Andy Wirth Developing Gondola Plans to Link Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows

Andy Wirth Developing Gondola Plans to Link Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows


He is a self-proclaimed philanthropist who is credited with helping make the famed Squaw Valley Ski Resort the gold standard for skiing in the Lake Tahoe area. Andy Wirth is also an environmentalist and co-founder of “Wounded Warrior Support,” an ironman event that honors Navy SEALS while raising funds to support the Navy SEAL Foundation. In fact, an online reference to Andy Wirth Gondola references the hugely popular Squaw Valley ski area where “the gondola would run,” and why this is of interest to skiers.

Squaw Valley’s base-to-base gondola

The recent news that Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows CEO Andy Wirth hopes to connect these two famed ski areas by bui8lding a gondola that would connect the resorts is “just amazing,” say longtime ski fans commenting online. The excitement is linked to how this base-to-base gondola “would operate in three parts,” explained Wirth on his resort website. The CEO also said the gondola project would start at the bottom of Squaw Valley and then go up and over the ridge between to mountains. It would then do down to the very bottom of Alpine Meadows; thus giving skiers two distinct ski passes amongst two very interesting and distinct skiing cultures.

Lake Tahoe skiers welcome Wirth’s plan

Andy Wirth also told news media in Lake Tahoe what the new gondola project will border areas around the still underdeveloped Granite Chief Wilderness Area. Lake Tahoe residents and skiers say they like the idea of allowing this proposed gondola ski lift project to travel across this unsoiled U.S. Forest Service land because the gondola would help protect the environment; while allowing skiers more breathtaking views of this Squaw Valley region.

Overall, Wirth is credited with being a true ski visionary who puts people and the local environment first and foremost in his plans to merge and truly “connect” Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.