscated and will be shredded at a latter date.

Compliance Officers Are Feeling The Pressure Of Intensified Scrutiny by The SEC

Compliance Officers Are Feeling The Pressure Of Intensified Scrutiny by The SEC

Compliance officers or CCO’s as they are referred to in corporations are assigned the task of making sure all the rules and regulations set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission are being adhere to by employees and stock owners. Compliance officers walk a fine line between what is acceptable and what is not based on interpretation, according to the National Society of Compliance Professionals. There were only 8,000 enforcement actions taken in the last thirteen years; only five were against Chief Compliance Officers at money management firms.

The fact is very few CCO cross the line and condone or contribute to fraudulent activity that harms investors, according to Helane Morrison, the Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital Partners LLC. Morrison is also the managing director of the firm. Helane knows something about the internal operations of the SEC. She was the regional director of the Security and Exchange Commission in Northern California for several years. While she was in that position she was in charge of enforcing SEC policies in five Northwestern states. Helane is also a lawyer and a journalist, but she doesn’t actively use her degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Morrison believes that SEC enforcement actions should clear. There has to be transparency, cooperation and compliance resources available to CCO’s so they can function effectively. Helane was a partner in the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, so she is well aware of what is needed to enforce the regulations that are necessary to keep the CCO’s functioning at the optimum level.

Compliance officers have some concerns about the clarity in some of the compliance rules , according to Morrison and that has been an issue for some CCO’s. One rule that has most CCO’s concerned is Rule 206(4)-7 found in the Investment Advisers Act. That rule requires registered compliance officers to implement and adopt written procedures and policies that are designed to prevent violations. That rule is an example of the lack of clarity that exists in SEC rules.

Most compliance officers want the SEC to provide more direction instead of allowing the enforcement staff to interpret and then create policy changes that are filled with issues that are not what the SEC had in mind when the rules were created. There are too many flaws in the system, and they need to be addressed, or more CCO’s will be held accountable for violations when they shouldn’t be.

Read more about Helane’s prolific career here or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Coriant – The World’s Leading Company in Technology

Coriant – The World’s Leading Company in Technology

Coriant is an innovative and established company that works directly with video, clout and mobility structures to effectively manage the communication between devices and companies, allowing for a multitude of businesses to operate at a high speed of quality and effectiveness. Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO behind that company that has helped to operate and structure this company into a multitude of networks throughout the world. With over 35 plus years of experience, Coriant, along with its partners continues to bring technology to an advanced state while servicing high end businesses with their networking needs.

Shaygan Kheradpir was named Coriant’s CEO in the fall of 2015. He is formerly known as the executive at Verizon, where he managed their networks and advanced telecommunications systems. His experience as an engineer has highly equipped his abilities to bring many good things to the future success of Coriant. Shaygan understands the history of the technology and also understands where it resides in the future, and how it will expand and grow. These are most definitely features that will allow him to succeed within the company, and most importantly, help the company grow with their telecommunications and networking businesses.

Coriant has a very good reputation and understands the world of communication like no other. Technology advances at a very fast rate and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with. Shaygan Kheradpir and his trustworthy partners are one step ahead. They anticipate the necessary changes happening in the future, and take the steps needed to stay ahead of the game. Coriant operates in over 100 countries and is the service to a huge line of different companies all over the world. Coriant is the result of many businesses turning a revenue profit, because they understand that the communications between departments, clients and businesses is important. Coriant applications is the leading company for businesses in demand of network operations and will continue to thrive with the knowledge and advanced technology that is brought to the table with this company. Kheradpir will ensure that Coriant continues to be the most reliable networking solutions available and provides excellent future resources.

Compliance Officer Helane Morrison Making Big Strides in the Corporate World

Compliance Officer Helane Morrison Making Big Strides in the Corporate World

The Vital Role of a Compliance Officer
The role of a good compliance officer is quickly growing within the workforce. Ethics and compliance go together well in this vital role. A compliance officer job is one that is fairly new and not very well-known. It is becoming a role that is highly important. The following items are incorporated in the job and the role of a compliance officer. These include:
* the implementing of a compliance program
* the program includes prevention of problems
* the repair of ethical and regulatory problems
* the use of tools including risk assessments, education, and audits

The role of a compliance officer is to discover problems. The officer has the role of then ensuring that the problems are fixed. Prevention of the same problems are included in the vital role of a compliance officer.

Day-to-Day Compliance is Essential
Every company has rules that must be followed. There are necessary rules that cannot be broken within a company. This compliance officer will make sure that the rules of the company are being followed. The day-to-day compliance of the rules for any company is essential. These rules assist every employee from making mistakes that may result in punitive actions. These actions can be prevented with day-to-day compliance.

Helane Morrison and Compliance
Helane L. Morrison is a chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is a member of the Executive Committee too. She is a person with a remarkable background. Ms. Morrison does have an impressive background in the practice of law. She is more than qualified to take on the role of a chief compliance officer.

Enforcement Programs with Solid Direction
Morrison is a highly skilled leader who has the ability to provide solid direction. She has been the director of the enforcement program of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco District Office. She has offered solid direction for the SEC for three years. She is a gifted and talented compliance officer who has skills of high quantity.

Teens, Parents, Social Media, Dating Apps, and Good Common Sense

Teens, Parents, Social Media, Dating Apps, and Good Common Sense

Social media sites are extremely popular with adults, teens, and even kids. Dating sites mostly cater to adults and their number is growing. The dating and friendship app Skout is a perfect example of a modern venue for people looking to connect with others. People who travel find using a smartphone for meeting someone interesting and new.

Adults who are find a dating app to be a novel invention might start thinking about their teen’s online activities. Younger teens could be bouncing around on social media and this could raise concerns.

A number of the online social media sites are benign. Twitter, for example, is a public mini-blogging and messaging service. Mainly, tweets are ways to communicate musings. Instagram is for sharing photo images and short (15 second) videos. Instagram has rules in place against inappropriate content making it safer for younger members.

Skout does accommodate teen dating on its app. Skout does monitor activity on the teen dating section and this adds another level of security that might otherwise be missing on various other sites.

Then there are sites such as Vine, however, could be loaded with inappropriate visual content. Tumblr is an extremely popular app. Sadly, Tumblr does contain a lot of adult-oriented material making it a decidedly less-than-positive social media platform for teens.

What can adults do to make sure the younger ones are not doing anything that could cause controversy? Parents should stay on top of the sites that their teens are signed up with. This way, the adults can feel a little bit more confident that the online travels of their young ones won’t lead to trouble. By doing some simple research into the profiles of the various social media sites, parents and guardians are going to know what social media sites and apps are fine for younger ones and which ones are not.

Parents should check the history of the sites that teens are visiting. The second an inappropriate site is revealed in the history results, parents must have a little take with the teen.

Adults do have to make teens very much aware of “stranger danger” and how it rears its head on the internet. Doing so could make a teen a lot more aware of safety risks possible when surfing the internet.

Skout Out Your New Companion With Skout

Skout Out Your New Companion With Skout

Its high season for online dating. Online dating begins with setting up an online dating account such as a Skout account. Time to choose your dating sites such as Skout. Skout begins with you filling out the online profile and setting your online name. Your new potential relationships begin with a first Hello. Below you will see some suggestions and rebuttals from people that definitely knows about online dating.

Skout dating online is really easy. A candidate sits behind a computer and fills out a Skout dating profile with information that “wows”. With the click of the submit button, the Skout profile is online for all to see. Most online dating applications help a little by setting candidates with people that have the same likes and dislikes. Another thing that helps is the simple but strong conversation starter candidates may use in saying hello to people they want to talk to. According to a recent Washington Post article, it is better to start a conversation with a question. This is because a question leads the conversation into a conversation instead of a simple return hello.

Once you set off in the dating world, make sure to help your chances by doing things right. A fantastic photo of yourself helps others to see your style and body type. Everyone knows the outside is what gets people to speak. The outside needs to look professional but fun. Try to stay away from pictures of your head only. A great idea is to send a picture of you doing your favorite fun activity. This may be the picture that creates a start up conversation.

Online dating can be hard if you both work. According to the article, Sunday is the best day for online dating. This may be because people tend to be off work on Sunday. People also stay at home more on Sunday and leave the party time to Friday or Saturday. A great suggestion is to leave your choice dates a message requesting chat time on Sunday night. The potential partner will be available to get to know you if they are truly interested and not busy.

Quickly, set a real date. Online dating can turn into a fun online pen pal situation if it is allowed to go on too long. Try setting a date if you are truly ready to meet. A good rule to remember is 20-30 exchanges between you is enough. Anything longer may mean that the person has something to hide. Chatting online with new friends is good. If you have any hopes of making a long-term relationship, you will need to meet face to face. Checking out dating apps like Skout will give you the dating advantage. Skout takes dating to a new level. You can Skout out your new companion with the dating site Skout.